Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! Chapter 229

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Published at 6th of July 2019 10:40:06 AM Chapter 229: 229

The differing views from the two factions unfolded a PK[1: A showdown . ], and the fight was like a raging fire .

Lin Wanwan was watching the drama when An Qiao's call came .

“Girl…” An Qiao helplessly called her .

Lin Wanwan could not refrain from laughing and pacified him, “Uncle, you should be happy . So many people didn't recognize you, which proves that you're handsome now . ”

An Qiao laughed . This child was actually comforting him now .

“I'll post a selfie on Weibo immediately to clarify matters . ”

“No, no, no . ” Unexpectedly, Lin Wanwan stopped him . “Don't you think it's so fun now?”

“… Why do I feel that you want to see the excitement?”

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrows but said in a very innocent tone, “How could that be? Anyway, we will be walking the red carpet together soon . There's no need to explain anything . What say you?”

An Qiao was always at his wit's end when it came to her . “Ok, but you're climbing your way to fame faster than an average newbie, and there are quite a number of people who are jealous of you . You will be greatly impacted if any negative news gets circulated before the movie festival . I'm worried that the judging panel will discount your score because of this . ”

“This isn't an issue . I believe that the professional mentors will treat us fairly . ”

As one of the three major movie festivals, Silver Deer's judging panel would definitely not be affected by some groundless accusatory news .

If it was some other small movie festival, they might do that in order to please the audience .

After the call ended, Lin Wanwan continued to refresh her Weibo .

Suddenly, Tang Chen forwarded the news about the “exposed relations.h.i.+p” between her and An Qiao and added the word “Blind . ”

Everyone commented their agreement .

' Chenchen's right . Lin Wanwan's blind . Let's not talk about net worth for now . Based on looks, you're a sure win! '

' What kind of net worth would that man have? Spending in such a small hot pot restaurant . A meal there probably cost within 300 yuan? '

' A silly girl paired with a poor man . Best! '

Lin Wanwan could not help but twitch her lips upwards . If she didn't guess wrongly, the person Tang Chen was referring to as blind was definitely not her .

Sure enough, Tang Chen sent another Weibo message not long after .

Tang Chen: 'You guys are blind  . '

Lin Wanwan laughed and started to get out of bed to wash up .

After her evening revision, Lu Zhanbei called her . “I'll wait for you at the school's back gate . ”

“But the school is very strict now . I can't just casually leave . ”

Although she could apply for a leave, it was already so late . Once the school gate closed, she would have to stay over at Yun Mansion again .

Hearing her refusal, Lu Zhanbei smiled coldly . “I'll call your princ.i.p.al . ”

“…” Did he have to be that overbearing!

“No, no . Wait for me . I'll apply for a leave now!”

Lin Wanwan bowed in front of power . She obtained the leave application form from the hostel's management office and saw from afar Lu Zhanbei's car parked under the tree outside the gate .

She ran quickly, pulled open the car door, and agilely slipped into the seat .

Seeing that she was out of breath from running, Lu Zhanbei handed her a cup of warm water .

Lin Wanwan gulped down the water . As she drank too quickly, she even choked twice .

Lu Zhanbei patted her back . “Don't rush . ”

After regaining her breath, she glared at him . “It's your fault . It's already 10 pm . Why are you looking for me instead of sleeping?”

“Sorry . ”

Lu Zhanbei seemed to have gotten used to apologizing to Lin Wanwan .

He paused and looked deeply at her . “We have not met for 16 days already . ”

Lin Wanwan was stunned and teased, “So you miss me?”

“Yes, I miss you,” Lu Zhanbei replied calmly . “You? Do you miss me?”

Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! Chapter 229

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