You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 496 - Song Yuanxi, Is That Enough? (6)

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Chapter 496: Song Yuanxi, Is That Enough? (6)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Qiao Lian had never expected that Song Yuanxi would be this insane.

All along, she had thought that Song Yuanxi only harboured ill feelings towards her. But now, as Song Yuanxi directed the fruit knife towards her, she realized that for Song Yuanxi it wasn’t just a matter of her having “s.n.a.t.c.hed Shen Liangchuan away.” Qiao Lian saw something else in Song Yuanxi’s eyes.

It was a look of pure hatred.

Yes. Hatred.

Song Yuanxi hated her to the core, to the extent that she would kill her, even if they had to die together.

This certainly wasn’t the thinking a first love’s sister could have!

All these thoughts came at once, triggering something that Qiao Lian couldn’t quite put her finger on.

She stood there watching the blade as it came hurtling through the thin air towards her and, when it was about to strike her, she felt someone violently pulling her arm. Then she fell right into a familiar embrace, avoiding the disaster altogether.

Song Yuanxi’s knife met empty s.p.a.ce, while she turned her head and saw she hated person now in Shen Liangchuan’s protective embrace. Her pupils were now fully constricted, void of all emotions except raging hatred, looking more insane than before.

She spun around. “Brother Liangchuan, I will surely kill her today.”

She raised the knife once again and charged at Qiao Lian!

This time, with enough warning, how would Qiao Lian not get away?

Qiao Lian narrowed her eyes, frowned and jumped out of the way to dodge the knife.

She had thought that this time, with a delayed attack and time to escape, things would be fine.

But what followed was a shocking scene.

The sound of a sharp object piercing through flesh was heard.

Qiao Lian froze and spun around at once. She saw the knife Song Yuanxi was holding had pierced right into Shen Liangchuan’s chest.

How was this possible?

Evidently, the blow had not been beyond Shen Liangchuan’s ability to evade it, so now… why had this happened?

The sharp pain in his chest caused him to turn pale, and his forehead was now wet with perspiration.

But he stared at Song Yuanxi expressionlessly.

Song Yuanxi was shocked and stared at the knife in disbelief.

They didn’t have many fruit knives at home, but this particular one was the sharpest. Now the entire blade was buried in Shen Liangchuan’s chest and only the knife handle was visible.

Song Yuanxi shook her head and widened her eyes…

She thought that her eyes were playing tricks. The knife had aimed at Qiao Lian, why had it pierced Brother Liangchuan instead?

In her fright, she wanted to take a step back, but suddenly a hand gripped her wrist firmly.

That hand had prominent bones.

They were good looking hands. Hands that she had once dreamed would hold her own some day.

Yet now that hand’s freezing coldness seemed to be generating an electric current, causing her skin to retaliate with pain.

She looked up and stammered, “I- I- Brother Liangchuan- I- I didn’t mean to—”

Before she could finish, he suddenly lunged forward and glared at her right in the eye. “A life for a life. Is that enough?”

Is that enough?

Is that enough?

Song Yuanxi widened her eyes and stared at the gathering scarlet fluid.

The fresh red color of blood was like a deluge from a bursting dam. Now that the liquid had found an outlet, it couldn’t wait to gush out.

Shen Liangchuan was wearing a black sweater.

The black around the wound had darkened even more…

Song Yuanxi let go of the knife as she stepped back involuntarily. The pain in her leg now caused it to give way and she fell onto the ground!

How did this happen? She had never intended to hurt Brother Liangchuan!

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 496 - Song Yuanxi, Is That Enough? (6)

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