You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 467 - Zi Chuan? Zi Chuan!! (17)

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Chapter 467: Zi Chuan? Zi Chuan!! (17)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The man in red took a puff at his cigarette and said, “Are the things ready?”

The other man nodded and replied, “Brother Li, why are you targeting Shen Zihao? He’s been doing alright with us, hasn’t he?”

The man in red sneered, “This Shen Zihao, he looks down on us. Even though he hangs out with us, that air of arrogance… tsk tsk. He’s been an eyesore for a long time! We’re all hedonistic sons of rich parents, good-for-nothings with only vices. How is he any better than any of us?!”

The other man nodded. “That’s true too. When we hang out, he sets himself apart and just watches. I find that uncomfortable.”

At this point, he took out a vial and poured out a small pill. “Hehe, this pill is small but powerful. I guarantee that he’ll go straight to the seventh heaven if he took only one of these!”

The man in red laughed in glee. “And let’s get a few of those men to come in to join the party.”

The other man was stunned for a second. “Huh? Isn’t that overdoing it?”

The man in red snorted, “Overdoing it? Well, since he looks upon us with disdain, we’ll let him have both men and women! We’ll see if he can still act high and mighty with us in the future.”

The other man sighed deeply and said, “The Shen Family may not easily overlook this matter though…”

The man in red snapped, “While our family can’t match up to his, everyone’s families combined may not necessarily lose to the Shen Family! Besides, a matter like this, do you think he would dare to create a scene? In the end, he’s at a disadvantage!”

The other man immediately smiled, and said “Sure, you’re indeed smart, Brother Li. It’s just that Shen Zihao will be quite pitiful.”

The man in red sneered, “Pitiful in what way? He has made many enemies and besides, we’ve been asked to do this.”

With these words, the man in red finished off his cigarette and the two started to walk back. “Let’s see if our drinks have been served.”

They headed back to join the group.

Qiao Lian and s.h.i.+ Nianyao came out from hiding after the men left.

Frowning with disdain, s.h.i.+ Nianyao said, “This guy in red, he’s up to no good again!”

Qiao Lian looked at her and asked, “You know Shen Zihao?”

s.h.i.+ Nianyao replied, “I recall hearing about the Shen Family. After his parents’ divorce eight years ago, Shen Liangchuan and his mother left the Shen Family with nothing to their names. It was rumoured that his mother had had an affair. Later on his father remarried a woman by the name of Mei Feng. Supposedly, Mei Feng was a good woman who took excellent care of Shen Zihao and he grew close to his stepmother. However, he turned out to be a good-for-nothing eventually, although he excelled in his studies overseas. His indulgence in all sorts of vices caused his stepmother much grief, but that did nothing to prompt him to change his behavior.”

Qiao Lian raised an eyebrow in doubt. “Was this Mei Feng really as perfect as they make her out to be?”

Shrugging her shoulders, s.h.i.+ Nianyao replied, “I have no idea. But that’s the general opinion. Even their housekeeper says that Mei Feng treats Shen Zihao like her own child.”

Although she was only telling Qiao Lian what she knew, s.h.i.+ Nianyao said these things with obvious disdain.

It was easy to tell she didn’t believe these rumours.

Qiao Lian looked straight ahead.

s.h.i.+ Nianyao too fell silent, as though waiting for a verdict from her coworker.

Although Shen Zihao and Shen Liangchuan were brothers, they didn’t have a good relations.h.i.+p. In fact, they were quite hostile towards each other.

Hence at this point, Qiao Lian could take a reasonable stand either way.

However, she sighed.

Xia Yehua had treated her kindly, but she also felt a certain guilt towards Shen Zihao. And now that Shen Zihao was in trouble, how could she do nothing about it?

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 467 - Zi Chuan? Zi Chuan!! (17)

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