You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 382

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Chapter 382: Do You Believe In Me? (12)

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The young woman's voice was light and clear, very pleasant to the ears. It rang brightly in the silent and tense atmosphere.

Shen Xiu and Shen Zihao both stopped and turned their heads in her direction.

Even Xia Yehua, who had been just a moment ago so angry at Shen Xiu, looked at Qiao Lian with a puzzled expression.

Song Yuanxi widened her eyes, wondering what Qiao Lian was up to.

Only Shen Liangchuan lacked any sort of reaction, as though he wouldn't be surprised by anything Qiao Lian would do.

Ignoring all the eyes on at her, Qiao Lian's gaze was fixed on the reporter. She walked up to him, one step at a time, and spoke slowly, “How did I sell you the information?”

Shen Xiu laughed sarcastically as soon as she asked this question. “You have been so quiet since you stepped in that I thought you wouldn't have the guts to admit it. And now you've finally decided to come clean?”

Qiao Lian turned and glared at the man sharply.

Prior to today she had been cordial with him solely because he was Shen Liangchuan's father.

But after he had repeatedly subject Shen Liangchuan and Xia Yehua to verbal abuse, Qiao Lian could no longer contain her fury. She retorted without bothering to be polite, “Since you insist that it is me, then I should really get things straight.”

Shen Xiu's expression clouded over and he choked. “You—”

Without bothering about his response, Qiao Lian looked back at the reporter before Shen Xiu could utter another word. “Tell us the time and the place. What exactly took place during our transaction?!”

Shen Xiu's blood boiled to see how arrogant she was. Pointing to the reporter, he said, “Fine, since we are going to go through this, let's do it clearly and thoroughly. I don't want to be accused of attacking her.”

Given this, the reporter had no choice but to speak, “Well, yesterday you called me and told me you had a big scoop in exchange for a payment.”

“Just a simple call like this for a 200 000 dollar deal?”

The reporter laughed. “Of course normally it isn't like this, but between us there's mutual trust.”

At these words, Shen Xiu laughed derisively. “So it seems Ms. Qiao is a veteran at selling insiders information!”

Ignoring him, Qiao Lian continued to look intently at the reporter. “How did I give you the picture?”

“You sent it to me on my cell phone,” the reporter replied.

Qiao Lian asked for further details, “Where's the text message? Or the mail?”

The reporter laughed. “Why would I keep that kind of evidence? We are colleagues of the same field. Of course we have to be discreet about such things, they're against our professional ethics.”

Qiao Lian seemingly missed the sarcasm in his remarks. “Do you think I'm an idiot?”

The reporter paused and replied, “Ms. Qiao, you're exceptionally intelligent, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to get your hands on so much confidential information.”

Qiao Lian laughed coldly and looked at him, speaking clearly and deliberately, “So you use such an underhanded way to insult my intelligence?”

The reporter widened his eyes, looking puzzled at her words, while Shen Xiu frowned and asked, “What are you saying?”

Qiao Lian pointed at the bank receipt. “Selling confidential information is against our professional ethics. And such discreet transactions would usually be made with cash, or in small and separate amounts using alternative accounts. But in this case, I openly had a large sum of 200 000 deposited into my account. In addition, I am a considerably well-known reporter in the industry, why would I even risk doing something like that, given my personal abilities?!”

“So,” Qiao Lian turned and looked menacingly at the reporter. “You had better come clean and tell us who instructed you to set me up!”

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 382

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