You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 409 - Xiao Qiao Shows Her Stuff (9)

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Chapter 409: Xiao Qiao Shows Her Stuff (9)

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Qiao Lian was getting herself familiarized with the landscape.

After all, mobile games were different from computer games. Hence, she paid no attention to what he was saying and continued to explore the map and study its terrains.

Shen Liangchuan, on the other hand, looked nonchalant.

Mo Xicheng looked up and glanced at him. He couldn’t help but ask in a soft voice, “You’re really not helping?”

Since he had known Shen Liangchuan for such a long time, he of course knew Shen Liangchuan’s gaming ident.i.ty.

Playing a video game was really a small matter, but Zhang Mao had invited professionals to crush his opponents. It was really too much.

Given Shen Liangchuan’s nature to cover for another player’s shortcomings, he wouldn’t let Fan Jie be defeated.

However, Shen Liangchuan was calm and emotionless.

As he was puzzling over this, he heard Shen Liangchuan say with confidence, “You won’t lose this game.”

Mo Xicheng was stunned as he followed Shen Liangchuan’s gaze, which rested on Qiao Lian. She was now intensely focused on her cell phone.

There was a saying that the most serious people were also the most adorable people.

Qiao Lian’s face was now very serious looking, with an expression of intense concentration. Her delicate features emanated an aura of pureness. She most certainly didn’t look like she was playing a game, but performing an important task.

As Shen Liangchuan gazed at her, he was mesmerized.

In the past, he had used to wonder what Xiao Qiao looked like when she was playing a game.

Her voice and tone never changed as she played.

He had always thought she held a relaxed att.i.tude towards gaming. He hadn’t known until this moment that she took it so seriously.

But if she was such a serious person, why had she treated him that way?

Shen Liangchuan’s expression darkened.

In the meantime, in the private room of a different hotel.

Zhang Mao sat holding his cell phone. He gave two loud laughs. “Haha, now I’ve completely smashed them, right? Fan Jie, you fool, you’re a real joke!”

Purple Fairy, who was sitting next to Zhang Mao, had a calm expression on her face. She was rather confident as she looked at the time and said, “We can win this game in less than eight minutes, just follow my instructions.”

With a laugh Zhang Mao said, “No problem!”

Smiling Tiger, on the other hand, frowned, “I feel that something’s not quite right.”

Purple Fairy looked up. “Why? What’s wrong?”

“If we a.n.a.lyze it, we’ve slayed the opponents in the middle and left road, but where is the jungler [1.In online gaming, it is the champion that kills minions in the wilderness/jungle.]? Why didn’t she come to the rescue when we were fighting them?”

Purple Fairy frowned as well when she heard this.

Smiling Tiger continued, “That champion can be quite powerful, we must not underestimate her. I wonder if this is Fan Jie luring us into a trap so that he can level up.”

Purple Fairy nodded and went into the data panel to have a look. She immediately laughed. “This champion is a joke… She’s not even at level four. How is she going to fight us?”

Most gamers would have three ultimate attacks.

But the third ultimate attack, which was the most powerful one, could only be unlocked when the gamer attained level four.

Purple Fairy continued, “Also look at this… the level of this player’s account is really low. I’m quite certain they didn’t have enough players and just ended up getting anyone to make up the numbers. Follow me, let’s slay her.”

Smiling Tiger nodded immediately. “Okay.”

The two of them set out and moved in Qiao Lian’s direction.

At this point, Fan Jie had also been resurrected.

Mo Xicheng saw that a group of fighters had entered their territory and he sounded a warning immediately, “Careful, two enemies approaching.”

Fan Jie fumed, “They’re here to kill again? Brothers, protect Sister-in-law!”

Immediately, the three champions that had just been resurrected moved forward aggressively.

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 409 - Xiao Qiao Shows Her Stuff (9)

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