You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 494 - Song Yuanxi, Is That Enough? (4)

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Chapter 494: Song Yuanxi, Is That Enough? (4)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Xia Yehua widened her eyes.

No one?

Why was no one there?

Had she gone to… attempt suicide again?

Xia Yehua’s heart started to pound furiously.

Because she had turned up, Song Cheng had let down his guard.

He had not expected that in the blink of an eye, Song Yuanxi would disappear.

He hurriedly made a call to Shen Liangchuan.

Shen Liangchuan was at home, paying attention to his cell phone and waiting for news from Xia Yehua. Upon hearing what Song Cheng said, he narrowed his eyes and suggested, “Go and take a look at the rooftop.”

Song Cheng nodded and immediately headed to the rooftop, panting and trying to catch his breath as he ran. “I’m running in that direction now.”

After two minutes, a puzzled Song Cheng exclaimed, “There’s no one here!”

Shen Liangchuan was already getting changed. He turned around when he heard the sound of someone moving. It was Qiao Lian. He patted her shoulder to rea.s.sure her that everything was fine. “Go back to sleep, I’ll go take a look.”

At this point, Qiao Lian indeed had no wish to have anything more to do with this Song Yuanxi mess.

She had a limit too!

Besides, Shen Liangchuan was so determined now, she believed that he wouldn’t change his mind. Hence, she lay back down on the bed and covered herself with the blanket, saying, “Ok.”

After he got changed, he walked out of the bedroom. “Search the areas around the hospital and the tall buildings as well.”

“Yes, Senior Madam and I are already looking.”

It was already the wee hours, four in the morning. It was the time the human body wound down. Hence, when Xia Yehua had arrived at the hospital and asked Song Cheng to rest, he had carelessly fallen asleep.

And this was the time that the hospital was at its quietest. To have a few people searching for a missing girl was all the more challenging because of this!

Shen Liangchuan changed his house slippers for his shoes, picked up his cell phone and walked out to his garage.

Very soon, he was on his way.

Song Cheng, at his end, gave frequent updates on the search progress.

There was a sense of urgency—it was very worrying.

Although Song Yuanxi had done a few things that were really wrong, if anything actually happened to her…

Shen Liangchuan did not want to think of the worst. Song Yuanxi was an adult, and she had to be responsible for her own actions.

Now he spoke to Song Cheng, “How long has it been since she disappeared?”

As he was saying this, his car just pa.s.sed the villa’s main entrance.

Song Cheng replied, “About 12 minutes. She said she needed to go to the restroom, and it was about ten minutes later that Madam got suspicious, as there was no sign of her returning.

Shen Liangchuan frowned.

At this point of time, a car came towards him.

Its high beams were turned on, temporarily blinding Shen Liangchuan’s vision. Hence, he wasn’t able to see much.

He squinted and saw that the car had driven off to the side road.

Frowning still, Shen Liangchuan thought nothing of it.

There was a naggy feeling bothering him.

If Song Yuanxi had really wanted to kill herself, she wouldn’t have needed to make an announcement. She could have just jumped without all the drama.

There was no need to bring them there to blackmail them.

So he had concluded that Song Yuanxi did not really have the courage to kill herself.

But now, he had no idea where she could have gone to.

If not to kill herself, what else would she have wanted to do?

At this point, he suddenly seemed to have thought of something. He stepped on his brakes!

After this, he instructed Song Cheng, “Check if Senior Madam’s car is around!”

Song Cheng responded to his tone of urgency and quickly ran to the garage. Three minutes later…

“Senior Madam’s car is not around!!”

Shen Liangchuan’s heart missed a beat as he spun his car around and sped towards the villa.

Just as he arrived at the security entrance, the security officer opened the gate and said to him, “Mr. Shen, Senior Madam Shen has just come home, and now you’re back too!”

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 494 - Song Yuanxi, Is That Enough? (4)

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