Crazy Leveling System Chapter 509

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Yi Tianyun thought it would be simple! If he tamed one of the Phoenixes, they would be obedient, and thus he would pa.s.s the test quickly! But he knew that he wouldn’t be able to do that as he had to injure the Phoenix to a certain extent to tame them, and he couldn’t fight the Phoenix just like that!

“This test wouldn’t be simple! You need to adjust your own feeling to match one of the Phoenixes, be careful, we Phoenixes were very sensitive of the emotion in the air!” Lord Bai said as he gave Yi Tianyun his advice.

“You are a phoenix yourself, right? Why does it matter to take this test?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“I am a phoenix, but our blood has been diluted by years of generation, and so, we aren’t a pure Divine Beast anymore! On that thought, to respect our ancestors and to gain a stronger power that the Ancient Phoenix would bestow upon those they deemed worthy to receive their recognition.” Lord Bai said solemnly.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head as he understood what Lord Bai has just told him about. He knew that the Divine Beast also evolved with time too, and so, they could no longer maintain their Pure Divine Beast status!

“I mean, look at us! No one on the clan wants to return to our Phoenix Form anymore, and that knowledge to transform back to our Phoenix Form is eventually lost in time!” Lord Bai said awkwardly.

At the same time, many Elders and onlookers flew nearby. They wanted to see how Yi Tianyun would fare on this test themselves!

“Lord Bai, our witness has all arrived, we can start whenever the partic.i.p.ant IS ready!” an Elder said to Lord Bai solemnly.

“Okay, you can start now. I hope you can get Phoenix’s recognition smoothly!” Lord Bai said as he signaled for Yi Tianyun to start.

Yi Tianyun nodded and flew toward the Ancient Phoenix that was hanging by the Giant Parasol Tree. But when he got close to the mountain tops, the volcano shook slightly. Yi Tianyun knew that this was the defense mechanism of this test! The volcano would certainly spew fire towards him!

Sure enough, Yi Tianyun’s prediction was correct! The volcano immediately erupted and spewed flames towards Yi Tianyun! He immediately activated his Heaven Swallowing Divine Secret Art and absorbed all the fire into mastery point!

“Anyone wants to be my partner?” Yi Tianyun shouted to the Phoenixes that were still hanging by the parasol tree. He also pulled out his Immortal Fire and covered his body with it to draw the Phoenixes’ attention!

Lord Bai was smiling as he watched Yi Tianyun. Yi Tianyun was wise enough to utilize his strong point for the Ancient Phoenix to see.

“That’s a good approach, keep at it! The Ancient Phoenix will recognize not only power but intelligence too! You will get the recognition soon enough!” Lord Bai shouted to Yi Tianyun in excitement.

The next scene surprised everyone who was watching as they saw that the Ancient Phoenixes flew toward Yi Tianyun, one by one. This has never happened before!

“How is this possible! The Phoenixes themselves are coming to him one by one!” Elder Lei said in astonishment.

“Our Phoenix Clan is a proud and intelligent clan! I suppose the Ancient Phoenix has recognized Yi Tianyun’s potential!” Elder Luo said with a surprised look on his face!

“What would happen next? All the Ancient Phoenixes has flown over to his side!” Elder Lei said nervously. The rest of the observers felt the same way. They were nervous about what will happen next as this problem never happened before!

“But look at that! the Blue Phoenix didn’t come towards him!” Elder Lei said as he pointed his finger on the biggest Phoenix that was still hanging on the parasol tree, it has blue feathers instead of the normal red and orange feathers, which made it completely stood out compared to the rest!

This Blue Phoenix was also the only Phoenix that has reached a 5th Layer Void Spirit Stage cultivation base, which made it a lot stronger than the rest of the Ancient Phoenixes.

This fact alone made Yi Tianyun felt challenged! He couldn’t help but think that it would be very exciting to have the Blue Phoenix as the one that would become his partner!

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 509

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