Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! 226 Rope Play

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Published at 5th of July 2019 06:05:07 AM Chapter 226: 226

“I'll be right there!”

Si Han sneered . Some people avoid you when you ask for help, but once you have good news, they will be running after you faster than anyone else .

In less than thirty minutes, Lin Wanwan arrived at Roman Manor .

She pushed open the gate and was shocked by what greeted her .

Ruan Baoer was tied up on the sofa with a towel in her mouth and a blindfold on her face .

Hearing Lin Wanwan's footsteps, she struggled to get out of the bondage while making unrecognizable noises .

Si Han sat around as he sipped on a cup of coffee .

“What the h.e.l.l?” Lin Wanwan hurried over and pulled out the towel in Baoer's mouth .


Ruan Baoer's sharp cry echoed in the room . Lin Wanwan stuffed the towel right back .

Si Han snorted . “See that? She is way too loud . ”

Lin Wanwan studied the rope on Ruan Baoer and felt like she had seen the pattern before .

“Si Dada . This pattern seems to be one that is used frequently in certain… 'action' movies?”

Si Han remained silent for a while before he turned to look at Ruan Baoer . “Although I hate this trouble-maker, she sure has a figure to be proud of . ”

Lin Wanwan looked over to Ruan Baoer, whose curves showed perfectly under the bondage, and let out a sigh of jealousy .

Baoer's angered roars quickly pulled her back to reality . She coughed to ease the awkwardness as she untied Ruan Baoer . Putting on a straight face, she scolded, “Si Han, Baoer is only eighteen this year . Please don't take it too far!”

Si Han didn't seem to care at all .

Ruan Baoer tore off the blindfold after being freed and glared at Si Han before ranting to Lin Wanwan . “Wanwan! Some guys are just sickening, aren't they? I wanted to repay him with my body, but this guy just had to do rope play!”

“Er…” It seemed like quite a bit had happened between these two before she arrived .

Lin Wanwan glanced at Si Han's unbothered face and started 'educating' Ruan Baoer . “Baoer, you can't blame him for that . He does have a certain problem . ”

“What kind of problem?”

“It doesn't stand . ”

“…” Si Han's lips twitched .

Ruan Baoer didn't get it . “What doesn't stand?”

After a few seconds of silence, Ruan Baoer finally nodded in awe as she gave Si Han an empathetic glance .

Si Han was tired of dealing with these little girls . He slipped a piece of paper from the desk and waved it at Lin Wanwan .

“Here . ”

Lin Wanwan s.n.a.t.c.hed it; it was the list of nominees for the Silver Deer Movie Festival .

She quickly scanned through the names, and her eyes widened in surprise . “I am nominated for two awards?”

Best New Artist and Best Supporting Actress .

Si Han immediately put out her flare of excitement . “Are you really that proud of just two insignificant awards? Also, you are just a nominee; save your smile for the fans when you actually win them!”

Lin Wanwan almost lost control of her temper .  I really want to punch him in the face!

Ignoring her glare, Si Han let out a lazy yawn . “Take a seat . You are lucky that I'm free today . Let me update you on your schedule for the year . ”

This guy is finally doing his job  . Lin Wanwan sat down and listened carefully to what he had to say .

“It's about two hundred days until university . During this time, you will be filming two drama series and one movie . The drama is to build your fanbase, and the movie is to win awards . As for product endors.e.m.e.nts, do not accept any offers . Judging from your popularity right now, the best you can do is endorsing psoriasis pills . ”

Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! 226 Rope Play

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