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My Little Girl (71)

Sheng Gu was unable to look at him. Her tears fell down, and choked with sobs, she said, “Fourth Uncle will believe whatever she says, but you don't hold my words in any regard. You said I bullied her, but who is the person that nearly strangled me in the academy? It's clear that you only protect her and no longer care about me!”

“You embarra.s.sed her like that in the academy, hurt her time and again, then thought that she'd tolerate you every time?” Sheng Qianmo's gaze turned fierce. “You said This Prince doesn't love you. If it weren't for me taking care of you, you'd have long been murdered by schemers and adulterers. But you still claim so?”

Sheng Gu had never been berated by Sheng Qianmo like this. Moreover, he wasn't usually harsh at all, yet now he was being ruthless and cold towards her. Sheng Gu was embarra.s.sed and at a complete loss. She whimpered as she said, “I hate her! Fourth Uncle takes her back to the palace, only know how to protect her… What about me… If this is how it is, I'd rather have went with father that year…  no longer being an eyesore to you… “

Sheng Qianmo stared at her in silence.

The expression on his face became colder and scarier.

Sheng Gu had never been stared at by Sheng Qianmo's indifferent and strange eyes. Her heart was mournful, and she cried even harder.

But then she heard Sheng Qianmo  start to talk. “This Prince always thought that when you grew up, you would be able to live like the daughter of Second Brother. It would've been a good explanation to your father about how I respected his wishes, but now it seems that I overestimated you.”

Sheng Gu's eyes were filled with tears. She seemed unable to understand the meaning of his words, until Sheng Qianmo ordered Li Yuan to come in and take her away.

Sheng Gu shook her head to stop Li Yuan from approaching her. She heard him mutter, “Your Highness, the carriage is ready outside.”

Sheng Gu looked at him and asked, “What do you mean?”

“The Prince bought a courtyard house within the capital, and Your Highness will live there in the future. Rest a.s.sured that the imperial physician will still come to check your pulse as usual, and the servants in the Jade Courtyard will follow to serve you.”

Li Yuan tried his best to appease and take care of Sheng Gu's mood, but to her ears these promises were dull. Her tears flowed down and she didn't care. She kneeled in front of Sheng Qianmo and pleaded, “Fourth Uncle, don't! I am wrong. Don't get rid of me. I don't want to leave the ShengHe Manor… I don't want to leave Fourth Uncle…”

However, Sheng Qianmo's visage remained unchanged. He didn't want to hear her say these words, so he ordered Li Yuan to take her away.

Li Yuan had to fulfill the order. He had no choice but to forcibly take away Sheng Gu. The princess couldn't push Li Yuan away, and her heart was occupied by infinite fear. As she was being dragged out by Li Yuan, she cried out, “Fourth Uncle, do you want to drive your little girl for that slave girl? Why… In Fourth Uncle's heart, she's more important than me…”

However, Sheng Qianmo believed that he had done his best for Sheng Gu and followed the instructions of his Second Brother.

Even if it wasn't Shu Nuan, he wouldn't have tolerated Sheng Gu's behaviour. She had already framed her many times under his nose.

This kind of behaviour was a big taboo in Sheng Qianmo's eyes.

The princess stood in front of the carriage outside the manor, watching her servants moving things back and forth from the Jade Courtyard. In the end, she laughed at herself with a sneer. It turned out that her Fourth Uncle had already made his preparations, and had only been waiting to send her away…

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Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 79 - My Little Girl (71)

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