Super Devouring System Chapter 7 - Liu'er Has An Accident

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Chapter 7: Liu'er Has An Accident

There is one good thing regarding the Devouring System's method. So long as he's able to devour, he'd level up without the fear of going berserk.

Speaking of which, there was the new term that popped up his head recently. It was the Devour Points.

"Devouring Points… What is the Devouring Points?" Ye Xuan questioned surprisingly.

The Spirit Gather Pill he consumed not too long ago was worth one million silver, an extremely precious commodity. However, he only obtained far too little points. What was the use of these points to begin with?

"Devouring Points can be exchanged for Martial Arts Skills, Bloodlines, Divine Weapons, Treasures, etc.…"

Without waiting for Ye Xuan, a list appeared in his mind. His eyes squinted and leaned over for a closer look. A Level 5 Martial Art Skills only required a bit of Devouring Points.

"Tiger Roar Fist… Falling Goose Leg… Thunderbolt Sword Technique…"

Ye Xuan could not help but mutter the words he said. What he's just seen we're all Level 5 Martial Arts Skill, each worth millions of silver.

"System, how do I get Devouring Points?"

"The host can absorb precious materials and gain points in return."

Hearing this, Ye Xuan's eyes lit up. He'd just devoured the Spirit Gathering Pill worth over a million silver and garnered a few Devouring Points.

If he were to exchange this point for a success rate of devouring materials and skills, then teach the skill to others for mula, would he not be wealthy? If he's to use that earned money in exchange for precious materials to level up, would he not be invincible?

However, in the next moment, he suddenly remembered something.

Though a Level 5 cultivation technique was precious, not many were able to get their hands on it for one reason alone: they lacked sufficient income. In Cloud Merge City, other than the Four Large Clans, who could afford to spend several hundred thousands of silver taels in one go?

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Ye Xuan shook his head in disappointment but was soon replaced a filling sense of excitement. His eyes lit up. Right… His Devouring Points could be exchanged for a cultivation technique.

Amongst the items available, there was a category called "Bloodlines" that attracted his attention.

"The bloodline of a Beast King… A superior bloodline… Can make all beasts submit to the owner… Increases the toughness of the body…"

"Bloon Clone Bloodline… A top-tier bloodline… Can absorb the blood of others to grow… Can transform into a bat… "

"Wolf Bloodline… Top tier bloodline… Increases toughness of the body… Ability to transform into a werewolf… Bathing under the moonlight increases the ability to…"

"Sea Dragon Bloodline… Top tier bloodline… Increases overall toughness of the body… Can transform into a sea dragon…"

"Golden t.i.tan Bloodline… Top tier bloodline… Strengthened physical abilities and body… Ability to transform into a t.i.tan…"

Looking at the bloodlines available for purchase, Ye Xuan staggered back, mouth parted slightly, unable to say anything. What he bore witness to was shocking, to say the least. There were even Divine Bloodlines: Azure Dragon Bloodline, White Tiger Bloodline, Vermillion Phoenix Bloodline, Black Tortoise Bloodline, Qilin Bird Bloodline…

In addition, he also saw the bloodline of the Asura War G.o.d, the bloodline of the Demon King… And… And many other bloodlines shocking to the world. Ye Xuan coveted them, but the moment his eyes saw the price of the bloodlines, his eyes rolled back, blood spurting from his nose. He could only see many zeros.

He dared not look any more at the Divine Bloodlines and quickly switched over to the bloodlines he was able to afford.

"Chasing Wind Leopard Bloodline… Low tier bloodline… Increases running speed…"

"Hundred Beast Bloodline… Low tier bloodline… Strengthens the body… Strength of a hundred beasts…"

"Hundred Blossom Bloodline… Low tier bloodline… Increases regenerative abilities… Immune to poisons…"

There were far too many low-leveled bloodlines, yet, he, Ye Xuan, could not even afford to purchase one single low tiered bloodline. He only had too few Devouring Points.

"It looks like I'll need to continue devouring to gain more points…"

The Hundred Blossom Bloodline was what piqued his interest. He'd be immune to poisons. He'd no longer be afraid of the slight chance of foes attempting to poison him.

Just as Ye Xuan pondered the ways to level up, a figure suddenly pushed open the courtyard door and walked inside in rather hurried mess.

Logically speaking, Liu'er should not have returned so quickly, but she did.
She looked wronged too.

"Young Master…" After entering the courtyard, Liu'er tightened her clothing and softly called out Ye Xuan.

Though Ye Xuan had not known this girl for long, he could make out some clues.

She seemed to have sets of tears coursing down her cheeks as she hurried back home. Her body was ragged and dirty too, with slight wounds on her body. It was apparent she'd been beaten up.

Ye Xuan immediately strode forward and grabbed Liu'er's shoulder. "Liu'er, what's going on? Who bullied you?"

"No… No… no one bullied me, Young Master…" Liu'er shook her head vehemently. "It was Liu'er who accidentally fell when she entered the door…"

"Nonsense! Tell me who hurt you!" Ye Xuan's eyes widened. He immediately pulled open the collar of her robes. Sure enough, there were some scratches on her shoulders, which seemed to be from a woman's fingernails.

How could he believe Liu'er's nonsense? The latter's body was bruised black and blue. It could not have been a stone that scratched her, right?

"Liu'er, tell me!" Ye Xuan's countenance turned cold.

Liu'er who'd cried just recently felt Ye Xuan's angry roar and deep-seated care for her. When she thought back to what happened, tears immediately flew out while she threw herself into Ye Xuan's warm embrace.

"Liu'er just went out, trying to pick out a piece of clothing for Young Master. Who knows that on the way there I'd meet Chen Mei. She said the Young Master was trash. Liu'er grew furious and…" Liu'er said with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"And then?" Ye Xuan's expression grew colder.

"And then she hit me," Liu'er stammered, "Tore my clothes to shreds, and threw out it out in the streets."


Ye Xuan's cold face sank. He immediately asked, "This Chen Mei has guts. Who is she?"

Liu'er wiped her tears. "She is the servant of the Young Master from the Chen Clan."

Chen Clan? Young Master? Chen Song?

Ye Xuan had a vague impression of this person. This Chen Song was two years older than him. His cultivation was at the fourth middle stage of the Martial Dao (Way). He could be considered a top figure.

"This Chen Song was also present at the time?" Ye Xuan questioned.

Liu'er nodded her head lightly. "When Chen Mei beat me up, he was eating inside Drunken House Restaurant. Luckily, the city guards were pa.s.sing by, otherwise…"

"Alright, I understand." Ye Xuan suppressed the flaming anger in his heart and gently caressed Liu'er's hair.

Cloud Merge City had four top clans. Other than the Ye and Lin Clan, there also exists the Chen Clan and the City Lord's Palace's Wu Clan.

The Chen Clan's strength could not be underestimated, but even so, Ye Xuan had to take revenge. This little girl had been by his side for so long. Even when he fell to his lowest, she stayed. What kind of a man would he be if he stood idle?

"Young Master, you don't need to go…"

Liu'er was a little worried, but before she could finish, Ye Xuan caressed her hair and smiled softly. "It's fine. Young Master already recovered his strength. My cultivation is even deeper now."

"Ah? Young Master… your dantian…?" Liu'er's eyes widened in shock.

"Yes, it's already repaired. Liu'er, you stay at home, all right? Young Master will be back soon." Ye Xuan said before leaving.

Super Devouring System Chapter 7 - Liu'er Has An Accident

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