I Found A Planet Chapter 81: Repairing A Large Airplane

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The electric motor factory was done. Hence, Chen Jin returned straight home the next morning. He left Wan Quan Long to continue his search for a research organization that developed and produced mobile parts for robotic arms. After which, he would find a way to acquire the organization. Chen Jin did not accompany him in the search and negotiation processes. The journey was too strenuous, so he snuck away.

Chen Jin did not have to worry at all about the lack of funds. Despite Wan Quan Long frequently making a big fuss about how poor he was, he could definitely afford to take out 200 to 300 million…. He had profited plenty from the OEM order for millions of Wwah Robots.

By chance, Chen Jin knew that w.a.n.g Quan Long was a person with well-hidden secrets. Together with his wife, they invested in real estate nationwide. They had hundreds of properties under their name. The real estate they possessed was worth 200 to 300 million… The profits from the speculative sales of properties were higher than the factory's profits.

When Chen Jin sought him out for an OEM order contract of a million Wwah Robots, w.a.n.g Quan Long agreed that he could pay a down payment of just 20%. This was also the reason why he said that he could deal with the remaining 80%.

Chen Jin silently muttered, "Hehe, Old w.a.n.g, with your hillbilly nature, do you think you can keep this from me? Underneath your cultured exterior, you are actually a bourgeoisie who has no lack of money!"

If w.a.n.g Quan Long knew what Chen Jin was thinking, he would be shouting in injustice. He was misunderstood. In reality, those houses were purchased by his wife all over the country. He had nothing to do with them. Truly, he only wanted to start a little business. To his dismay, he found out that in the end, after slogging for a year, his earnings were still less than what his wife could make by selling a property. He was a man with his own business dreams yet he was a n.o.body at home. Back in the house, it was as if he lived as a gigolo. Who would understand the restlessness and the pain in his heart?

After three days, w.a.n.g Quan Long made a phone call. Excited, he said, "Chief Chen, I've bought a small company that does research on the hydraulic units of robotic arms. I spent only $3,000 thereabouts. The other boss has transferred full shareholding rights to me. Chief Chen, we now have a subsidiary company to produce the mobile parts for the robotic arms!"

"Ok, name the company now and then register it again. After that, come over to sign the contract. I'll give you the technical data."

"I've already thought of the company name. It'll be called "Bi Long"; signifying that our arms will have the strength of a dragon!"w.a.n.g Quan Long also added that the company did not have sufficient talent in the technical department. They would have to recruit more workers. In addition, they had to purchase huge quant.i.ties of manufacturing equipment. The total amount of investment needed was 200 to 300 million. Therefore, the first batch of the mobile parts would only be supplied to Ling Feng Jing Mi OEM after a minimum of six months. Under the best conditions, that was the earliest time the parts could be produced. In the meantime, the company could only depend on the "mysterious channel" that Chen Jin possessed to ensure the supply continuation.

Chen Jin said, "All right. The channel on my side should be able to maintain its supply for half a year!" It was just that…. Every day, he would have to carry five tons of machine parts with the human replica robots. For six months, he would be training his body. Recently, he found that he had developed quite a bit of muscle. His appet.i.te had also increased. After gaining more than five kilograms, his physique had become more compact and well-proportioned. He believed that after another six months of training, he could definitely become a hunk! Others would certainly be willing to believe that his great physique came from training in a gym and not because he was a mover who worked himself too hard.

Covering his face with his hands, he cried in an overly exaggerated and funny manner.

On Haierfa, in the Base of Operations, on a patch of land measuring five acres which had been leveled by the robots, there laid a behemoth. It had a unique design with an overall triangular layout for flight. There were two canards located at its nose. At its tail end, there were 4fourmovable tail fins. It was like a giant flying shuttle. It was also similar to a s.p.a.ce shuttle that could do a return trip. Its greatest length was 56 meters; its height was 10 meters and its largest width was 24 meters. On its own, it weighed 194 tons without any cargo or pa.s.sengers. Its interior pa.s.senger cabin had a size that was equivalent to a 240 square meter house. Moreover, it was decked out in an extremely luxurious manner.

This was a private pa.s.senger plane that was custom-made for a wealthy client. It had a very nice name; it was called "Dream Dancer."

