You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 140 - Zi Chuan And Liangchuan (10)

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Chapter 140: Zi Chuan and Liangchuan (10)

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Noticing Song Yuanxi's nervous expression caused Qiao Lian to clench her fists nervously as well.

A strange feeling of antic.i.p.ation on behalf of Song Yuanxi began to blossom within Qiao Lian.

She fervently hoped that the man that was about to show up was a decent person.

She hoped that Song Yuanxi would not walk away disappointed, like she did so many years ago.

She believed that Song Yuanxi, like her, would not care about the looks of the man that was going to show up.

She quietly kept staring forward as time pa.s.sed slowly by.

Only after a long while did she notice that someone beside her had fixed his gaze on her.

She turned her head. When her eyes met Shen Liangchuan's cool gaze, she froze momentarily.

He had a complicated look in his eyes, and had an unfathomable expression on his face as he scrutinized her. His scrutiny made her feel as though this man was trying to understand her thoroughly.

There was an awkward silence in the car.

Finally, she could not stop herself from breaking the silence by saying, "Tell me. What do you think about Yuanxi's decision to meet this person?"

Shen Liangchuan looked at her, processed her words and lowered his head, saying, "How should I know."

Qiao Lian: …

How could she continue the topic?

She looked forward again and said, "I hope that whoever arrives is a dapper and handsome teenager. After all, every woman has always dreamed of a Prince Charming!"

When she finished speaking, Shen Liangchuan looked at her and said, "Hopeless idiot."

His sharp tongue and look of disdain reminded her of Zi Chuan.

She did not know why, but recently she had been linking the two men together.

That was because these two men were extremely similar in some ways.

As she stared blankly into s.p.a.ce, she saw Shen Liangchuan turn his head around irritatedly. Suddenly, his gaze darkened and he said, "He's arrived."

Qiao Lian followed the direction of his gaze and her eyes immediately brightened. "He's really here!"

The man who arrived seemed rather normal and was wearing a pair of Due to the distance, they could not see the man's looks clearly. However, his clothes looked tidy and he looked reliable.

Song Yuanxi blushed a lot and cautiously shook the man's hand. Then, the couple sat down next to each other.

They chatted with each other in the cafe, as Qiao Lian and Shen Liangchuan sat in the car and watched them from afar.

The man seemed quite proactive. Each time he spoke, Song Yuanxi would immediately start laughing.

Then, she would shyly lower her head and touch her hair.

The man leaned forward. His expression clearly indicated that he was extremely interested in Song Yuanxi, and she got even more shy. Her timid expression would make any man want to protect her if they saw it, right?

Qiao Lian saw the man waving his hand to summon a waiter.

They ordered several cakes and pastries, and chatted with each other as they ate.

The man seemed to really care for Song Yuanxi. He was pa.s.sionate and animated. Even from afar, she could tell that their conversation was probably interesting indeed.


Looking at the man's height, it seems that his height was just about the same as Yuanxi's. Wasn't he just a tad too short?

However, she should not judge a person based on their appearance.

At least this guy looked polite, reliable and not too sketchy.

Qiao Lian lowered her eyes. She felt that Song Yuanxi's luck was much better than hers.

That fateful day so many years ago, her past self had also stupidly waited there.

When there were only five minutes left until Zi Chuan's promised arrival time, her phone started ringing. She picked up the call.

The person on the other line was just her friend, asking about her well-being. After chatting for a while, she remembered that Zi Chuan was about to arrive and thus found a convenient excuse to hang up the phone. She looked at the time again. He must be almost here, right?

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 140 - Zi Chuan And Liangchuan (10)

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