Low Dimensional Game Chapter 15: Maria's World

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Lu Zhiyu looked at the s.p.a.ce within the Scroll of the World. He had never thought that the planes could be blown up like a balloon. It was so huge that Lu Zhiyu could not even see the boundary of the plane. It seemed boundless, Lu Zhiyu felt as though it was a real world.

Lu Zhiyu could feel a large amount of energy and matter welling within the plane. He could simply applied the rules and he would have been able to sculpt this world to how he wanted it to look like and create the world that he wanted.

Lu Zhiyu started to work on the most crucial step. It was similar to how he set up the previous world. He revamped the rules and immediately, the sky, land, sea, sun, moon, stars, gravity, air, clouds and wind appeared on the plane.

Lu Zhiyu sowed the seeds that he had prepared in advance, and under the acceleration of time, they started to grow and proliferate. Very soon, the greenery had filled the earth.

Lu Zhiyu could sense that this world would no longer reject the introduction of larger creatures. This was because the plane was sufficiently stable and large. He no longer limited to only putting insects into this world, since he could now freely insert other living things, including himself.

However, Lu Zhiyu had no intention to enter the painting s.p.a.ce at the moment, as he still had no idea if this world was suitable for living for both man and animals. Although he was the one that had created this world, he had done so using the powers of the Scroll of the World, the silver hourgla.s.s that was in his brain and the foolproof methods of operation, and not by his own powers.

The power did not belong to him, and hence, he should not consider himself to be omnipotent like G.o.d. If he did that, Lu Zhiyu would be too pretentious.

It was similar to how Lu Zhiyu could, in theory, tap into the power of the Scroll of the World to destroy the world and bring it to an end. However, that did not mean that he had the actual ability to do so. A three year old holding the b.u.t.ton to launch nuclear weapons could also destroy the world, but does that mean that he is in control of nuclear power? Could the three-year-old freely control its power?

Currently, Lu Zhiyu was like the three-year-old child with the b.u.t.ton to launching the nuclear weapons, but he had no insane intentions of pressing the b.u.t.ton, nor did he have the guts to conquer the world and become its leader. All he wanted to do was to fulfil his dreams and goals using this weapon. As such, he had been exploring on how he could completely transform the power of the scroll into his own power.

It was as though Lu Zhiyu was using a gigantic hand to draw on the painting s.p.a.ce. But he realized that the acceleration of time he implemented began to slow down after it peaked at 10,000 times that of normal. It seemed as though the required amounts of energy in order to maintain the acceleration of time would increase the more complete and complex the world was.

When the plants started to grow, Lu Zhiyu realized that time had gradually slowed down from 10,000 times that of normal to about 9,000 times. This downward trend seemed to continue.

The dimensions of the s.p.a.ce seem to have been enhanced from the time I created the painting s.p.a.ce. This Krynns.p.a.ce can be known as the dimensional s.p.a.ce. Although it has not been upgraded to the level of the Three-dimensional universe, the structure and rules of this world are more complete than the previous one!

When the structure and rules become more complete, the criteria for time acceleration becomes stricter. Hence, I will not be able to change it as I like!

Lu Zhiyu was suddenly enlightened. After the rules had been set, the measure of the Source Form Lu Zhiyu possessed dropped down to 108 units. Lu Zhiyu did not force the world to return to his desired flow of time, that would require a large amount of Source Form in order to change the rules. This was because he no longer had enough Source Form to use. He also had to reserves some for special circ.u.mstances.

Lu Zhiyu looked at the huge Krynns.p.a.ce in the Scroll of the World. It was empty except for two bubbles, one big and one small.

The small one was the previous painting s.p.a.ce, which had become a barren world. The big one was the newly created world.

Let's call you Maria's World. We shall let the G.o.ddess of light, Maria, create the world!

Lu Zhiyu gave the new plane a name and started the initial setup. He wrote down the words, Maria's World, in his notebook.

After that, he proceeded to the next step of his plan, which was to let Maria's World have a complete ecosystem. He would like to form a world that could contain different living things, not one that could only support the weird life forms of insects like the previous world.

"Yesterday, before dawn, there was an eclipse. The experts have said that this could be a one-time…"

"The eclipse had caused the country to slip into chaos. An unidentified magnetic field had appeared and caused the world's communications network to go down in a mere 10 minutes…"

"It is very rare to see a global eclipse…"

Lu Zhiyu held Li Wei's hand and watched the news in the hall of a pet shop. The news was broadcasting on what had taken place the day before.

Lu Zhiyu had not expected his actions to have such a large impact. It had affected the whole world. However, Lu Zhiyu felt that it was to be expected when he thought about the vast s.p.a.ce in Maria's World.

Li Wei was playing with her mobile phone, which she then pa.s.sed to Lu Zhiyu, "Look, there are a lot of rumors on the internet. Yesterday, there was a commotion in the hospital when the sky suddenly turned dark. But it does not seem to have been an eclipse."

Lu Zhiyu gave an awkward smile. He had read the news. Many people were certain that it was not an eclipse.

At that point of time, the orbits of the earth, moon, and sun did not meet the conditions of an eclipse. Moreover, more than one area had been affected. In fact, the entire world had been affected, with every corner of it having lost its light.

With all of the different views going around, many people were making guesses and many discussions were being held. Other than the television's and mainstream media's speculation on the eclipse and other rumors, many scientists and students, who were studying astronomy, stood up to express their views.

There were even many people who speculated that it was a warning of an alien invasion on Earth. Some said that G.o.d was going to destroy the world, and that this was a rehearsal. There were far-fetched information circulating amongst the population, but most of these information were not of too large a concern to an average person. Most of the people took it as a joke.

As Lu Zhiyu was hugging Li Wei and looking at the phone, the door of a room in the pet shop was pushed open. A middle-aged owner took out a contract and said, "It is ready. Please take a look. I have all the equipment and facilities. The pet grooming equipment and renovations are still in good condition. But you might need a pet groomer. If you need recommendations from me, I will be happy to help. I can even introduce you to suppliers!"

Lu Zhiyu was elated, and said, "Really? That will be great!"

This pet shop was not far away from Lu Zhiyu's home. There were small communities and parks nearby, making the area and location quite desirable. Furthermore, Lu Zhiyu liked the style of the decor and the checkered imitation wood flooring. It had a rather ecological style, a little cartoonish, yet refres.h.i.+ng as though they were in a natural setting. The s.p.a.ce was also rather large, about eighty square meters in size.

After Lu Zhiyu looked around and made up his mind, he managed to get the price reduced greatly, as he knew the thoughts of the owner.

"I will keep the name of the shop, Cats and Dogs Pet Shop! For the renovation, just a bit of a touch-up will do!" Lu Zhiyu said after giving it some thought.

The owner needed a week to hand it over, so Lu Zhiyu could only take over the shop after a week. He decided to take a break during this period.

Low Dimensional Game Chapter 15: Maria's World

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