By now, the wealthy owner of this private plane had turned into dust. The exploration squad had towed it out from beneath a pile of rubbish. Then they cleaned it up a little and found out that the structure was only slightly damaged. After some simple repairs and charging, the plane could actually still work!

Hence, the robots continued charging it. Then they operated the plane and flew over 1,000 kilometers. Then they did a vertical landing directly onto the center of the Base of Operations.

That was right, this was an electric airplane. By adjusting the direction of the engine's nozzle, one could land and take off vertically. With a full charge, it could travel up to a distance of 30,000 kilometers and a height of 100 kilometers! There was no great danger as long as it did not fly above a speed of Mach Five in the atmosphere.

Chen Jin praised it unceasingly. "Awesome, this function is absolutely bombastic!"

Alice explained to him, "Master, this 'Dream Dancer' uses super high-efficiency batteries that were expensive to produce. Its energy density is 2.5 times as much as a normal high-efficiency battery. The plane is driven by a plasma engine which gives it a propelling power that is 10 times that of the traditional turbojet. It can easily realize a thrust-weight ratio of 100 or more. Therefore, vertical landing and take off is a piece of cake for this plane. If we do some slight modifications and store large amounts of a dielectric material to act as the propellant for the plasma engine, the 'Dream Dancer' could even have the ability to traverse outer s.p.a.ce for a short time. It could, of course, only make temporary stops along orbits close to land. For safety reasons, it's better not to try it."

Chen Jin's mouth opened wide. "Alice, you mean that it's possible to remodel this plane into a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p with the ability to make a temporary stop in outer s.p.a.ce?"

Alice nodded her head. "Yes! This was one of its selling points emphasized by retailers when they were publicizing it in its first launch."

"Awesome, this is too awesome!" Chen Jin sighed emotionally. The rich really knew how to enjoy life. With a gleam in his eyes, he thought, Why don't I take this airplane up to the outer s.p.a.ce of Haierfa? I can see the overall appearance of this planet with a perspective from s.p.a.ce.

However, he quickly shook his head. "Alice said that there was too much s.p.a.ce debris floating about in outer s.p.a.ce; they were counted in the hundreds of millions. Without the ability to clear that debris, it's better to not go to outer s.p.a.ce for nothing in particular." It would be serious if he was. .h.i.t by a piece of debris. For now, this behemoth of a plane could only be used within the atmosphere.

Moreover, Chen Jin did not dare to operate it and take it out for a spin. It had complicated units that had not been used in at least 30 years. Who knew how many hidden dangers existed in its interior? If trouble occurred while he was in the air, his insignificant life would probably be forfeit. He dare not take the risk.

Therefore, he could only look at it greedily. "This is good, but I can only entrust this to the exploration squad to a.s.sist them on their trips!" He imagined the robots using the plane. The plane would get stronger and their circ.u.mstance would get better. The radius of their exploration range would be increased by at least 10,000 kilometers. The efficiency of the exploration trips would increase dramatically. Before, the exploration trips were primarily about advancing on land. Now, they were advancing in a more holistic way, on both land and air.

Moreover, this airplane could carry up to a load of 180 tons or the equivalent of 500 robots at one time. Even with such a load, its voyage distance was guaranteed to be at least 10,000 kilometers. With such a powerful transportation capability and a long voyage distance, Chen Jin could immediately send out robots to whatever locations that he wished to explore on Haierfa. They could then bring a portion of the gains back to the Base.

Considering that the weather had recently turned warmer, the 50,000 robots that he had sent to Moleiduo Republic only came back with a small quant.i.ty of high-value items. Chen Jin returned his focus back to the abandoned country of Melica located 2,000 kilometers northwest of the Base. He would send the robots to the core area on the eastern side to see if there were any significant gains to be found. After all, there was once a huge quant.i.ty of city dwellers spread out in that core area. It used to have a total population of over 50 million! Located right in the center of the core area was the capital, Donuit City. Within the capital were countless bank vaults, company headquarters, and high-tech factories. It was lucky that he had a usable large airplane.

Chen Jin designated this behemoth of an airplane "Flight No. 9" and fully charged all of the super high-efficiency batteries in the battery chamber. He sent out 2,000 robots...o...b..ard "Flight No. 9". They carried along more than 50 tons of various goods and materials. Their target was Donuit City. He commanded the airborne exploration squad to set off!

I Found A Planet Chapter 81: Repairing A Large Airplane

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