Femme Fatale First Daughter Reborn: Chapter 421

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Published at 29th of May 2020 10:45:06 PM
Chapter 421: 421
Chapter 421 Set A Trap . He Yufen Was Overjoyed

“Well, elder sister, what's wrong with you? Look at you! Where is your decent as a young lady? Then, don't make senior uncle angry! Maybe he will replace you with a sister from the hometown . ” He Yuxiu screamed exaggeratedly . Looking at the mess on He Yufen, He Yuxiu turned around her with a look of fuss .

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He Yufen stopped and refuted immediately with an acid smile . “Even if I am replaced, I will not be replaced by second young sister . You'd better think about how to be the playboy's wife now . As for other things, you don't bother to worry about . ”

If He Yufen's current expression was exposed to the people in the King Xuan's Manor, it would be a great shock to them, as she was not the gentle First Miss He as she usually pretended .

Her words stung He Yuxiu . He Yuxiu's countenance changed instantly, and she gnashed the teeth in anger and said, “Don't swagger . I'm afraid that you are not only unable to become the King's consort, but also fail to marry a playboy . Perhaps, you have to go back…”

“Shut up!” Before she finished, she was interrupted severely!

In front of the moon-shaped courtyard door, the He's brothers stood glumly at the door . Senior Master He looked sternly at the sisters . Then, the two sisters did not dare to quarrel any longer and just saluted them with a shudder .

“Why not prepare your dowry but be idle here?” Second Maser He looked at He Yuxiu coldly .

He Yuxiu was too scared to say a word, just saluted hurriedly and walked timidly to the path with her maidservant .

“What happened to you?” Senior Master He looked up and down at He Yufen's embarra.s.sment and asked displeasedly .

“Father, I have something to tell you . ” He Yufen was calmer than He Yuxiu . After letting out a long breath, He Yufen looked around the maidservants and servants, and recovered her gentleness .

“Come here . ” Seeing that she had something to say, Senior Master He turned back and said coldly . The two masters walked to the room, without any manservant following them . He Yufen did not take her maidservant as well but just held her dirty skirt and followed anxiously…

It remained unknown what they had discussed, but in the following days, He Yufen still went to the King Xuan's Manor restlessly, showing her determination that she would not stop until she reached her goal .

Mo Xuetong asked the servants to spread that she was ill . However, He Yufen still came to the manor every day, but was refused by the same excuse that Her Highness was ill . Today, she came to the manor again, and saw Mo Yu coming out of the manor anxiously . So He Yufen tipped her maidservant a wink, and the maidservant understood and came up hurriedly to ask, “Isn't this Her Highness's most competent a.s.sistant, Sister Mo Yu? Is there anything urgent for Sister Mo Yu in such a hurry?”

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Being blocked, Mo Yu looked up and said angrily, “Get out of my way, and I am busy now!”

The maidservant did not take it seriously, but still asked tentatively with a smile, “Sister Mo Yu, you may need a carriage to go out . And our young lady happens to go back . Since you are in a hurry, why not take our young lady's carriage?”

Prevailed by the words, Mo Yu stopped to look at the maidservant and then the small door, and asked with a frown, “Will your carriage go to the pharmacy?”

The maidservant rolled her eyes and answered smilingly, “It happens that there is a big pharmacy on our young lady's way back home . It is said that the medicines of every description are available there, and the people are all experienced . ”

“Then I'll go with you . ” Mo Yu nodded, and followed the maidservant into the carriage . Mo Yu paid a salute to He Yufen and sat on the shaft with the maidservant .

The carriage began to move slowly .

Seeing Mo Yu clenching a small packet in the hands, the maidservant pretended to ask inadvertently . “Sister Mo Yu, are you going to dispense medicines for Her Highness?”

“No!” Mo Yu answered simply, but then felt the answer was too harsh, so she immediately squeezed a smile and said, “Just some medicine needed to be checked in the pharmacy!” But the smile looked rather forced .

“What's wrong? Are there too many medicinal materials in the manor, so Her Highness wants to sell some?” The maidservant asked more curiously . In the influential families, some of the medicinal materials could not be kept for a long time, so they would sell some and then purchase them back when necessary .

“No!” Mo Yu clenched her teeth without revealing anything, but was still unable to hide the paleness on her face .

He Yufen, who had been sitting in the carriage and listening to their talks, showed a slightly smugly smile on her face with a chilly joy in her eyes . Yesterday, her father told her to wait for the coming of the right time . As long as the time came, something would happen in King Xuan's Manor . Now it seemed that something did happen in the manor now, otherwise, Mo Xuetong's maidservant would not look so fl.u.s.tered and even could not have a carriage to go out .

And the most important was that on the way to the manor, He Yufen once saw Feng Yuran's super-luxury carriage rus.h.i.+ng away .

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And the carriage's direction was the most famous brothel in the capital!

It did grip He Yufen's imaginations!

Through the fluttering carriage curtain, He Yufen's eyes fell on the small packet clenched in Mo Yu's hands . Such a small packet would not contain much more than just a small cl.u.s.ter of tea or something . It seemed that Consort Zhao's plan really worked . Although it was unknown why the matter was not escalated, it was obvious that King Xuan got angry, otherwise, he would not go to the brothel where he had not gone since his marriage .

As long as the discord emerged between King Xuan and Mo Xuetong, He Yufen thought she could avail herself of the opportunity to get in and won the cousin's heart, then drove Mo Xuetong out of King Xuan's Manor . As He Yufen dreamt of it smugly, Feng Yuran's extremely charming face seemed to appear in front of her, which made her tighten up the hands holding the handkerchief and her heart hot . She could not restrain her overjoy!

