I Don't Want You To Be Responsible! Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Express delivery

When Su Ziyang woke up from his sleep, he found that he was the only person at home.

He suspiciously went to the second bedroom to take a look. Having not seen Ling Zhanyi's figure, Su Ziyang decided to go to the living room and called out, “Ling Zhanyi? Ling Zhanyi?"

This was weird, where did Ling Zhanyi go?

He also had checked out the bathroom, but he didn't see anyone in there.

As he searched for Ling Zhanyi, his stomach suddenly grumbled. Su Ziyang quickly stopped in his tracks and went back to his room to dig out the snacks Luoyang had bought for him last time. He opened one to fill his grumbling stomach.

“Ding Dong, Ding Dong一 -” The sudden ring of the doorbell caught Su Ziyang by surprise. Who would come knocking at his door at this point of the day?

As he checked the second bedroom for the last time, Ling Zhanyi's shoes was quickly seen by a glance. He should have left in his slippers.

Had he perhaps gone downstairs to buy something and had forgotten to bring the keys with him. Therefore, by the time he came back, he realized that he didn't have the key in his possession, so he had to ring the doorbell instead?

“Who is it?” Before opening the door, Su Ziyang asked cautiously.

“Express delivery.” A stranger's voice rang from outside.

Su Ziyang frowned: “I haven't bought anything recently. Did you sent it to the wrong house?”

“It was Mr. Ling who had ordered me to send it here. He said it's home-cooked dishes, he was afraid that the dishes would turn cold, so he used an express order. Are you Mr. Su?”

Er… an express delivery of home-cooked dishes, this sort of thing… Only Ling Zhanyi would probably do this sort of thing…

Su Ziyang opened the door a little bit and quickly took the food box. He was about to close the door when he found out that he had not been asked to sign for the delivery yet. He was surprised and quickly asked, “Don't I need to sign anything?”

“No need. Please enjoy your meal.” The man turned around after speaking and swiftly left.

Su Ziyang closed the door soon after and returned to the master bedroom along with his lunch box. At this moment, his phone rang as he walked.

—— It was an unknown number.

Su Ziyang refused to answer the call decisively. As a result, his cellphone continued to ring relentlessly for a couple of minutes.He had no choice but to helplessly answer the call and asked, “h.e.l.lo? Who is it?”

“Honey!” Su Ziyang was shocked when an overly affectionate voice was transmitted from the phone abruptly. For a moment, he could not tell who was calling. He called out “crazy” and hung up straight away. He quickly moved on and threw his mobile phone on the table. His hand deftly moving to open the food box with his head bent in concentration.

He could already smell the delicious scent of food, the little baby insect inside his stomach was prompting him to hurry and eat along with his grumbling stomach.

The mobile phone rang again.

Su Ziyang decided to ignore it this time and went to the kitchen to find a pair of chopsticks. He picked up the steamed bun from the food box, took a bite, and then quickly fed himself again using the chopsticks to stuffed his mouth with a piece of duck meat.

This time, the home-cooked dish included some fish, meat, and vegetables. This combination completely aroused his appet.i.te.

Ling Zhanyi was walking around the office restlessly. The person at the other end of the phone just wouldn't answer his calls. Su Ziyang might be really mad at him this time!

Just now, his mobile phone received a text message sent by the express delivery, so he wanted to call Su Ziyang to show off a bit to the little thing and also ask for a bit of reward. The result was quite good; the person didn't even answer any of his calls at all!

“Could he be busy on…eating? To heartlessly not answer any of my calls…” Ling Zhanyi helplessly put down his mobile phone and sighed, “He's really a foodie.”

But when he thought of the one eating was not only Su Ziyang, but also his son, Ling Zhanyi, the big president suddenly felt revived. He continued to sit back at his desk and resumed his work.

—— In addition to the stack that Zhang Qing brought to him, in the process of his signature, there was still a steady stream of doc.u.ments sent in, which completely cut off his idea of going home!

Ling Zhanyi, who was afraid to starve the apple of his eyes immediately decided to call a courier to deliver meals to Su Ziyang.

And he could only starve as he went through the doc.u.ments and signed them one by one. His hands were already turning soft. He wanted to go home ah.——

I Don't Want You To Be Responsible! Chapter 46

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