Low Dimensional Game Chapter 17: Dinosaur Egg

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Without realizing it, Lu Zhiyu had stayed in Shennongjia for a week. He had spent the week drinking fresh spring water and enjoying the roasted meat of the animals that he had hunted inside his tent.

He had enjoyed the relaxing life. He was even able to communicate with some of the animals in Shennongjia using his mind power. However, they had little intelligence and their thought processes were very scattered. Sometimes, they would not answer questions posed to them, but Lu Zhiyu still found it all very interesting.

Lu Zhiyu knew that it was time for him to leave. He had collected enough species of animals and plants, a good number of which have now been proliferating widely within Maria's World.

This was especially so for the plants. The fact that Shennongjia had so many plants had helped Lu Zhiyu complete the plant ecosystem in Maria's World. The ecosystem had gradually taken shape, but comparatively, the rules and completion of the world had slowed down its flow of time, reducing it to approximately 7,000 folds.

Lu Zhiyu prepared to leave now that he had reached his target. After all, he had many tasks awaiting him back home.

He packed his belongings and looked at his map. Lu Zhiyu walked toward the direction of Laojun Mountain. Walking in that direction would allow him to find his way and return home successfully. This route was said to be among the favorite hiking trails taken by tourists. The road was more developed and safer, offering a.s.surance that he would have a smooth journey home. 

On his way, Lu Zhiyu saw a group of tourists taking pictures of some monkeys. They looked cute and had captured everyone's attention.

Lu Zhiyu also took out his camera and started to take pictures of the monkeys. If not for the people around, he might even have captured a few of them. But one of the tourists seemed to have agitated the monkeys while he was feeding them, prompting the monkeys to start attacking the people.

These monkeys had sharp claws and teeth, able to pull off a piece of flesh with every scratch. They scratched the male tourist at a number of places. The male tourist cried out pitifully. Another man from the group tried to save him, but his actions only agitated the monkeys further, causing them to start throwing stones at the people.

At this moment, Lu Zhiyu stepped out and blew on his whistle, causing the monkeys to run away, as if they had encountered their mortal enemy. All of the people in the group s.h.i.+fted their attentions to Lu Zhiyu.

A few girls, who had been frightened by the violent encounter just now, turned to look at Lu Zhiyu.

Lu Zhiyu looked nonchalant. He kept the whistle as he saw that the monkeys had run away. That was just a gimmick tool that he had used when he was hunting for the animals. He would blow on the whistle whenever he came across animals that he did not wish to capture, or those that he had captured before. He did this to catch their attention, and at the same time, used his mind power to release an aura of a predator in order to scare the animals away.

To an average person, what he had done looked amazing. Lu Zhiyu looked at the few tourists who had been injured by the monkeys and asked, "How are you? Is everything fine? I have a first aid kit. Do you need it?"

At this moment, the tour guide stepped forward and said to Lu Zhiyu, "Thank you. We have a first aid kit with us. I am the tour guide, Xue Kai!"

Lu Zhiyu shook his hand and said, "I am Lu Zhiyu. I also came on a trip. I was just pa.s.sing by and am glad to be of help!"

Xue Kai sent a few people to tend to the injured tourists. Most of them were not seriously wounded, but the wounds looked gory and frightening. The tourists continued to look at Lu Zhiyu with curiosity. He looked gorgeous, and a few female tourists could not take their eyes off of him.

After Xue Kai had settled the tourists, he went to Lu Zhiyu and offered him a packet of cigarettes. "Would you like to have a puff?"

Lu Zhiyu had had weak lungs since his youth, and thus had never smoked. He immediately rejected the offer and Xue Kai kept his cigarette, also refraining from smoking for the time being.

He was chatting with Lu Zhiyu when suddenly, Lu Zhiyu saw a strange stone on the ground, as big as the size of his fist. He bent over and picked it up.

This stone seemed to have been thrown by the monkeys just now. There was still mud on it, probably due to it having just been dug out. Lu Zhiyu gave the stone a closer observation and found that it looked round and pretty. There were even some large cracks on the stone.

Xue Kai took a look and said, "Hey, this looks like a fossilized dinosaur egg!"

Lu Zhiyu looked at Xue Kai with excitement and asked, "What? A dinosaur egg? Really?"

Xue Kai nodded and said, "It should be. I have seen things like this before. An ordinary dinosaur egg only costs a few thousand yuan and while it is not very expensive, it is a good collector's item. What you have here should be a dinosaur egg, but I do not know what dinosaur it is from. It does not look too big, so it should not be from a huge dinosaur!"

Lu Zhiyu nodded his head. Regardless of the type of dinosaur it was, it was still a dinosaur, and this was its egg!

"Is there really a dinosaur egg here?" Immediately, a few tourists came over and stood beside Lu Zhiyu to take a look. Lu Zhuyi shared the dinosaur egg with them, letting them inspect it. He had found it, and according to Xue Kai, it was not expensive. More importantly, this was something unique and worth collecting.

Everyone was amazed by the fossilized dinosaur egg, as if they could see from it how the overlords of the world millions of years ago looked like within the egg. After they returned it to Lu Zhiyu, he carefully stored it away.

As some of the tourists were injured, the group decided not to continue with the hike. They took a shortcut, boarded the bus and went to a nearby clinic to get treated. After all, they had been clawed by the monkeys and would not want to contract any viruses or infections.

Lu Zhiyu left Shennongjia with the group and got along well with them. These people loved to travel and were mostly outgoing and cheerful. Everyone took pictures with Lu Zhiyu, which brightened up his trip even more.

Although the few girls in the group were not very pretty, they were very candid and not pretentious. They took many pictures with Lu Zhiyu. A fat girl even kissed him out of nowhere, causing his shocked look at that moment to be captured by the camera. The entire journey back home was filled with much laughter.

Before they departed, Xue Kai gave Lu Zhiyu his mobile number, along with an invitation. "We are from Hubei Province, and we usually conduct tours and organize some projects. You can join us if you are interested. Our events are very interesting!"

Lu Zhiyu nodded and said, "I like that idea. I will definitely join you if I have the time!"

Low Dimensional Game Chapter 17: Dinosaur Egg

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