The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 118 - Will Never Let Lu Man Have It Easy

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Chapter 118: Will Never Let Lu Man Have It Easy

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Man looked away and came up with an idea.

At this moment, suddenly a notification came from her work email. Lu Man clicked on it and it turned out to be a company-wide announcement.

Usually, there would be a company-wide announcement through a ma.s.s email to notify everyone who had received a warning letter.

This announcement made everyone shocked.

In the entire CEO Secretary’s Office, Ye Xuanxuan alone received two warning letters, while the rest received one. Moreover, even Dai Yiran received one too.

Other than that, in the email, next to each name on the name list, the reason for their warning letter was also stated.

The people in the Secretary Office received a warning because they ignored the CEO’s orders and even let someone barge into the CEO’s office without permission.

However, what Ye Xuanxuan did was the most serious. She even helped outsiders to bully colleagues in the company.

If she were to receive another warning letter year, Ye Xuanxuan would be fired.

As for Dai Yiran, she had ignored the superior-subordinate relations.h.i.+p, tried to curry favor from the CEO, acting as if she was very close to the CEO.

Looking at the email, Dai Yiran felt like she was slapped fiercely by someone, her face stinging and pain.

She did not expect that Han Zhuoli really wasn’t lying and would indeed send her a warning letter, even informing about it to the entire company.

He had truly humiliated her in front of all the employees and not just the Public Relations department colleagues.

Hence, Dai Yiran was extremely livid. She gritted her teeth, her eyes were all red, and she looked furiously at Lu Man.

It was all because of Lu Man! She would never let Lu Man off! Just wait!

At the same time, Ye Xiaoxing was in utter shock, she immediately closed the email and dashed out of the office in disbelief to find Ye Xuanxuan.

“Why did you still come to find me? You think you haven’t harmed me enough?” Ye Xuanxuan was furious upon seeing Ye Xiaoxing. “If I didn’t help you, would I still end up like this?”

Yang Fangtong looked at her in annoyance. This pair of sisters had no right to point fingers at each other. Both of them were trouble-makers.

Yang Fangtong had received a warning letter too and was fuming.

She and Zheng Xiaoying were both completely implicated by Ye Xuanxuan. If Ye Xuanxuan had not tried to suck up to Dai Yiran, then this would not happen either.

From today onwards, she would never let Ye Xuanxuan have an easy time!

“Older sister, how could you push all the blame onto me?” Ye Xiaoxing was unhappy. She was unwilling to take all the blame.

“If you didn’t try to make me teach Lu Man a lesson, would I have ended up like this?” Ye Xuanxuan was trembling with anger. “My future is ruined! No one in the company has ever received two warning letters at once. This means that the CEO doesn’t even want me in the company anymore. If I ever make even the tiniest, most insignificant mistake, he would use that opportunity to give me another warning letter and fire me. Moreover, my warning letters would also be recorded in my resume. In the future, I can’t even enter any decent company, or expect to be treated well! Just because you couldn’t stand Lu Man, you’ve implicated me, and now you don’t want to admit it?”

Ye Xiaoxing felt a little sheepish, yet she straightened her back and refused to admit it. “Yes, I did want you to give her a lesson, but did you not know how to stay within your boundaries? Don’t blame me for your own mistakes.”

Yang Fangtong laughed coldly to herself. These two sisters were indeed exactly the same.

Ye Xuanxuan was livid. “Leave! Don’t ever come back here. Don’t ever come to me ask for anything! You shameless ingrate!”

Ye Xiaoxing said angrily, “I’ll leave!”

Ye Xiaoxing returned the office, fuming all the way. However, seeing that Wu Lize was still around, she did not dare to do anything to Lu Man, and kept staring angrily at her.


She will never let Lu Man have it easy!


In the evening, after work, Lu Man packed up and left the office.

“Lu Man,” Wu Lize called from behind and jogged towards her.

“Manager Wu.” Lu Man stopped.

“You’re going to visit Auntie?” Wu Lize asked.

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 118 - Will Never Let Lu Man Have It Easy

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