Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 78

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Published at 13th of July 2019 09:42:16 AM Chapter 78

My Little Girl (70)

 Sheng Qianmo’s gaze changed . It seemed he’d never thought there would be such a useless reason .

He bowed his head and saw that as Shu Nuan said this, her eyelashes drooped covered her eyes . Under the candlelight from the bedside table, a faint light and shadow were formed . Tears slipped down .

Sheng Qianmo reached out and held her fingers in a gentle grasp . She Nuan looked at him without fear, but still a little confused .

Sheng Qianmo bent his head and kissed her . It was a quick kiss on her tear-mole . He then stroked it in gentle manner with his warm hands .  

“I like this tear mole very much . ”

The next day .

Li Yuan came early in the morning to report about Shu Nuan’s abduction . In fact, the matter wasn’t difficult at all . Jing Fei lived nearby . It was too easy to find out who had been to Jing Fei’s house .

Sheng Qianmo was silent as he listened to Li Yuan’s report without saying a word . Afterwards, he made up his mind on what had transpired .

He went back to accompany Shu Nuan for breakfast . On the spur of the moment, Sheng Gu had decided to come and give her greetings to her uncle .

Having discerned Shu Nuan’s true face the day before, she stared at Shu Nuan brazenly . But Shu Nuan didn’t care . The princess still thought the little girl was afraid of her revealing the matter to the prince .

After Sheng Gu paid her greetings, she said, “Fourth Uncle, I have something of utmost important to say to you . ”

Sheng Qianmo glanced at her and didn’t  say much . Instead, he turned to Shu Nuan and said, “You go to the academy first . ”

Shu Nuan nodded . She lowered her head and drank the remaining milk tea in the bowl .

As she was about to leave, Sheng Qianmo held out his hand to wipe a circle of milk formed above her lips and then let her go .

On instinct, Shu Nuan also wiped her mouth with the back of her hand . She had nothing to say to Sheng Gu and left with a snort . “Bye . ”

 Having not been shown any face, the princess felt aggrieved and resentful, especially when she thought about how her fourth uncle had never treated her in such a gentle and careful manner . And yet, to this slave, he was…

Sheng Gu mentioned the day before’s incident to Sheng Qianmo and complained, “Fourth Uncle, that slave isn’t as weak as you think . Yesterday, sh-she almost strangled me… She also gave me a warning…”

Sheng Qianmo sat at the table and asked in a calm voice, “How did you know that Jing Fei was at his home that night?”

Sheng Gu was stunned . It came as a surprise that her Fourth Uncle didn’t care about the fact that she had been almost strangled to death . Instead, he had asked her about older events .

She was taken aback for a while before she replied, “I… heard it from schoolmates… . ”

“Someone saw some of the people from your Jade Courtyard being to Jing Fei’s house . The people in your jade garden have been to jingfei’s house . What’s going on?”

Sheng Gu was shocked .

She hadn’t expected him to investigate this matter, and even to have found clues…

Sheng Gu just stared at him, unable to think up a reply . She couldn’t help but cover her mouth as she coughed a few times . She shook her head and explained, “I didn’t know about this… Fourth Uncle, you seem to have misunderstood something… . ”

 Sheng Qianmo’s face sank and his voice turned cold . He said, “What did you do to Shu Nuan at the academy? She is the same age as you, and you humiliated her in front of so many people . Is this what This Prince has taught you to behave like?”

Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 78

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