Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 74

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Published at 12th of July 2019 10:46:00 PM Chapter 74

My Little Girl (66)

Sheng Gu had always known that Shu Nuan was weak and a coward . Whether in the academy or in front of her Fourth Uncle, the girl would always act timid . However, after seeing the dark look in her eyes now, she felt her back turn a little cold . She tried to stay calm and said, “Shu Nuan, why are you looking at me like that?”

But Shu Nuan only kept coming until the princess’s back was to the stone pillar and she couldn’t move back anymore .

Sheng Gu fixed her eyes on Shu Nuan . What she wanted to say next never escaped her lips as Shu Nuan grabbed her neck without any warning . She had acted in a flash and had left the princess unable to react . She wasn’t strong, but her hand was positioned precisely over Sheng Gu’s pulse . It even made the frail princess unable to breathe as she felt a force blocking her throat . She dared not move and stared at Shu Nuan in disbelief .

The calm in the girl’s voice was tinged with cold-bloodedness, as she declared, “I didn’t retaliate even once since the beginning, but that doesn’t mean I’ll let you trample over me again and again . ”

Sheng Gu was too fl.u.s.tered and couldn’t breathe .  As she stared at Shu Nuan, a panic replaced all her thoughts as she felt herself suffocating .

Was this slave girl who she’d known as a timid and cowardly person was going to strangle her in the academy?

Did she… dare to?

Her voice hoa.r.s.e, Sheng Gu uttered, “You… You dare to kill me… Fourth Uncle… will not forgive… you…”

But her aggressor’s eyes didn’t even flicker and instead maintained their indifference . But after seeing Sheng Gu break up into tears and frightened to death, despite her facade of indifference, Shu Nuan’s grip loosened .

As Sheng Gu lost the support of her hand, she staggered a few steps and almost fell . She rubbed her neck with both hands and gave many violent coughs . It took a long time for her to calm down . She then raised one hand to wipe away her tears, and with the other she pointed at Shu Nuan as she gasped for breath . “You dared to strangle me! I will report this to Fourth Uncle as soon as I get back . ”


Shu Nuan turned around to leave .

Sheng Gu came forward to grab her hand, but Shu Nuan gave her a cold glance . All of a sudden the scene of her being choked flashed across her mind . Her hand trembled and she withdrew it with a feeling of surprise . Sheng Gu glared at her and said, “You’ve been pretending all along! Fourth Uncle will know the truth today when I return!”

Shu Nuan looked at her and asked, “How was I pretending?”

“You think I don’t know?  In front of Fourth Uncle you put on a face of pure innocence! In the academy, too! N-Now have you revealed your true colors[1]?”

Shu Nuan’s visage remained unchanged . “Does Your Highness think I’m obliged to tolerate your bullying every time?”

Sheng Gu gave her a fierce stare but bit her lip to push down the rising anger .


But Shu Nuan didn’t tangle with her any further and left .

After school, Shu Nuan didn’t go home with Sheng Gu, and moreover didn’t let Li Yuan pick her up, and for the first time, left the academy alone .

Since Sheng Qianmo handed some money to Li Yuan for her every time she left, she had some silver in her bag . She carried her school bag on her back on the street and wandered absent-mindedly for a while . At last, she stopped at a small vendor .  She stared at the fresh dragon’s beard candy, took a sniff of it, and said, “Boss, I want a pack of dragon’s beard candy . ”

“All right!” The stall owner replied .

Shu Nuan bowed her head and looked inside her bag for the money, then paid the stall owner . Holding the dragon’s beard candy, wrapped by the stall owner, she walked to the bridge at the end of the street . She came across a stone on the river bank and sat down with her head lowered .  Her small fingers tore apart the candy wrapper and picked a piece of the candy . She nibbled at it as she sat there .

Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 74

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