The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 15 - The Two of You, One's a B*stard and The Other's a B*tch

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Chapter 15: The Two of You, One’s a B*stard and The Other’s a B*tch

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Lu Qiyuan finally managed to pull Lu Man away, and gave her a vicious slap on her face.

Earlier, the slap Lu Man had given Lu Qi was full of hatred and anger, she had used all the strength in her body, wis.h.i.+ng that she could kill Lu Qi with just one slap.

Now, towards Lu Man, Lu Qiyuan seemed to harbor the same emotions.

Lu Man was. .h.i.t onto the floor by Lu Qiyuan’s slap, and the corners of her mouth were split open. Blood gushed out of her gums, flowing out through the split corners of her mouth.

“Hahahahahaha, Lu Qiyuan!” Lu Man did not even bother to call him ‘father’. “In your eyes, my mother and I are worth nothing, and only Xia Qingyang and her daughter are treasures. Have you forgotten that in your hardest times, it was my mother who was by your side? Have you forgotten that when I was young, both my mom and I have suffered a lot because there were creditors always coming after us for money?”

“After that, our family’s situation turned for the better and you had become rich, yet you had my mother suffer with you through the worst days and left all the good days for other women! The sufferings my mom went through during those years caused her body to become weak. She had used her all life in exchange for the comfortable life you have now, yet you gave those good days to other people. She never even had a single comfortable day in her life when she was with you.”

“Even after she had gotten married to you she suffered, and when it seemed like her days would get better, you dumped her and made her continue to suffer. You had said you would never let her down, but all of that was just bullsh*t!”

“I thought that at the very least, you only got together with Xia Qingyang after the two of you split up because you no longer loved each other, yet you had hooked up with Xia Qingyang even before that! Ha! Xia Qingyang, when our family was poor, you hid so far away but appeared as soon as we became rich. My mother felt that you had a hard life so far, and thus didn’t mind you doing that. Even when you came to our doorstep she tried her best to help you, but who could have guessed that you were trying to steal her husband!”

“She wholeheartedly helped you, yet you schemed against her. She’s your biological sister! You stole her husband, took over her place, and stole everything that originally belonged to her. Even now, you still dare to talk about her behind her back! Xia Qingyang, Lu Qiyuan, the two of you, one’s a b*stard and the other’s a b*tch, you’re one and the same!”

Xia Qingyang’s facial features twisted up, changing rapidly between green and white.

Raising his hand, Lu Qiyuan gave Lu Man another slap, “Get out! Get out of here now! You’re not welcome in this house!”


Even now Lu Man remembered Lu Qiyuan’s shout clearly as if he was shouting right next to her ear right now.

Coming back to reality, Lu Man blinked, and Lu Qiyuan’s shout was replaced by the sound of her ringtone.

There was a cold glint in Lu Man’s eyes, and she pursed her lips in disdain.

In this lifetime, with knowledge of Lu Qi’s real ident.i.ty, she no longer felt that it was unfair.

Instead, it was the exact opposite of before, they all thought that she did not know, and this was even more beneficial for her.

Picking up the phone, Lu Man answered, “Yes?”

As she did not even wish to call him ‘dad’.

However, Lu Qiyuan did not even hear this change, perhaps it was because he was angry, or because he had never even once cared about this daughter of his, and ordered, “Come home now! Quickly!”

“Got it,” Lu Man said coldly, her voice monotone and hanged up.

By the time she came out of the bathroom, Han Zhuoli had already put on his clothes.

Seeing her, Han Zhuoli looked at her over once.

Lu Man felt that right now the way Han Zhouli looked at her was just the same as when she had been naked.

Lu Man’s ear tingled, feeling that in front of him it did not seem that wearing clothes was much better than not wearing clothes.

“You’re leaving now?” Han Zhuoli smiled and asked.

However, for some reason, Lu Man thought back to what Han Zhuoli had said when he was embracing her.

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 15 - The Two of You, One's a B*stard and The Other's a B*tch

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The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 15 - The Two of You, One's a B*stard and The Other's a B*tch summary

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