The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 26 - Lu Qi Had No Way of Redeeming Herself Anymore

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Chapter 26: Lu Qi Had No Way of Redeeming Herself Anymore

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However, He Zhengbai said, “Of course not, why would I trust what she said?”

“Exactly, how could you trust her? You cannot fall for her tricks. We still don’t know what is the relations.h.i.+p between her and Han Zhuoli. How could Han Zhuoli find her attractive? She must have shamelessly thrown herself at him, and after Han Zhouli and after he has finished using her he will throw her away. You do know that she has never liked seeing me happy. She feels that my mother stole her mother’s rightful position, and hence constantly targets me.”

“Even now, because you have gotten together with me and don’t want her anymore, she must have felt indignant and hopes that we do not last long. If you believe what she says, then you will have fallen for her trap, and it would be more in her favor,” the more Lu Qi talked about it, the sadder she felt and she soon started crying. “I like you so much, please trust me. I really did not lie to you, otherwise, why would I have brought Lu Man with me? What else could it be other than to have her take my place? I would never do anything that will let you down.”

Seeing He Zhengbai’s originally knitted eyebrows relax, Lu Qi then pretended to be angry in order to make him trust her. “How could you believe what she said and not trust me? In your eyes, am I that kind of slag woman?”

“Of course not, I really did not doubt you. Why would I trust what she says?” He Zhengbai quickly pulled Lu Qi into his embrace and comforted her.

Lu Qi hit him again softly, before delicately saying, “You can’t ever let her sow discord between us ever again.”

“Alright, don’t worry,” He Zhengbai again promised Lu Qi.

He Zhengbai bent his head and saw that Lu Qi’s eyes and lips were red, making her seem very pitiful.

As a popular celebrity, Lu Qi’s looks were undoubtedly good.

Especially with how popular she is now, He Zhengbai’s vanity was greatly satisfied being with her.

Her looks created a lot of s.p.a.ce for imagination.

He Zhengbai started breathing heavily and bent his head to kiss Lu Qi.

While Tang Zi, who had been hiding behind the bushes all the while, shuddered, nauseated, and kept rubbing his own arm.


After a while, Lu Man had the driver stop the car by the road. She had called for this car on the way to the Lu family home and had it stop in front of the house so that she could leave anytime.

About 20 minutes later, the car door was opened once again, and Tang Zi hurriedly sat down in the car.

“How was it? It was a big scoop right?” Lu Man smiled brightly at him.

Tang Zi nodded his head rapidly, “It is! Xiao Man 1 , no, from now on, you’re my Sister Man, you’re too brilliant!”

Tang Zi did not hide the video from her and took out his camera to show it to Lu Man.

“Look, just after you left, the two had started to embrace each other,” Tang Zi said angrily, “That He Zhengbai is really isn’t much.”

“Who said he really isn’t much?” Lu Man said faintly.

Tang Zi pursed his lips, “Why? Are you still thinking about him even after everything has happened?”

Although what Lu Man had said sounded a little weird, Tang Zi did not think too much of it.

But then, he heard Lu Man say, “He is really too much.”

Tang Zi finally managed to react. “Yes yes yes, he’s really too much, probably not even a human.”

“Once I go back, I will take screen-shots of the video and make them into images. This is a big scoop if it goes well Lu Qi will have no way of redeeming herself anymore.” Tang Zi said excitedly.

“I still have some more stuff here,” Lu Man took out her phone.

Back in the Lu family home, Lu Man had secretly opened the videotaping function in her phone and placed it in her pocket, recording everything that Lu Qiyuan and the rest had said.

Sending everything to Tang Zi, Lu Man said, “Although there isn’t actual evidence, based on what they have said, people will start to suspect Lu Qi.”

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 26 - Lu Qi Had No Way of Redeeming Herself Anymore

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