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Chapter 31   Because you are too troublesome

After chatting with grandpa Gu for a while, Gu Wuyang and Tang Anran left the Gu's old house.

Sitting in the car, Tang Anran was really upset.

As long as grandpa Gu didn't give up the idea of holding wedding for them, Gu Wuyang would never let her leave here. Then she couldn't go back to the North City to take revenge.

The good news was that there were less than 2 weeks to the date of wedding, so she could leave Yang city 2 weeks later.

Thinking of this, Tang Anran finally felt a little better.

After driving Tang Anran to the villa, Gu Wuyang went back to the troops without any stay. Besides, to avoid the same thing happening again, Gu Wuyang deliberately arranged more people to guard the villa, 'watching on' Tang Anran.  

Since Tang Anran came around that she could leave here only after 2 weeks, she didn't think about running away anymore and decided to stay in the villa and wait.

Yet there was one unexpected thing happened in the evening--- Xu Anran's parents who didn't contact her before suddenly wanted to make a video call with her.

Tang Anran was going to refuse it at first, but they were parents of Xu Anran. If she refused it, they must feel weird and doubted her. But if not, she was also afraid of making mistakes when she made a video call with them.

Hesitating for a while, Tang Anran decided to pick the video call from them in the end. At least, she had Xu Xiaorong stay with her, so maybe she wouldn't make a big mistake.

As soon as she picked the video call, a woman in elaborate dress wearing delicate makeup on her face showed up on the screen.

While Tang Anran was still guessing her ident.i.ty, the woman couldn't wait to speak, "Ranran, are you okay? We just got to know that you fell down the stairs several days ago . Why don't you tell us?"

After Tang Anran heard her words, Tang Anran realized that she was the mother of Xu Anran called Qi Lan.

Before Tang Anran could think out a proper answer to explain, a man showed up on the screen suddenly.

He wore a black suit. Although he got some locks of gray hair on his head, he was well preserved. As Qi Lan, age also hadn't left its traces on his face at all. Judging from his facial features which were similar to Xu Anran's, he must be the father of Xu Anran, XU Chengshen.

Looking at the man on the screen, a feeling of familiarity rose in Tang Anran's heart like she had met him before.

But she always lived in North City and never left there. How could she meet Xu Chengshen living in Yang city?

In the end, Tang Anran just attributed it to her similar look to Xu Anran, so that she had such a familiar feeling to Xu Chengshen.

"Ranran, do you still feel not good now? We've booked the tickets and will be back tomorrow." Looking at Tang Anran with a worried look, Xu Chengshen said urgently.

It seemed that they really cared about Xu Anran.

And that reminded Tang Anran of her own mother.

She came from a single-parent family and was raised by her mom after her dad died of an accident when she was a child. When she grew up and got married, her mother fell ill due to overwork.

Tang Anran only hoped that her mother wouldn't hear the news that she and Duoduo were dead. Otherwise, her mother would definitely not bear the heavy strike according to her current physical conditions.

Just waiting for her to take revenge of herself and her daughter and then she could stay with her mother and take care of her forever.

"Ranran, can you hear me?" Seeing that Tang Anran had no response, Qi Lan asked her again with confusion.

Then Tang Anran recovered from her thoughts.

She thought for a while and then said in a safe way, "Dad, mom. I'm okay right now. You don't need to come back for me."

"Even we don't need to go back especially for you, we still need to attend your wedding next month. And I cannot rest rea.s.sured unless I see that you're okay by my own eyes."

Now that Qi Lan had said this, it would be strange if Tang Anran insisted on stopping them come back, so she nodded her head and didn't say anything more.

Qi Lan and Xu Chengshen just thought that she had not completely recovered yet so that she didn't want to talk too much. Therefore, they didn't continue the talk and hanged up the call after a few words.

Now it seemed that Tang Anran had managed it temporarily. But she would meet them tomorrow, Tang Anran didn't have any confidence that she could make no mistakes. After all, they were the parents of Xu Anran which meant that they knew everything about her more than anyone else.

Facing the computer, Tang Anran was silent for a while, and then she turned to Xu Xiaorong suddenly, "Xiaorong, do you think that there is anyone would come to life again in someone else's body in the world?

Sitting near her for company, Xu Xiaorong went blank after she heard Tang Anran's question and then she shook her head at once, " Miss, like a candle burnt out, it's impossible for the one to come to life again if he died. It's too ridiculous."

"Yes, it's so ridiculous." Tang Anran repeated faintly and breathed out a sigh of relief.

For all the people in the world, no matter the 'reborn' or 'come to life again in someone else's body' was ridiculous, even herself wouldn't believe it at all before.

Anyway, she owned the body of Xu Anran, and they would definitely not doubt her ident.i.ty even she made mistakes.

After sorting herself out, Tang Anran's emotion calmed down a bit. Then she took a shower and went to bed.

It would take almost 13 hours from American to Yang City by airplane. Until 9 o'clock next day morning, Tang Anran woke up and took a simple tidy-up, then she got ready to the airport with Xu Xiaorong after having breakfast.

Unexpectedly, as soon as they just came out, they saw Gu Wuyang's car outside.

"Get on the car." Gu Wuyang lowered the window and said to Tang Anran.

Tang Anran looked at suddenly-appeared Gu Wuyang with her eyebrows drawn together, and asked with confusion, " What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to the airport. Hurry up!" Gu Wuyang urged impatiently.

Although Tang Anran still felt confused, she didn't have time to waste right now. So she opened the door and got on the car with Xu Xiaorong at once without any hesitation.

They closed the door and immediately, Gu Wuyang got the car started and drove out of the gate of the villa.

"Gu Wuyang, don't you suppose to be in the military area right now? Why do you come back suddenly?" Tang Anran sat on the backseat and looked at him with her head held by the hand, "Is the life of the senior official so leisurely?"

When Tang Anran asked him that question, she really didn't have any other meaning. Just because Xu Anran only could see him once a month before, she thought Gu Wuyang must have a busy life.

But now, she almost could see him every day, so she felt a bit weird and wondered that if he wasn't busy now?

After Gu Wuyang heard Tang Anran's question, his hands on the wheel clenched, and looking at her through the rearview mirror, said coldly, " Because you are too troublesome."

I Have A "System" Halo Chapter 1-4

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