The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 20: More Despicable Than Xia Qingyang And Lu Qi?

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In her previous life, whenever Lu Man was faced with any injustice, she would always say "I am your biological daughter, not her" in a fit of anger.

Back then, once she would say that, Lu Qiyuan would strangely become even more infuriated and treat Lu Qi much better.

However, back then she did not know that her words would increase Lu Qiyuan's guilt towards Lu Qi, as Lu Qi was also his biological daughter.

But now, she would not be as foolish as before.

"You still have the cheek to say that!" Lu Qiyan pointed at Lu Man furiously. "Zhengbai has treated you so well, and yet you chose to throw yourself at Han Zhuoli. Do you really think something can happen between you and Han Zhuoli? He's just playing with you, that's all. How could you be so despicable!"

Lowering her head, Lu Man smiled sarcastically. I am despicable?

Could she be even more despicable than Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi?

As Xia Qingyang had seduced her brother-in-law, yet afraid to ruin his reputation, Lu Qiyuan always refused to admit that Lu Qi was his biological daughter.


In fact, Lu Qi was only two years younger to her!

But Lu Qiyuan had her divorced mother when Lu Man was 14 years old. At that time, Lu Qi was already 12 years old.

Thus Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang had already been sneaking around then, for at least 13 years!

So how dare Lu Qiyuan point his finger at her, calling her despicable?

In her previous life, despite knowing that Lu Qi was a third-party and had stolen He Zhengbai from Lu Man, Lu Qiyuan had never called Lu Qi despicable. Somehow he even felt that Lu Qi was more worthy of being with He Zhengbai.

Anyway, to Lu Qiyuan, logic was worthless. Everything was always her fault.

Shouldn't she be used to this already?

Lu Man held onto her swollen cheek. "I've already broken up with He Zhengbai a long time ago. There's no 'betrayal' to speak of. If you do want to mention it though, he has already betrayed me. He was probably like you and felt that Lu Qi was better than me. That's why even when he was still with me, he got together with Lu Qi."

Lu Man glanced at Lu Qi's bare neck. The necklace was no longer there.

Remembering how remembering how He Zhengbai pledged his love for her and had sworn that he would always treat her well, she felt utterly disgusted.

Back then, in Lu Qi's face, He Zhengbai had even cursed at Lu Qi, insulted her calling her vicious and how Lu Man was miles above her.

Lu Man smiled bitterly. "Once I found out, I broke up with him so that the two lovebirds could be together. After all, even if I had told you about it, anyway you would have made me do so."

Ever since she was young when had she not given in to Lu Qi?

Her mother had given in to Xia Qingyang, and even Lu Qiyuan also made her give in to Xia Qingyang's daughter.

Disgust rose up Lu Man's throat, making her nauseous.

What about Lu Qiyuan? Upon hearing Lu Man's words, he unexpectedly displayed a face of righteousness.

He did not believe that Lu Qi stole He Zhengbai. All he thought was He Zhengbai had good taste and knew that Lu Qi was better that Lu Man.

After all, between a popular starlet and a celebrity's a.s.sistant, isn't it obvious who is the better?

On the other hand, if Lu Man had dared to steal Lu Qi's boyfriend, she was just being shameless.

The expression on Lu Qiyuan's face explained everything. Seeing it Lu Man completely and irrevocably gave up.

"Thankfully I'm with Han Zhuoli. If not, wouldn't it be too unfair to me?" Lu Man mocked bitterly. "Why not just come straight to the point and tell me why you told me to come back?"

"I'm your father! What kind of att.i.tude is this!" Lu Qiyuan reprimanded furiously.

Unlike Lu Qi's, he could not even find a hint of admiration or respect on Lu Man's face.

She had already completely given up on him. Also if pretending to be pitiful could not even garner any empathy or pity from him, what was the point of pretending anymore?

Lu Qiyuan had already made a joke of himself. After hitting and scolding her, how dare he ask for her respect.

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 20: More Despicable Than Xia Qingyang And Lu Qi?

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