The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 140 - Big… Big Brother Han, Why Did You Come Here?

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Chapter 140: Big… Big Brother Han, Why Did You Come Here?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Dai Yiran pointed at the stack of doc.u.ments. “Just like these, why did Ye Xiaoxing give all the work to you? It’s because you are easy to bully, you have no background. Even if Ye Xiaoxing bullied you, she is not scared, because you have no way of getting back at her. Moreover, no one willing to stand up for you because they cannot afford to offend me, in fact, they even want to try to curry favor with me. This is the difference between you and me, do you understand?”

“I know, you can go now,” Lu Man said, not caring at all.

“You’re doing this on purpose, right!” Dai Yiran pointed an accusing finger at Lu Man’s nose, she was so angry that her fingers were trembling.

“You’re still not going? Then let me tell you clearly, you can not dictate what kind of thoughts I should harbor towards the CEO. Whether the CEO accepts me or not, it is something I can’t control. Be it admiring him or liking him, I have my own freedom to choose. Just like how even when the CEO clearly said that doesn’t like you and also doesn’t know you, you still choose to be thick-skinned and keep calling him Big Brother Han? This kind of thing has nothing to do with status or rank, right? If you can do it, I can do it too. If the CEO doesn’t like me getting close to him, he can fire me. He hasn’t even expressed his att.i.tude, so what are you getting anxious for?” Lu Man mocked her, it was really like the situation where the Emperor was not worried, but the eunuch was worried to death.

Furthermore, she was not the one who wanted to seduce Han Zhuoli alright?

It was Han Zhuoli who was clearly seducing her!

Get it clear!

Dai Yiran was very angry, who was Lu Man to dare mock her?

“Ha, don’t compare yourself to me, you can’t even compare. Lu Man, I’m just trying to help you here, to prevent you from losing face. You—”

“What are you arguing about?” a deep and cold voice that contained anger sounded.

Dai Yiran turned her head around and was stunned upon seeing Han Zhuoli walk over with big strides, and behind him was the manager of the Artist Department.

“Big… Big Brother Han, why did you come here?” Dai Yiran felt guilty, and her face was completely pale.

“I was just talking to Manager Hao about some stuff when I heard such loud noises coming from here as soon as I came out, what are you doing?” Han Zhuoli questioned, unhappy.

Dai Yiran managed with great difficulty to raise her lip into a smile, seeing that Manager Hao was present, an idea came up in her brain, “Nothing much, I just wanted to remind Lu Man, this is the company, as an employee of the company, the most important thing is to do your job well, don’t think of taking shortcuts in deviant ways and thinking of having a relations.h.i.+p with a superior. Also messing with the fair compet.i.tion between colleagues is very unfair for everyone, be it us or the other people.”

Lu Man who was at the side was not anxious to explain, but the mocking smile remained on her face the whole time.

About what Dai Yiran had said, from Lu Man point of view it seemed as if she was talking about her attempt to seduce Han Zhouli.

However, if anyone who did not know anything about what had happened earlier happened to hear it, they might actually think that Lu Man had some inappropriate thoughts towards Wu Lize.

After all, Dai Yiran had only said superior, and Wu Lize was Lu Man’s direct superior.

Moreover, an average person’s normal reaction would not be to skip many levels and directly think of Han Zhuoli, their first reaction would be to think of Lu Man’s direct superior, Wu Lize.

Lu Man clearly understood the reason why Dai Yiran said that as besides to ruin her name, more importantly, it was to let Han Zhuoli misunderstand that Lu Man liked Wu Lize.

It had the intonation that she was seducing Wu Lize while planning and trying to seduce Han Zhuoli as well.

It was to let Han Zhuoli despise her and hate her.

She really did not think that Dai Yiran really had such a brain.

Meanwhile, Manager Hao did not know what to do and took a look at Dai Yiran, then took a look at Lu Man, and cautiously decided not to say anything.

It was just that he was a bit slow in leaving when he finished work, and just now, when the CEO walked past the doorway of the Artist Department and just happened to see him walk towards the exit, the CEO directly told him to stop and said, “Follow me.”

Until now, Manager Hao still did not know what he was there to do exactly.

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 140 - Big… Big Brother Han, Why Did You Come Here?

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