Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me Chapter 1423

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Chapter 1423 - Formerly Love

The reason why Bai Mo was so angry at Yuan Duoduo, was not only because she was trying to fight over Doudou's and Yaya's custody rights with him.

And Yuan Duoduo was so audacious that he actually brought the matter of the husband and wife to Feng Xinglang, making him feel like he was being judged!

He, Bai Mo, was also a person who wanted face!

Yuan Duoduo ignored Bai Mo's hungry gaze, and quietly followed behind Xueluo, sitting beside him.

It was as if they were in a confrontation against Bai Mo.

"Yuan Duoduo, you're pretty capable now?! It caused me to be judged by everyone, causing me to be unable to live a peaceful life.

The moment Bai Mo opened his mouth, the smell of gunpowder filled the air.

"If you can't live peacefully, can Duo Duo live peacefully?"

Seeing that Yuan Duoduo had been silent the entire time, Feng Xinglang answered for her, "At least you still have Doudou and Yaya to accompany you by your side! What about her? Have you ever thought about the torment of a mother who can't see her child? "

"She deserved it!" Bai Mo snorted coldly.

"Bai Mo, you're saying this … We really cannot continue today's negotiations! "

Feng Xinglang was truly convinced of Bai Mo, this master with low emotions.

It was as if she had just realized something: Bai Mo had indeed not truly been in a relations.h.i.+p; she had been following behind Yan Bang like a small child all day long!

Originally, he thought that the Night Villa would be miserable after being handed over to him, but at least he managed the business well.

The intelligence of a businessman should not be a problem. However, his action, which he did as he pleased, was truly annoying!

"Yuan Duoduo, what right do you have to compete with me for Doudou's and Yaya's custody rights? Do you have the capital? "

Bai Mo glared at the silent Yuan Duoduo in anger, "Didn't you want to go out to work to realize your life's dream and value? Then why don't you hurry and realize it?! Without Doudou, you can fly your dreams away! "

Yuan Duoduo still did not speak, and only silently endured Bai Mo's abuse.

"Bai Mo, Duo Duo doesn't realize her dream and fighting for Doudou and Yaya's custody does not conflict!"

Xueluo then helped his husband, Feng Xinglang, to answer Bai Mo's angry ridicule for Duo Duo.

"Yuan Duoduo, if you really love Doudou and him, and let them have a better living environment, where they can happily and healthily flourish, then don't fight with me for the rights to custody of Doudou and Doudou!" Bai Mo said.

Yuan Duoduo sat silently the entire time. He lowered his head, unable to see the expression on his face. But the feeling should be sadness!

Bai Mo's reprimand, Bai Mo's reprimand, Bai Mo's ridicule … Yuan Duoduo couldn't even hear it!

At this moment, what Yuan Duoduo wanted was to free himself!

It was freed from Bai Mo's sarcastic and noisy words!

Bai Mo felt that at this moment, he was like a ferocious demon, slowly devouring the feelings left behind by Yuan Duoduo.

And the love he had for this man;

And his unrealistic and unrealistic hopes for the future!

So it turned out that after Cinderella married the Prince, she might not be able to lead a happy and happy life.

A marriage without destiny had indeed come to an end!

Yuan Duoduo was powerless to change all these!

He only wanted to get out of this miserable predicament!

Even if Bai Mo wishes it, she should let go of herself!

"Duoduo, are you going to speak for yourself, or leave it all to me, your family member, to speak for you?"

Feng Xinglang reminded Yuan Duoduo, who had been silent the whole time.

Even if he wanted to support Yuan Duoduo, he would have to seek her opinion. Otherwise, the meaning of the imposition would be obvious.

If he was called Master Nameless, then Bai Mo would have a good chance of making a ruckus with him!

Seeing that Yuan Duoduo still did not speak, Xueluo lightly pushed her, "Duo Duo, say something? "Why don't I say it for you."

"Bai Mo, you can't bully Duo Duo like that. She has been abandoned in an orphanage since she was young. It is already very pitiful for her to have no mother or father! "

Before he even finished speaking, Xueluo's eyes had turned red.

"Doudou and Yaya were born with every ounce of effort, they are the most beloved and dearest daughters … To Duo Duo, they are everything! "

Xueluo choked with sobs, he covered his face and kept silent for a few seconds, "Anyway, you can't even steal Duo Duo's final mental support! That would be unfair to Duoduo! "

Seeing that the woman was crying, Feng Xinglang's heart ached. Without caring about the fact that it was in front of everyone, he pulled the woman closer and hugged her tightly in his arms. What the h.e.l.l was this? It even made his woman cry!

"I guess so. The two of you treat Doudou and Yaya as you wish, then what the f * ck are you going to divorce me from?"

Feng Xinglang reprimanded them coldly, "Both of you are acting in the name of 'one cannot live without Doudou and Yaya', but you are both doing things that would harm Doudou and Yaya!"

Only those who had experienced this would be able to experience it deeply!

Now, as long as his own Kid Nuo wasn't happy, he, as his father, would take great care of him.

Bai Mo took a breath of air, and then, slowly, he exhaled.

"Yuan Duoduo, just leave Doudou and Yaya to me! I will swear on my life that I will love them! Until I, Bai Mo dies! "

It was obvious how sincere Bai Mo was. At the very least, it could prove that the current Bai Mo would view his two daughters as precious treasures!

"Bai Mo, you asked for the custody of two children all at once … Isn't that a little too selfish? "

Feng Xinglang took over Bai Mo's words, "How about this, Doudou and Yaya, you and Duo Duo each, how about that?"

Since no one could leave, then they could only split it evenly between each of them!

Fortunately, twins were born! That was a good division!

"How can that be? Doudou and Yaya had lived together since childhood, if they were to be forcibly separated … They won't be used to it! "

Bai Mo immediately rejected Feng Xinglang's suggestion.

"That won't do, that won't do! You, Bai Mo, cannot possibly have all the benefits, right?! "

Feng Xinglang was also angry. If Bai Mo could not even accept one person, then it would be disastrous!

"Feng Xinglang... "Thank you."

Yuan Duoduo who had been silent until now, finally opened his mouth, "I want to borrow your resting room to talk to Bai Mo alone, is that possible?"

"Sure!" Feng Xinglang immediately replied, "But if Bai Mo that brat dares to be rude to you, after you squeak, I will rush in with your Brother Bang!"

Let them talk to each other alone, that's fine!

What Bai Mo wished for was the best. He immediately stood up and followed Yuan Duoduo towards the resting area.

"Yuan Duoduo..."

Closing the door, Bai Mo was just about to angrily interrogate him, but Yuan Duoduo took out a stack of doc.u.ments and gave it to him.

"This is the divorce agreement, you can look at it and sign it!"

Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me Chapter 1423

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