The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 642 - Acknowledging Her Means Giving Her Face.

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Chapter 642: Acknowledging Her Means Giving Her Face.

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Since Bourbotte and his team were renowned and world-famous, Liu had invited them a long time ago, Moreover, because Liu had sincerely offered remuneration as well because Bourbette wanted to publicize his movie, Bourbette had agreed so easily.

But who knew that things would take an ugly turn at their premiere.

If he had known earlier that such a thing would happen, Liu swore that he would definitely not invite Bourbotte.

No matter how renowned and world-famous Bourbotte was, they were separated by the Pacific Ocean and were from different worlds.

Their Film Academy still needed to rely on local talents like outstanding directors and actors of their country.

In other words, they would rather prefer to offend Bourbotte that offend Han Zhuoli!

However, now they were left with no choice as Liu could not tell Bourbotte, ‘so sorry, there’s no need for you to come anymore’.

Thus, no matter what, he could only be thick-skinned and welcome him.

“You guys,” Lu Man smiled, finding it sweet. “It’s wonderful that you still think about me first for these things. If you want to go, go without any worry or apprehension. Although Bourbotte and his team look down their nose at our movie, they do have real high-quality standards. No matter whether you are learning from Berkeley and Susanna’s acting skills or taking notes from Bourbotte who directs scenes, all these will come in use. When it comes to learning about performance from a director’s perspective, sometimes it’s even better than learning from actors.”

“A Director always looks through the camera. He knows how to film, where to film and what kind of performance and emotions the actors need to show. Not just the facial expressions but even small gestures like the movement of a finger which get captured on camera convey several emotions and meanings.”

Listening to Lu Man’s advice, the three of them found that there were many things in the industry that they had yet to learn, thus they nodded in agreement. “Alright, we’ll listen to you.”

Grateful, Pan Xue said happily, “Thankfully you are here, otherwise, we wouldn’t know these things.”

“Lu Man, will you be going?” Han Leilei was very thoughtful and asked Lu Man.

“I won’t.” Lu Man shook her head. “Otherwise, I’ll be targeted and they would make an issue out of it, it won’t look good.”

“Haha.” Suddenly, Zhang Xiaoying’s cold laughter was heard.

Just Lu Man and her friends were discussing, Zhang Xiaoying and her two friends just happened to pa.s.s by.

Back then, Zhang Xiaoying and Yu Jingxian almost had a fall out over exam results.

But somehow Yu Jingxian managed to pacify Zhang Xiaoying and they were friends again.

Compared to Zhang Xiaoying, Yu Jingxian was the smarter one.

Zheng Yuans.h.i.+’s face darkened and she held onto Lu Man’s arm. “Ignore her, acknowledging her means giving her face.”

Yet Zhang Xiaoying insisted on stopping Lu Man and checked Lu Man out disdainfully. “That’s right, it’s better for you not to attend it. If I were you, I would be embarra.s.sed to go as well. You’ve already talked big, but Red Tiger’s box office collection has not increased. So how could you not be embarra.s.sed upon meeting Bourbotte? Still dreaming of competing with Bourbotte? Back then, luck was on your side, but you let your success go to your head. Fortunately, good for you that reality brought you back to the ground. I really think that you shouldn’t go, otherwise, how embarra.s.sed would you be!”

“No matter how slow the box office collection of Red Tiger is increasing right now, it has already broken the record with a 6.5 billion collection, what there’s for me to be embarra.s.sed?” Lu Man said coldly, “You should hurry up to get a front seat so that you can improve your acting skills and prevent yourself from flopping again the next time.”

“Do you think your acting skills are that good?” Zhang Xiaoying was so angry at Lu Man that her face was scrunched up.

Lu Man said nonchalantly, “I’m the female lead of a movie with 6.5 billion box office collection.”

“What are you being so proud, what’s there to be proud about?” Zhang Xiaoying lashed out; it was too funny, she hadn’t filmed the movie, just acted in it, so why was she being so proud!

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 642 - Acknowledging Her Means Giving Her Face.

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