The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 920 - Losing? It's Impossible to Lose

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Chapter 920: Losing? It’s Impossible to Lose

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At least, he felt that this young person can be interacted with.

Du Lin sweated. “If I’d known earlier that Lu Man had the two of you to help, I wouldn’t have come here to embarra.s.s myself.”

Ji Cheng smiled and said, “Don’t say it like that! You’re the first one to come and find Lu Man, even faster than we were. Just that thought is good enough. Furthermore, after you joined, we have just enough characters.”

Sun Yiwu was holding the script and was writing and drawing. Ji Cheng raised an eyebrow. “Brother, what are you doing?”

“Adding a character for myself,” Sun Yiwu said, raising his head.

Ji Cheng smiled and pointed at him. “You’re even using your power to do selfish things! There are only a total of three characters in the script and you added one for yourself! So shameless!”

Sun Yiwu confidently said, “I came to help. You have to let me show my face, right? Otherwise, who would know that I’m the one who arranged this show?”

“I can tell them,” Ji Cheng said.

“That’s not possible. Anyway, I have to show my face,” Sun Yiwu said as he edited the script.

Ji Cheng smiled and said, “Go go go, don’t change too much! If you change it too much, how are you paying respect to the famous works of the past when you’re directly editing them? It’s true that in the end, during the last round, winning or losing is just for fun, but we can’t lose, and we can’t let Lu Man be embarra.s.sed. You said you want to learn how to act. You have so many shows yourself, and you can randomly give yourself a character to play with, so why must you insist on making trouble for Lu Man?”

“Of course we can’t lose. If Lu Man loses, it’s not only Lu Man who will lose face, all of us will lose face together,” Sun Yiwu said. “Think about it, you’re an 8.9-billion-ticketing-sales director, and I’m also a famous director in the country.”

Ji Cheng laughed. Talking about self-praise, he was in admiration of Sun Yiwu, so willing to praise himself.

“Adding on the fact that Du Lin is very popular now, how can we lose?” Sun Yiwu rolled his eyes.

Losing? It’s impossible to lose.

No matter how Sun Yiwu changes the script, Lu Man did not care. Anyway, it was just for fun.

Sun Yiwu looked like he was adding scenes for himself. The truth was, it was to increase her popularity.

A big director like Sun Yiwu helping her arrange her shows was very shocking, but if he wanted to arrange the show for her or appear as one of the characters in the show, that was totally a hard-to-describe surprise.

Normally, there were not a lot of chances to watch a director acting.

But Sun Yiwu doing this would not only manage to gain the favor of the audience, but it would even send a message to each of the production teams.

You guys sought out Lu Man. Lu Man managed to bring you so many big-shots. The money you are paying Lu Man for coming on the show is definitely worth it.

Would they still feel that Lu Man was not worth that price?

What a joke!

In the future, the big shows would probably be fighting to seek out Lu Man.

Sun Yiwu did not add many scenes for himself, just two lines.

He was just going to show his face a bit. That would already be shocking enough.

If there were too many lines, it would not have that effect.

Du Lin even felt that he was very lucky. Originally, it was just because Lu Man helped him, so now that there was a chance, he also wanted to help Lu Man. Who knew that, in the end, he would be the one helped by Lu Man.

Without Lu Man, how would he get the chance to act with two big-time directors?

In the future, he still needed to find a chance to pay Lu Man back for her help!


After Lu Man, Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Du Lin finished practicing, they headed for Dong Hua Station.

But as Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Du Lin had their own schedules, they could not go earlier and could go to Dong Hua Station only tomorrow morning.

The good thing was that the show was pre-recorded and not live-streamed. They only needed to appear in the last event, so they still had a lot of time.

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 920 - Losing? It's Impossible to Lose

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