Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me Chapter 928

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Chapter 928. So spoilt …

A thief?

It should not be Yan Bang's person!

Thinking about it, even the dumb Yan Bang couldn't use a thief's underlings.

Who could it be?

"Son, then you should know whether that V-mask is a man or a woman, right?"

Feng Xinglang started from a simple question, and slowly started to think about his son Linnuo.

"It must be a man!" The little guy said.

"So sure?"

"Of course! Like me, the grimace stood and shushed. I can see it! "

"Oh? How could the son fail to judge from the height, posture, speech, behavior, and so on whether the ghost was someone his son knew? For example, Yan Bang! "

Feng Xinglang continued to ask his son who was in his arms wriggling like a caterpillar.

The little guy smacked his lips and thought for a moment, "It must not be Big Bangbang! Because Big Bangbang was much stronger than that ghost face! He is an accomplice of the Big Bangbang! "

"Accomplice to the Big Bangbang? "Are you sure?"

Feng Xinglang asked again.

"That Demon Face said it himself!"

"Is that so?" Feng Xinglang was startled, and then he asked, "What did the Demon Face say? Learn from your father. "

"Demon Face said," I am only working for president Yan's side! I am very innocent, okay? "

The little guy got up from his father's arms and sat down, learning very well.

This tone …

Since it was only for Yan Bang, why did he need to wear a V-mask?

It was probably because he was afraid that his son Linnuo would be recognized!

So: should his son know him?

With Feng Xinglang's wisdom, it was actually not difficult for him to figure out the cause and effect of this series of events. However, he was not sure of his hypothesis yet.

The ringing of the phone interrupted Feng Xinglang's reasoning; he turned to look, the caller was Yan Bang.

"Dad, your phone call."

The little fellow eagerly took the cell phone from his father, who was busy moving around, for him.

Feng Xinglang snapped the phone off and did not pick up.

"Dad, whose call is it? My foster father's? Or is it from the Big Bangbang? "

The little guy did not recognize the "State" character that was displayed on his phone.


Feng Xinglang responded with ease.

"Whose is it? Why don't you answer it? "

The bored little guy asked a few more questions.

"I don't want to answer anyone's phone!"

Feng Xinglang took his struggling son back into his embrace, "I just want to hug my own son and enjoy the world between father and son!"

"Mommy said that it was because you went to the Village Head's house to look for Mommy and me that you tumbled down the canyon and got injured … Feng Xinglang, why were you so careless? I just saw my mother secretly cry! She must be feeling sorry for you again! "

the little guy asked as he crawled on his father's chest. He liked the way his father's breathing moved up and down.

"I was burning with impatience to find you and your son as soon as possible!"

Feng Xinglang scratched his son's nose, "You really don't know how much your father cares about you two!"

"Then what happened to Feng Tuantuan? Is she the biological daughter of the great witch, Lan Youyou? "

"Didn't your uncle already explain it clearly at the dinner table? Bundle is your uncle's daughter! It has nothing to do with your father! "

The little guy pursed his little mouth, "But you're still very suspicious of how much you love crying and sniffing!"

"The reason why my father doted on her is because she is my brother's daughter! Just like your uncle doted on you, why didn't you suspect that you were his biological son? "

Feng Xinglang used a reverse way of thinking to communicate with his 6 year old son.

"Uncle, how could you possibly have such a handsome and quick-witted child like me? He will only give birth to a Feng Tuantuan who loves to cry! "

No matter how you looked at Ao Jiao's expression, it was all up to her father.

"Then the truth will be revealed! "Eldest Uncle gave birth to a crying little sister, while the handsome dad gave birth to a handsome you!"

The little fellow was still able to accept his explanation. Once again, he believed in his own father.

The key thing was that had the impression that she was crying once every day, that the three of them were crying, that this made Linnuo's little friend feel that she was not his biological father, Feng Xinglang's child!

Too weak, too childish. They were not on the same level as him!

An hour later, the little guy was sound asleep in his father's arms. And Feng Xinglang's infusion was also complete.

It should be the aftereffects of the residual medicinal effects in his body, as the little guy was sleeping soundly.

Xueluo took his son from her husband's embrace and placed him on a child's bed that was temporarily brought over.

The man with the free arm made a hook at the woman who was busy at one side, indicating that she should fall asleep in his arms.

"I slept pretty well. I'll hurt your leg. My son and I will sleep on one side with you. "

"There's nothing in my arms... I can't sleep! "

The man's voice was low and filled with a magnetic charm.

Xueluo took a pillow and stuffed it into the man's arms, "Carry this!"

However, he was still caught by the man's arm, "I like it when it's warm!"

"I haven't washed yet!" Xueluo scoffed.

Your love for me was interrupted by the ringing of my cell phone.

Feng Xinglang was annoyed. In order to not disturb his son, he quickly picked up his phone and answered the call.

"What deep hatred do you have for me? You're not even willing to answer the phone? "

The one who called was Yan Bang.

Xueluo stood up and walked towards the washroom. Leaving the s.p.a.ce for her husband, Feng Xinglang, to avoid her when it was inconvenient.

"Can't I have some private matters? must she sit at home twenty-four hours a day and wait for your call to president Yan? "

Feng Xinglang lowered his voice and mumbled.

"You have such a big temper? You ate gunpowder? "

Yan Bang's voice was Ruffian, it carried a rising note.

"If you have something to say, quickly say it!" I am a patient and I need to rest! "

"Look at you, you ingrate! Don't forget that you owe me a favor and let me punish it! "

The reason why Xing s.h.i.+'er and the others were able to leave the Yulong City smoothly was because Feng Xinglang had verbally promised his unequal treaty.

"If there's nothing else, I'm hanging up!"

"Don't! Something's up! "

"I'll give you one minute!" Long story short! "

"... I heard that Kid Nuo has found it! "


"Where did you find it?"

"Your Yulong City!"

"... Do you believe me then? "

"Believe what?"

"I believe it was me who kidnapped the Kid Nuo and used him to deal with the Hetun?"

"That's what it looks like! But I will investigate it thoroughly! "

"What else do you want me to investigate?!" It's obvious that the Hetun is trying to use the Kid Nuo to frame me! Use a good reason to get rid of me as quickly as possible! "

Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me Chapter 928

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