The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 468 - No Matter What I Will Stick By Your Side

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Chapter 468: No Matter What I Will Stick By Your Side

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“You’re back already.” Hearing the sound of them entering the house, Xia Qingwei turned her head and was stunned upon seeing the change in Lu Man.

That charm on Lu Man’s face could not be hidden.

Being an experienced adult, Xia Qingwei could naturally tell it.

Knowing that yesterday Lu Man had stayed over at Han Zhouli’s house to look after him Xia Qingwei was already mentally prepared for this.

Moreover, with how Han Zhuoli wanted to be so close to Lu Man all the time and Lu Man inviting herself to his home, how would he stay away from her?

Although she knew that they had done the deed, Xia Qingwei did not say it out loud.

Lu Man was already an adult, she should be free to make her own decisions and be responsible for them.

If Lu Man was unwilling, then with the way Han Zhuoli overly doted on Lu Man, it was obvious that he would not force her.

Then of course, if Lu Man herself was willing, it was a completely different thing.

Since Lu Man had already made a decision, Xia Qingwei would not say anything.

Originally, she had seen that Lu Man’s apprehension towards trusting any man, but ever since she got together with Han Zhuoli, Lu Man came out of her sh.e.l.l. Probably Lu Man herself did not notice it, but at the beginning, she had already trusted Han Zhuoli a lot.

And now that she was willing to totally let go and give herself to Han Zhuoli, it meant that she had walked out of the shadows of the past.

And the credit for this went to Han Zhuoli.

Xia Qingwei was very happy and relieved to see Lu Man no longer be haunted by her past and was finally enjoying her life.

“Quickly go and wash your hand and sit down, dinner will be ready soon,” Xia Qingwei smiled and said.

Lu Man took off her jacket, quickly washed her hands, and rushed over to help Han Zhuoli set the dishes on the table.

While eating, Lu Man told Xia Qingwei about having got a new movie offer. “Mom, I want to go act in a new movie.”

“Go, of course, you go,” Xia Qingwei said decisively, “Didn’t you learn to perform to act in real life? If you have a movie offer, you naturally need to go shoot. Also, what you said is right, if it were not for Director Sun, you wouldn’t have decided to go down this route at all. He brought you into this film industry, and now that he asked you for a favor, and that too a normal simple request, of course, you must help him. Mom supports you. You don’t need to worry about me, it would be fine just like when you went to film Greedy Wolf Operation , wasn’t I fine here? There’s Xiao Han is taking care of me too.”

As for the amount she would earn, Xia Qingwei did not even ask.

From her perspective, Lu Man had just entered the film industry, so she could not have high expectations for getting paid and there was no need to be so calculative.

It was fine as long as it was enough for two people to get by their daily needs.

Lu Man was already very fortunate compared to the other actors who have to roam around the city in search of jobs and stay in bas.e.m.e.nts as their earnings are so little.

Although Lu Man’s earnings could not be compared to those famous celebrities, she needed to know when to be satisfied; her earnings from filming were already more than when her earlier jobs.

It could not even compare to her salary when she was an a.s.sistant for Lu Qi, and it was even more than when she was working in the Han Corporation.

Lu Man’s pay in the Han Corporation was already quite good, but now that she was getting paid more for filming, what more was there to be dissatisfied with?

It was important for Lu Man to first gather more experience, and build her popularity and reputation bit by bit, and the payment in the film industry was directly related to her reputation as well, but those things were for the future. One would only reap what he or she sows; so right now Lu Man had to work hard, and care less about the benefits.

Happy, Lu Man nodded vigorously. “Thanks, Mom.”

When she agreed to help Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng, she was not worried about whether Xia Qingwei would disagree or not.

Because she knew, no matter what decision she made, Xia Qingwei would always support her.

“When are you going to start shooting?” Xia Qingwei thought it sounded quite urgent.

“I’ll go to school tomorrow to ask for leave, and I’ll leave the day after,” Lu Man said.

“So rushed?” Xia Qingwei was shocked, she had known it was urgent, but she did not think it was that urgent.

She looked meaningfully at Han Zhuoli, Xiao Han also had it rough, they had just gotten together, and now they would separate again, he was probably very depressed.


Even though she was very open-minded, but no matter what, her own daughter had been devoured by this young brat, so Xia Qingwei said, “Since you’ll be going the day after, then stay at home to accompany me these few days, otherwise, it’ll be quite a few months before we meet again.”

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 468 - No Matter What I Will Stick By Your Side

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