Crazy Leveling System Chapter 329

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Chapter 329

Yi Tianyun didn't care what was happening outside, for the time being, he focused all his attention towards refining the Soul Acc.u.mulating Pills.

He felt like he was at the crossroad as he was feeling a little bit unsure about increasing the grade of the Soul Acc.u.mulating medicinal Pills that he currently refined.

He looked as the success rate for 5th Refinement Grade and saw that the chance was at thirty percent, he activated the Lucky Aura, and the chance increased to fifty percent with the help of the Immortal Fire, it increased once again to sixty percent!

He knew that the chance of failing was still high, but that was the best chance to test the effect of the 5th Refinement Grade Pills!

Yi Tianyun shook his head and composed himself as he refined the Pills to 5th Refinement Grade, if that failed, he still had the next batch, but losing 3 Soul Acc.u.mulating Gra.s.s surely hurt!

Yi Tianyun quickly activated the Lucky Aura at the end of the refinement process so that the success chance increased!

Fortunately, the Pill refinement was a success!

A bright light shot out from the Purple Fire Divine Furnace as the sign of success!

Yi Tianyun quickly picked up three pills from the furnace and felt satisfied for his success.


'Successfully Refines Soul Acc.u.mulating Pills!'

'Reward: 1.000.000 Exp, 1.000 Pill Refining Proficiency Points.'

Yi Tianyun immediately tried one pill as he didn't know the difference of Exp that he will gain by consuming the Soul Acc.u.mulating Pills 5th Refinement Grade, if it only added 5 Million more Exp than the 4th Refinement Grade, it wasn't worth the risk of failing!


'Successfully consumed a Soul Acc.u.mulating Pill and got 30.000.000 Exp!'

Yi Tianyun was shocked to see the amount of Exp that he just got!

It was double the amount of Exp that he got from the Soul Acc.u.mulating Gra.s.s 4th Refinement Grade!

Surely the risk was worth taking!

He quickly consumed the rest of the pills that he has just refined to breakthrough.


'Congratulation to host for successfully breakthrough to 5th Level Core Transformation Stage!'

Yi Tianyun was delighted to see the notification, sure enough, if people knew about his cultivation speed, they will be envious beyond belief!

Yi Tianyun immediately refined another batch of Soul Acc.u.mulating Pills, but this time he decided to refine the 4th Refinement Grade instead as he knew that the 5th Refinement Grade was too risky to refine at the moment!

Soon he successfully refines six 4th Refinement Grade Soul Acc.u.mulating Pills, it was worth 90 Million Exp!

Yi Tianyun didn't regret his decision to stop at 4th Refinement Grade as he couldn't risk falling, especially at that moment!

To breakthrough to 6th Level Core Transformation Stage he needed around 160 million Exp, and thanks to the 5th Refinement Grade Soul Acc.u.mulating Pills, he only needed 110 million Exp, and after he consumed the six 4th Refinement Grade Soul Acc.u.mulating Pills, he only needed another 20 Million Exp left to breakthrough!

Yi Tianyun quickly walked out of the Refining Room to look for a way to increase his level before the Dragon General arrived, he wanted to look for the scouts that the Dragon General would send ahead of the main army!

As he walked out from the Refining Room, Ye Qingxuan rushed towards him and nervously said, “Dragon General's Soldier has closed in, and they brought many Earth Dragons with them! The enemy will arrive within approximately half a day!”

Yi Tianyun quickly smirked and asked, “How about the Old Ancestor's status? I want to know if the Old Ancestor fit enough to a.s.sist us in the fight.”

Ye Qingxuan said, “Old Ancestor will wait in the Spirit PaG.o.da to recover and meditate until the Dragon General came!”

Yi Tianyun smirked once again as he knew that he could get many Exp without hindrance for the time being!

He nodded excitedly towards Ye Qingxuan and immediately said, “Let the war with the Netherworld Empire began!”

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 329

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