The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 38 - Some People's Mouths Are Just as Filthy as Their Heart

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Chapter 38: Some People’s Mouths Are Just as Filthy as Their Heart

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Qiyuan’s face turned sour. Xia Qingyang’s every single word pierced his heart.

“Well, since you know that it’s unsightly too, then why do you keep doing it?” Lu Man knew that Lu Qiyuan suspected she had told outsiders about how she had suffered in the Lu family in order to gain sympathy.

However, Lu Man had never bothered doing something like that.

Also, as her father, Lu Qiyuan surprisingly knew nothing about her personality.

Yet towards Lu Qiyuan’s suspicion and distrust, Lu Man did not even feel a hint of sadness. She was numb.

Moreover, thinking about it from a different perspective, if she had not been hurt so badly before, would she be so numb towards all of it now?

However, Lu Qiyuan never knew all this.

“Rest a.s.sured, Lu Man has never told anyone about what happened back home.” Even though Lu Man said nothing, Wu Zhiguo felt that it was too unfair and spoke in her support. “From her usual conversations with Xia Qingwei, it was clear as day. Humph! if you guys dare to do it, then don’t be afraid of the gossip.”

Listening to Wu Zhigou, Xia Qingyang’s expression changed, and she scornfully said. “Who exactly are you to interfere with our family matters? You can’t be Xia Qingwei’s new elderly boyfriend, right?”

Xia Qingyang smiled sarcastically as she spoke.

Ultimately, handsome middle-aged men were hard to come by.

At least, Lu Qiyuan had maintained his appearance rather well. However, Wu Zhiguo was simply too ordinary-looking.

Moreover, who would expect that Xia Qingwei was not picky at all now.

Subsequently, Lu Qiyuan became even more unhappy.

While it had been years since he had divorced Xia Qingwei, he never expected Xia Qingwei to remarry.

In his eyes, an ex-wife is still a wife. Even if they were divorced, she should not find another man either.

If not, he would feel a sense of betrayal.

However, Wu Zhiguo was furious, his face as red as a beet. “You… you are too foul-mouthed! My wife and Xiao Xia stay in the same hospital room. When Lu Man comes to visit her mother and talks to her, we would, of course, overhear bits of the conversation. It was easy to piece it all together. Who knew you’d be so foul-mouthed!”

Xia Qingyang pursed her lips and continued blaming Lu Man. “Lu Man, you’re at fault here. How could you be so careless while speaking? Was it truly an accident, or was it intentional?”

At least, when Lu Qiyuan heard Xia Qingyang’s words, he would believe that Lu Man had intentionally let them overhear their conversation.

“And, Mister, since your wife is ill, you should go and take care of her instead of meddling in other people’s business. Since you’re so anxious, could it be that you and Xia Qingwei…” Xia Qingyang’s expression s.h.i.+fted. “Haha, your wife is still staying in the same hospital room. This isn’t too good, is it?”

No one was a fool. Be it the crowd watching or Wu Zhiguo himself, everyone clearly understood the meaning behind Xia Qingyang’s words.

She was simply implying that Xia Qingwei was being a hypocrite, such that she would even seduce her ill friend’s husband, right?

“Shut up!” An angry shout rumbled, but it was not from Wu Zhiguo.

Nonetheless, Wu Zhiguo was also extremely infuriated, his face had become livid, and he was just about to speak too.

Even Lu Man’s expression changed. However, on turning around she saw Xia Qingwei coming out of the room, dragging her IV drip stand along. Auntie Chai was also walking beside her.

Auntie Chai apologized to Lu Man, “Sorry, Lu Man. I couldn’t stop her.”

Lu Man quickly shook her head and apologised. “We’re sorry towards you instead. We have troubled you and Uncle Wu too much. It’s our fault that you two were insulted too.”

“It’s alright, child. Don’t take it to heart. We completely trust you and your mother,” Auntie Chai said soothingly. Then she turned around and coldly gave Xia Qingyang a side-eye. “Some people’s mouths are just as filthy as their heart. She thinks that others are as dirty as she is and would steal someone else’s husband.”

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 38 - Some People's Mouths Are Just as Filthy as Their Heart

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