The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 62: Calling The Police

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Lu Man stood in front of the burglar, letting him clearly see her as she pressed the three digits '110', and was just about to press the call b.u.t.ton.

"Wait! Wait!" The thief frantically said, "I'll talk! Don't… don't call the police!"

"Then talk," thus Lu Man did not call the police.

The burglar gritted his teeth and finally revealed, "It's Xia Qingyang."

Lu Man narrowed her eyes and a large amount of anger and hatred rose in her.

Xia Qingyang and her daughter could not stand it if she and her mother were living well, now they were even stealing money that was meant to save her mother's life.

"Do you have evidence?" Lu Man suppressed her anger tightly clenching her fist.

"No," the thief was troubled, "At that time I was too excited, in the past for all the work I have done, I was always offered small amounts of money, but this time, she came to find me and said that if I succeeded she would pay me 100,000 yuan. I had never made such a huge deal before, and if I was to succeed this time, I wouldn't have to take any more risks for the entire year. Furthermore, this is the first time someone spent so much money to get me to do such a mere task, so I had no prior experience and hence did not take down any evidence."

The thief felt troubled as he talked about it.

"Then how did you know it was Xia Qingyang?" Lu Man asked.

"I also go on the Internet. Lu Qi's whole scandal was so high profile that even her parents' photos were also revealed. Even if I couldn't recognize her at first glance, but having spent a lot of time talking to her, I could easily recognize her," By now the thief's eyelids had gotten thick and swollen, and he used effort to roll his eyes.

Lu Man had never thought that Xia Qingyang would be so stupid to she actually meet him in person.

In her past life, she somehow lost to these idiots.

Now, as she thought about it, she wanted to spit out three liters of blood.

She was really foolish for losing to them in her past life.

But thinking about it, it was quite strange, Xia Qingyang was a housewife, how could she have any connections?

At the most, it must be Lu Qi who had found this thief through someone, but it must not have been easy to find a middleman.

Moreover, Xia Qingyang must have been scared that with someone else involved in conveying the message, the message might be pa.s.sed on wrongly. Hence, to avoid that, she must have gone herself.

Yet she must have forgotten that her face had long been exposed on the Internet, and could not be hidden.

Right now, Lu Man was boiling with so much rage that she wanted to kill someone. She really wanted to go and kill Xia Qingyang.

That wicked woman! She kept doing harmful things to others.

She could have directly targeted her, how could she play with Xia Qingwei's life just to threaten her!

Fortunately, she had come home early, and Han Zhuoli had helped her pay the money first.

Otherwise, if either of those two things had not happened, Xia Qingwei would…

Thinking about what would have happened scared the life out of Lu Man, despite everything going well with Xia Qingwei right now, and her eyes got red with anger.

Xu Hui looked on at the side, his heart sighing for Lu Man, such a young girl, how did she end up with so many troubles?

"What should we do now? Let him go?" Xu Hui asked Lu Man.

The thief looked in antic.i.p.ation at Lu Man.

"Of course not, we will call the police," Lu Man took out her phone. Since she had already entered the number and she just had to press the call b.u.t.ton and the call immediately connected to the police station.

"You had agreed to let me go! I have already told you everything I know!" The thief shouted, anxiously, thus Xu Hui quickly reached out to cover his mouth.

"I want to give a police report, my house just had a burglary, and now the thief had been caught by my friend," Lu Man gave her address.

Hanging up, Lu Man sneered, "I didn't promise you anything. You have committed a crime, so you should be punished. But since it was Xia Qingyang who told you to do this, you can tell the police officers. Whether Xia Qingyang suffers the punishment, she deserves depends on your luck. This burglary was what Xia Qingyang had told you to do, so it doesn't make sense if only you go to jail and Xia Qingyang is still living well.

"If it was not for Xia Qingyang finding you to do this, you probably wouldn't be in trouble right now," Lu Man's words were practically brainwas.h.i.+ng the thief.

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 62: Calling The Police

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