Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 81

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Published at 27th of July 2019 11:55:06 AM Chapter 81

My Little Girl (73)

Shu Nuan looked around and asked with puzzlement, “Didn’t Your Highness ride a horse here?” 

 “Hmm . ”

Sheng Qianmo took the bag she was carrying and handed her two skewers of the candied hawthorn .  

When Shu Nuan took the candy, she thought for a moment . How strange it must’ve looked if Sheng Qianmo had rode his horse to go buy the candy . She thought about the scene and found it weird, unable to bend her lips a little .

So… did Sheng Qianmo not ride a horse to go get the candy?

As Shu Nuan thought about it, she bowed her head and opened her mouth a little . She licked the sugar coating on a couple of the hawthorns . It was sweet and delicious .

Sheng Qianmo naturally caught her shallow smile, but it was too late to ask her what she was laughing at, because by now she had put out her tender pink tongue . She licked the candied hawthorn for a while and then took a bite . The red fruit was bitten by the small mouth, leaving a little saliva behind . Her mouth was wet with the fresh pulp .

Sheng Qianmo was like a child who’d seen his favourite toy . But soon he turned his head and suppressed the urge in his heart, pulling his mind away .

When they returned to the Sheng Courtyard, Shu Nuan had already eaten a bunch of the hawthorns . She had  refused to give him a taste so she could eat more . All of a sudden, Sheng Qianmo clasped her hand to stop her from eating, and said, “Didn’t This Prince buy two skewers of the candy for you to eat? Why be so stingy?”

Of course, Sheng Qianmo couldn’t tell her that he’d bought the candy so he could experience her eating it while feeding it to him as well . Who could’ve thought this little girl had no mind to follow through at all .

However, on the surface, Sheng Qianmo was calm . “You can’t eat too much . We’ll still have dinner later . ”

Shu Nuan thought Sheng Qianmo had spentthoughtlessly to buy her a bunch of sugar candy .   

This made Shu Nuan depressed for a while, but when they sat down to eat dinner, she forgot it again .

As cla.s.s a.s.sessment was on the next day, Sheng Qianmo didn’t disturb Shu Nuan and gave her the library to study as well .

But what Sheng Qianmo didn’t expect was that she didn’t return to her room even when it was late at night . Sheng Qianmo frowned and ordered servants to make a bowl of milk tea . He took it to her himself . Upon arriving at the door of the library, he found it half open . He opened it all the way gently and went in .

Shu Nuan, wearing a translucent night robe, sat at the table with her small face lying on the book . Her small hand was still holding a brush, and she was sound asleep .

He saw the dense notes on her notebook that she seemed to have been writing all night .

Sheng Qianmo tried to take the brush from her hand, as quiet as possible . But he still woke her up . Shu Nuan was in a confused state . She rubbed her eyes and sat up . Seeing that it was Sheng Qianmo who had come to look for her, she uttered in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Your Highness…”

There was no expression on Sheng Qianmo’s face as he cleared some books from the desk and put the milk tea in front of her . “Drink this . Then let’s go to bed after you’re finished . ”

Shu Nuan gave a vague response, bowed her head, and sipped . The milk tea was sweet and fragrant, and it felt great to drink .

When she was finished, Sheng Qianmo didn’t wait for her to get up . He picked her up and frowned as he walked to his bedchamber . “When you finish the exam, This Prince will give you a good body supplement . ”    

Shu Nuan was so sleepy that she just mumbled and moved a little in his arms, as if she could fall asleep at any time . f

Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 81

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