Mo Yu hurriedly got out of the carriage at the door of a pharmacy . He Yufen let the carriage stopped beside . When Mo Yu came out, He Yufen asked her maidservant to come into the pharmacy to inquire about it .

After a while, the maidservant returned to the carriage and detailedly told He Yufen about Mo Yu .

Unsurprisingly, Mo Yu asked the people in the pharmacy to check the ingredients in the tea . And it's said that Mo Yu inadvertently blurted out that her master quarreled with her mistress about the drugs, even gave the mistress a slap and kicked her to the ground, and then went out with anger .

Others did not know who Mo Yu's master was, but He Yufen knew well . Hearing Mo Xuetong was beaten and kicked to the ground by King Xuan, He Yufen felt quite pleased just like drinking a bowl of icy mung bean soup in hot summer . No wonder Mo Xuetong claimed to be sick these days . It turned out that she was really ill by being hit . He Yufen returned home with delight .

He Yuxiu sat in her yard and saw He Yufen pa.s.sing happily . Then, He Yuxiu took the embroideries on the table, threw to the ground and stamped on them fiercely . They had come to an agreement that it was He Yuxiu who married into the King Xuan's Manor, but now the candidate was changed into He Yufen, which rankled He Yufen still . He Yuxiu thought, with her capability and look, she was not inferior to He Yufen, so why could He Yufen marry into the King Xuan's Manor, but He Yuxiu herself marry a useless playboy?

Not reconciled, He Yuxiu was not reconciled to the current situation . She thought she would not work herself to the bone for He family and got nothing in return . Since He family was ruthless, don't blame her for being heartless .

Mo Xuetong was doing needlework by the window when Mo Yu returned, and her embroidery was quite good . In the past, when in Qin Manor, Mo Xuetong and her maidservants would do some needlework when there was nothing else to do, and then, they would secretly take it out to sell so as to add some income . The days in the Qin Manor were rather hard-pressed . Without the needlework, it would be hard to make ends meet .

Mo Xuetong was making a robe for Feng Yuran . The purple deluxe silk felt smooth . When thinking that it would be comfortable for him to wear it, Mo Xuetong could not help curling up her lips into a smile .

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Mo Yu came in with a smile, totally different from the pale and anxious look outside . She put down the tea on the table casually, took the tea from Mo Lan's hands, glugged some and said proudly, “My Lady, sure enough, I got into First Miss He's carriage . ”

Mo Xuetong put down the needle in her hands, took the tea from Mo Ye, drank slowly and said, “Did she doubt you?”

“How could it be? I am too straightforward to hide words . So when I was evasive, He Yufen could hardly wait . The moment I walked out of the pharmacy, her maidservant came into it immediately . I guess she must be overjoyed now . ” Mo Yu put down the tea and said with pride . She knew herself well and always thought being straightforward was her weakness, since she was not so prudent as Mo Lan and other maidservants . But unexpectedly, her weakness could help Her Highness, which made her rather proud of it .

Mo Xuetong did not answer her, but gave a gentle smile and turned to ask Mo Ye, “How about the investigation that Mo Feng did?”

“I asked Mo Feng and knew that the minister did have something to do with He family . I heard that the minister once got engaged with a young lady of He family . But for some unknown reason, the engagement was canceled . Later, he did not keep close to He family . But Mo Feng said when the two masters of He family came into the capital, they privately met with Minister Lian several times . Just a few days ago, the three still sipped tea in the teahouse . ”

Mo Ye also came back, so when asked by Mo Xuetong, she answered in detail .

Lian An even had this relations.h.i.+p with He family . Although the engagement fell through for no reason, he was not aloof to He family . A smile took on Mo Xuetong's lips, and she was more and more curious about He family .

“Ask Mo Feng to inquire about which young lady of He family once got engaged with this minister . ” Mo Xuetong smiled softly .

“Yes . I will tell Mo Feng later . There is one more thing . Mo Feng said Second Miss He is not getting along well with First Miss He . When the two confronted, they always parted with ill feelings . ” Mo Ye mentioned another thing that Mo Feng asked her to tell Mo Xuetong .

Mo Feng was now in the yard where He family were .

“Does First Miss He not get along well with Second Miss He?” Mo Xuetong paid attention to this point . With a light gleaming in her eyes, she said to Mo Ye, “You ask Mo Feng to pay attention to Second Miss He . Is she going to get married? Why is she feeling upset now?”

“It is strange if she feels good . Perhaps she is still dreaming of marrying into the manor . And now her dream is robbed by her sister . How could she feel good?” Mo Yu curled her lips and said .

In the past, He Yuxiu came to King Xuan's Manor so often that her scheme was quite obvious to everyone!

“It seems that Second Miss He is extremely dissatisfied with this marriage . Well, one is the King's consort that she has been dreaming about day and night, and the other is a playboy's wife with no future . Second Miss He is so shrewd, and how could she willingly give it up to others, even if to her sister?” Mo Lan smiled and handed a round silk fan to Mo Xuetong .

Mo Xuetong took it and smiled softly!

In the past, when the two sisters were just newcomers in the capital, they looked deferential and respectful to each other . But nowadays, the rift between them even went so far . It turned out that Second Miss He was rather dissatisfied with He's masters' arrangement . What if He Yuxiu knew that Yu Mingyong was definitely good-for-nothing, while He Yufen was likely to be King Xuan's Consort?

When she thought about the interesting part, the smile on her face became more charming .

Seeing Mo Xuetong waving the fan and contemplating, the maidservants did not bother her any longer and all retreated . The wind raised up the curtain . Through it, a beautiful young lady leaned on the couch and smiled .

When Feng Yuran came in, he just saw her smiling brightly with her beautiful eyes gleaming enchantingly .

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