You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 1650 - Epilogue (23)

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Chapter 1650: Epilogue (23)

The group chat exploded the moment the question was posted.

[Exactly, how are we going to pa.s.s this to our idol’s future wife? It’s not like we have her WeChat contact. We have no way to get in touch with her.]

[Pu Yun, could you contact our idol’s manager to try and track down his future wife?]

[If we do that, won’t our idol think that we’re invading his privacy?]

[That’s right, what if he gets upset?]

Observing the discussion, s.h.i.+ Nianyao couldn’t help commenting: [He won’t.]

Everyone responded immediately.

[Why wouldn’t he?]

[How do you know he won’t]

s.h.i.+ Nianyao thought for a moment and then answered: [Because I firmly believe that our idol has never given up on us. Just like even after he inherited the Mo family estate, he is still acting. So his future wife will surely get to know us.]

Upon hearing this, the group chat’s members went along with her.

Everyone started preparing the gift.

s.h.i.+ Nianyao smiled as she noted the relaxed atmosphere.

Mo Xicheng was indeed blessed to have such an adorable fandom.

Time flew by and the days pa.s.sed very quickly.

As the couple’s wedding day approached, there was suddenly a great commotion on the group chat.

Pu Yun sent a message: [Important news!! Our idol’s manager has just contacted me and said that he plans to give us ten seats at our idol’s wedding! Those who are interested please sign up.]

The group chat’s members were greatly stirred up by the news.

Those in Beijing expressed their interest—and even those who weren’t in Beijing expressed that they would be willing to fly there for the event.

With only ten places, the situation was very urgent.

Pu Yun said: [Does everyone agree that we prioritize the top contributors of the fanclub?]

Within the fanclub, it was quite obvious to everyone how much each of them contributed.

As people who had put in a lot of effort for their idol, they naturally agreed, for they finally saw some benefits.

Hence, Pu Yun started a list in the group chat.

s.h.i.+ Nianyao was relieved to see that Pu Yun was doing her best to manage the situation so that no one ended up feeling things were unfair.

As she was sighing in relief, she saw Pu Yun write her name: [Nianyao.]

s.h.i.+ Nianyao: …

She didn’t need an invitation.

She didn’t need an invitation to get in!

As the thought struck her, she saw a private message come in.

It was one of the group members, and this particular member had contributed a lot, although she didn’t stand out. She wasn’t someone who talked a great deal either. She asked quite directly: [Nianyao, could you let me have your invitation?]

s.h.i.+ Nianyao: …

Indeed, private messaging was only just beginning.

She was silent for a moment and then typed back: [I’m sorry, I can’t.]

She would give up her place, but she would do it openly without private transactions.

Unexpectedly, the person replied: [Okay.]

Just like that?

But as s.h.i.+ Nianyao was sighing in relief, she noticed that this person had blocked her.

s.h.i.+ Nianyao: …

She shook her head as she navigated back to the group chat to indicate that she didn’t need the invitation.

Pu Yun expressed her regrets and then took s.h.i.+ Nianyao’s name down before giving the place to someone else.

s.h.i.+ Nianyao thought that the matter would end right there, but unexpectedly, a few hours later, Pu Yun suddenly contacted her and informed her: [Someone sold an invitation to another person.]

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 1650 - Epilogue (23)

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