The Long-awaited Mr Han 99 You Saw That She's Pretty, So You Started To Like Her?

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Han Zhouli was praising himself for being so thoughtful of Lu Man.

Look, look!

She's so heartless, but still, I pitifully went about considering what was the best for her, worried that any rumors spreading in the company would be bad for her.

Moreover, she was already being ostracized by her department colleagues, so I was scared that she would be bullied even more because of this.

Of course, the most important reason behind this was that he knew Lu Man's temper.

Also, Lu Man had not yet entirely changed her opinion of his and was definitely not that relaxed around him yet, so if he continued to be that rashly high profile, it would only make Lu Man distance herself from him.

"Alright," Zheng Tianming said but waited for two more seconds leaving only after seeing that Han Zhuoli had no other orders for him.

Just as Ye Xiaoxing was about to leave from the secretarial department, she happened to hear Zheng Tianming give Wu Lize a call, "Manager Wu, it's regarding the suggestion you gave, the CEO has already considered it and agreed. As long as the plan that Lu Man submits is up to the standard the CEO wants, then she will be considered to have pa.s.sed the test. Please tell Lu Man about this and tell her to come to the CEO's office. The CEO wants to personally see if she does actually have the ability to receive such special treatment."

"Alright," Wu Lize was very excited.

Due to what happened back at the hospital that day, he felt obligated to Lu Man and hence had given in such a suggestion for her.

Yet, who would have thought that the CEO would actually agree!

Wu Lize happily opened the office door and called for Lu Man, "Lu Man, come for a while."

Lu Man did not say anything and entered the office.

As soon as Lu Man left, all the colleagues immediately exploded.

"Did Manager Wu really fall for her? It's been such a short time, and he has already called her twice," Xia Mengxuan said in a soft voice.

"This girl is too calculative, I don't like her," Older Sister Li shook her head.

"That's enough, isn't it just because of what Lu Qiyuan said? But do you all know what the actual situation is like? Lu Man did not say anything, and you are all sentencing her for a crime just based on what Lu Qiyuan said, is that really good? Furthermore, did you all not see what the news is saying? With Lu Qi's situation now, can what she said be trusted? Lu Man has just come, and you all don't even try to understand her, and so easily make a judgment about her, this isn't suitable right!" Chen s.h.i.+mian could not help but say.

He had been wanting to say this from a long time upon finding his colleagues behavior and their att.i.tude towards Lu Man unsuitable and even a bit too much.

Moreover, all this time Lu Man neither said anything nor did anything. Everyone here is an adult, so how can they judge her without getting to know her first?

"Aiya," Xia Mengxuan said sourly, "Why are you helping Lu Man so much, is it that upon seeing that she's very pretty, you started to like her? I'm telling you to give up now, haven't you seen that she's aiming high? She has a liking for Manager Wu, she won't fall for you."

Chen s.h.i.+mian hit the table with a loud bang, "Xia Mengxuan, do you dare to repeat what you said in front of Manager Wu?"

Everyone was all scared by his loud sound, and Older Brother Zhang quickly pulled on him, "Xiao Chen, what are you doing? This is such a minor matter, it's not worth going so far, it's really not worth it!"

Chen s.h.i.+mian struggled out of Older Brother Zhang's grip, and walked directly next to Xia Mengxuan's desk, scaring her in such a way that she quickly backed away to hide, "Chen s.h.i.+mian, you crazy person, what are you doing?"

However, Chen s.h.i.+mian pulled Xia Mengxuan up, "You can go into the office now, and repeat what you said just now to Manager Wu, and if you do that, then I, Chen s.h.i.+mian, will respect you and call you Older Sister Xia. Also, I won't say anything bad about you ever again."

"Let go of me quickly, Chen s.h.i.+mian! You lunatic, let go of me, I won't go!" Xia Mengxuan was about to be pulled out of her seat. She was so scared that she was almost going to cry and her hands grasping onto her desk with great force.

Older Brother Zhang immediately pulled Chen s.h.i.+mian away, "Xiao Chen, that's enough! Do you want to make a commotion for the Manager to come out?"

Finally, Chen s.h.i.+mian let go of Xia Mengxuan, "Xia Mengxuan, you must watch your mouth, stop saying such rubbish. Others won't be bothered to lower themselves to your level and get angry at you, but I can't stand this bad habit of yours. Lu Man is just going to the office, and you say that she seduced Manager Wu. I cannot stand watching all of you bully people like that, so I defended her, and now you say that I like her. Your mouth is really good at saying such things."

The Long-awaited Mr Han 99 You Saw That She's Pretty, So You Started To Like Her?

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