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As Commanders, Edward and the others stood in the sky and were able to see the seething heavenly river sweep through the East Asia's land like a white line. Everywhere it pa.s.sed by, the land in East Asia started to disappear.

Meanwhile, the disappeared land started to appear in the direction of the Pacific Ocean.

The entire process was as if the land had been moved across s.p.a.ce.

Hidden in the darkness, the Immortality Saint was taken by surprise. As he observed in detail the heavenly river that Ulpian had released, the Immortality Saint thought, 'Is this his Virtual Image? Its size is enough to cover half the planet. Its strength is astonis.h.i.+ng, and it has the Spatial Translocation ability.'

The Immortality Saint was one of the top three experts in the Church of Universal Truth after all. He was extremely knowledgeable and had a clear grasp of the different realms of power. As such, he soon managed to see through the ability of Ulpian's Virtual Image.

The strongest ability of this heavenly river that penetrated through almost the entire atmosphere was its Spatial Translocation ability. The heavenly river itself was a super big spatial door.

Any matter that the heavenly river came into contact with could be sent to any location along it.

With how the heavenly river was sweeping through East Asia, the places it pa.s.sed by were directly transmitted to the Pacific Ocean. Ulpian was s.h.i.+fting the continents.

However, after knowing of the ability of Ulpian's Virtual Image, the Immortality Saint's countenance became even grimmer. 'Of all things, it had to be this kind of ability. This is troublesome.'

The entire Earth was shocked by this strange scene.

A young married lady watched as the seething heavenly river engulfed the world. Wherever the silver ocean pa.s.sed by, tall buildings, streets, and elevated roads would disappear one after another like they were being engulfed into an endless black hole.

Until the very end, the splashes of silver water arrived before her, and she watched on as her body was engulfed.

First, it was her lower thighs, followed by her upper thighs, her waist, and then her chest.

Her body disappeared, one part after another. The young married lady screamed out as she gazed upon the lower half of her body that had gone missing.

At the next moment, the silver ocean engulfed her body completely. She could only feel everything turning dark and then bright again before her. Her body once again appeared, and this time around, the city that had disappeared was also right in front of her eyes.

The perfectly intact land, tall buildings, vehicles, and crowds... It was as if the great sea disaster from earlier was just an illusion.

However, when the young married lady turned her head, what she saw was an endless stretch of ocean.

She even saw cars, which had been travelling on the roads, suddenly appear out of nowhere. At the beginning, there were only wheels rotating, then there was half of a car moving. Eventually, the entire car appeared. The drivers who were driving the cars still seemed to be in a state of shock.

Similar scenes gradually occurred across the entire planet. The six Commanders looked at the planet under their feet. All the continents and islands were being arranged with the Pacific Ocean as the center. Ulpian was slowly moving all the continents in the planet together. He wanted everyone to be living on a single continent.

However, as a person who had managed several countries before, Hui He was well aware how complicated things would become after the population size grew.

Such a ma.s.sive movement might seemed to be very easy, but people might have been frightened or fallen down. The crowds might have entered a state of panic. There might be people who were performing a medical surgery or even flying an airplane, and there might be drivers who got into accidents because of the panic. All these things could have happened.

It was impossible for Ulpian not to know about this.

Just as Hui He was thinking of this, Reverend Fahui could not help but say toward the void s.p.a.ce, "Ulpian, your violent method of moving things could cause a large number of civilians to enter a state of panic, resulting in injuries and deaths. Why don't you slow down a little?"

Ulpian's voice rang out in everyone's heart. His will was clearly still monitoring this place.

"They are all necessary sacrifices.

"Mortals are too foolish. If they are left to develop by themselves, they will only walk toward destruction.

"At times like this, we can only use violence to force them toward the right path. Once we stop, they'll proceed with all sorts of foolish battles and resistance."

On Earth, even though Ulpian had remarkable abilities that could turn the world over, he was still unable to control the human heart.

In the process of moving the continents, a tremendous amount of accidents continued to occur. Shocked animals and crowds of panic-stricken humans caused all sorts of chaos, explosions, and fires. There were even people who started attacking others to vent their frustrations. All sorts of robberies, gunfights, and fightings continued incessantly.

Ulpian's eyes watched on calmly. It was like he was a G.o.d set up on high above everyone else, looking down upon the mortals' struggles.

"Over ten years have pa.s.sed. Technology improved, and society flourished. However, the foolishness of humans still hasn't changed at all."

Ulpian let out a sigh. The heavenly rivers he unleashed had penetrated to the south and north, gus.h.i.+ng out toward the South Pole and North Pole. Due to his actions of s.h.i.+fting the continents, the astral magnetic field underwent an intense change. He had to stop this change to avoid the intense transformation to the humans' living environment.

In the three days that followed, Ulpian moved the planet's continents together. They eventually turned into a circular continent. Not only did the new continent fill up the original Pacific Ocean, but it also continued to expand toward the east and west, forming an extremely vast piece of land.

However, the position of all the cities, countries, mountain ranges, and rivers had undergone a tremendous change. It was a great upheaval. All the governments seemed to have been suddenly rendered useless. A large number of electronic facilities had also become unusable due to the sudden change in topography.

While moving the continents, the endless heavenly rivers gushed into the ground. They ceaselessly engulfed and released all sorts of underground rock stratum while maintaining Earth's center of gravity, gravitational forces, and magnetic fields.

During these three days, the six Commander continued standing in void s.p.a.ce, watching the changes that were happening on Earth.

Right now, they were no longer able to summon any will to resist. It was because the powers that Ulpian displayed far surpa.s.sed what they had imagined.

At that moment, Ulpian's voice rang out in their minds once again:

"Come. The new Earth still need you guys and the armies' warriors to manage it.

"a.s.sist me and turn Earth into an unprecedentedly heavenly kingdom."


One month later, in the Sun's core...

Fang Xingjian suddenly opened his eyes, and two beams of light shot out.

A stream of sword intent soared into the sky. It tore apart the sea of flames in the blink of an eye, shooting out toward outer s.p.a.ce.

Streams of fire snakes, that were several ten thousand meters long, burst out from the sun's corona. Flames that could incinerate the entire Himalayas on Earth rose into the sky.

Streams of invisible powers were pressing these flames toward outer s.p.a.ce. They were like panic-stricken animals escaping from some terrifying existence.

Behind the flames that were darting about, a vacuum pa.s.sageway extended out from the Sun's core. Wherever it pa.s.sed by, all the heat energy and flames would split into two, slicing out a vacuum pa.s.sageway.

Fang Xingjian walked out slowly through the pa.s.sageway, emitting waves of foggy and incorporeal auras.

"I've finally succeeded."

I Have A "System" Halo Chapter 5-10

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