You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 417 - Xiao Qiao Shows Her Stuff (17)

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Chapter 417: Xiao Qiao Shows Her Stuff (17)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

There was a strange silence in the private room.

After a short time, Purple Fairy stood up with a sudden movement, thus dropping her cell phone on the ground. She stared at the screen furiously. “This- this is impossible!”

But immediately she realized too that this was a mobile game, not a computer game. Hence, the set up was different.

At the same time, Smiling Tiger was also staring at the screen in a stupor.

Xiao Qiao… Unforgettable Love from the other team was the real Xiao Qiao.

Because only Xiao Qiao would deploy this sort of unconventional strategies.

While a plaintive whine resounded through the private room…

In Fan Jie’s team, everyone was holding their cell phones with their eyes popping and mouths agape, staring at Qiao Lian with astonishment.

Fan Jie was at a total loss for words and wondered if this was all his imagination. “This- this means we won?”

He had done nothing but die many times throughout the match.

Qiao Lian nodded. “There’s a bug in this game. I reckon once the video of our game is out, the game developer will immediately rectify it with a revised version.”

Fan Jie continued to stare at her with amazement. “But… how did you know you’d be able to destroy the fort?”

Qiao Lian stared at him like he was an idiot. “The fort delivers a hit every second. We had lots of hp, isn’t it just simple math?”

… just simple math, simple math, math…

What was there to calculate?!

How did this calculation work?

He was no math genius.

Not only were these people expert gamers, they were math geniuses as well. Was that fair?!

The next second, he moved to Qiao Lian’s side. “Sister-in-law, great sister-in-law…”

Qiao Lian glared at him and put up her guard. “What is it?”

Fan Jie gulped. “Are you taking in disciples?”

Qiao Lian: …

Zhang Mao had set up a livestream of this game with the intention to thoroughly embarra.s.s Fan Jie.

He had not expected such dramatic ending.

Celebrities were extremely influential and this video very quickly spread on the internet.

Unforgettable Love’s account name shot to instantaneous fame.

After the gathering, Qiao Lian and Shen Liangchuan headed home.

On the way home, Qiao Lian browsed through the Weibo comments and laughed. “If I opened a Weibo account under the name of Unforgettable Love, I wonder if I suddenly would have tens of thousands of fans.”

Shen Lianchuan threw her a glance. “Well done.”

Qiao Lian stuck her tongue out and then added, “Of course. it’s nothing compared to your tens of millions of fans.”

She looked at her cell phone screen again.

With today’s game, she had started to feel that familiar fire again. That rush that made her feel invincible from head to toe. And she just couldn’t shake off that feeling.

Her fingers were dying to play again.

Eight years ago, she had no choice but to quit gaming.

But those few minutes today had shattered the chains that had restrained her for eight years.

Unable to control her urge, she clicked on the game. And she was stunned by the friend request list that greeted her.

Within that short time, she had received hundreds of friend requests.

She grimaced and decided to ignore them.

But at that moment, she received a private message from someone.

She was going to ignore the message when she noticed that the sender’s ID was Smiling Tiger. Her fingers paused for a moment and then she opened the message. It read:

[Smiling Tiger: May I ask if you are Xiao Qiao?]

She winced reflexively.

Following this:

[Smiling Tiger: Can we be friends?]

“If he knew that the coach that he had abandoned was Xiao Qiao,” Qiao Lian thought, “what would he do?”

Suddenly, Qiao Lian looked forward to that day.

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 417 - Xiao Qiao Shows Her Stuff (17)

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