Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 73

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Published at 11th of July 2019 10:34:59 AM Chapter 73

My Little Girl (65)

Teacher Li brought them both to his library . He had Shu Nuan stand at a side, and spoke first to Sheng Gu . “I hope that Your Highness can understand that when you are inside the academy, you are just a student . You come here to study and this is not the place for your unruly behavior . I believe that the Second Prince does not want to see the princess come to the academy not to study hard, but to do something to sow discord between people . I believe the Second Prince wouldn’t want you to come to the academy, not to study, but to sow discord among the students . ”

Anger flashed across Sheng Gu’s face, especially since she was being rebuked in front of Shu Nuan . She was resentful and gnashed her teeth in her shame . “But what I said is true . ”

“No matter what the truth is, at the Yulin Academy, I am only concerned with your performance . I gave you the opportunity to enter the academy, but that doesn’t mean you can do anything you want in here .  In a couple of days, the examination will take place . If you can’t even get a grade, don’t blame me for driving you out of the academy . ”

Teacher Li’s tone was cold and detached, and his words didn’t give Sheng Gu any face .

If Sheng Gu hadn’t heard of his temperament, she would’ve thought that he was deliberately judging her in such a harsh manner .

Sheng Gu gritted her teeth, but she endured and said in a low voice, “I understand . ”

“Then you leave first . ”

Teacher Li’s intention was to talk to Shu Nuan alone . Sheng Gu turned and looked at the girl who stood at a side . She had an idea about what the imperial tutor had to say, but she knew it wouldn’t be easy to confirm it with Teacher Li himself . She didn’t want to provoke him again at this point, so she went out .

Teacher Li looked at Shu Nuan, then voiced a blunt question . “Is your relations.h.i.+p with Prince Sheng as the rumors say?”

Shu Nuan frowned for a moment, but then nodded in admission .

Although, Sheng Qianmo hadn’t touched her body, but in essence it was that kind of relations.h.i.+p .

Otherwise, on that snowy day, he wouldn’t have asked her that question when she’d asked him to adopt her…

Teacher Li’s was silent for a moment . He said, ‘”I’ll be honest with you . I am disgusted with your behaviour, especially in this dignified place . If you were someone else, even if your grades were better, I wouldn’t have let you study here . But your supporter is Prince Sheng, who has won many battles for the Beiguo Kingdom in recent years . He almost never brings anyone to the academy . And since your grades are good, I can somehow accept you, but you can’t affect the reputation of the academy . ”

Shu Nuan looked up at him . “That isn’t something I want either . ”

Teacher Li nodded . “Yes, while Princess Gu picked the first fight, you also have some responsibilities . Let me put it this way . Unless I am satisfied with your ranking in this examination…”

Shu Nuan didn’t react with her face, but she muttered an, “I see,” to show her understanding of the matter

Teacher Li waved his hand .  

“You can leave . ”

After exiting the library, she found the corridor empty as the students were still in cla.s.s .

As Shu Nuan reached the corridor outside the hall of Cla.s.s 10, she found Sheng Gu sitting there, alone . She must’ve been waiting for her here .

Sheng Gu also saw that Shu Nuan had arrived . She stood up from the chair in the corridor, then stared at the other coldly . “What did Teacher Li have to say?”

Shu Nuan stood motionless for a moment while staring at her, then step by step she approached the princess .

Shu Nuan’s expression were dull, without a slightest hint of a temper, but in her eyes she had a dark look . She looked unlike anything she normally did .

Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 73

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