You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 526 - The Grand Final (6)

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Chapter 526: The Grand Final (6)

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Qiao Lian’s angry shout was quite intimidating and, coupled with her serious expression, the woman was compelled to stop for a moment. But she immediately demanded, “Who are you?”

“I’m her coach. Who are you? Coming here like this and trying to take someone away, have you asked for my permission?”

Turning to look at the security officer who was walking in, she berated him, “Since when did we start allowing strangers into the villa grounds? Are you guys doing your job?”

Qiao Lian’s sharp reprimand silenced everyone present.

The security officer hung his head at once and tried to explain, “Ms. Qiao, I tried to stop her, but—”

The middle-aged woman didn’t take long to start yelling again, “You mean I cannot come and look for my daughter? What sort of logic is that?!”


Qiao Lian gave Ancestor White Bones a questioning look.

Ancestor White Bones’ real name was Ling Xiao. She was a scrawny girl and her thin features made her look somewhat mean and unkind. But if one were to look at her closely, one would see that she was actually quite pretty.

This middle-aged woman, on the other hand, was plump and fair. With one look, one could tell that she was well-fed and got enough sleep. The two women looked like they came from different worlds. It was hard to believe they were mother and daughter.

The woman dragged Ancestor White Bones and then pushed her towards Qiao Lian, saying, “Go, tell her who you are.”

Ancestor White Bones’ face tensed up, looking quite terrible now.

Still, she muttered, “She’s my mother.”

The middle-aged woman immediately looked up smugly at Qiao Lian. “You heard that? I’m here to look for my daughter, what’s wrong with that?”

At that point, she grabbed Ancestor White Bones’ hair again.

“Good-for-nothing! We’ve taken care of you for so long and now you think you can go your own way? Come home with me right now! I found work for you, so stop coming here to play some rubbish game!!”

Upon hearing these words, Su Penghao immediately spoke up. “Auntie, we are not playing games, we are fighting in a compet.i.tion—”

“Rubbis.h.!.+” The woman looked at Su Penghao and spat at him.

It was a good thing that Su Penghao was quick at dodging, otherwise…

However, he was now looking very much displeased.

The middle-aged woman stood there with arms akimbo. She raised a hand and pointed at Su Penghao and the team. “You four men abducted my daughter and brought her to this place! Don’t think I don’t know what you men are up to!”

At this, Ancestor White Bones’ face turned red and retorted, “Mum! It’s not like that! We’re not what you think!”

The woman gave a cold snort and snapped, “You shut up! You ran away from work… so you think you’re so capable?! Gaming? Gaming is not proper work and saps you of your will! These things are for wealthy scions and hedonistic kids of the filthy rich. You’re just a regular person, so what are you trying to prove? Let me tell you, you come home with me right now! And get back to work!”

Ancestor White Bones bit her lip. “Mom, I like it here—”

“Like my a.s.s! Can gaming fill your stomach and give you a shelter over your head? Can it earn you money for your brother’s wedding? Your brother is getting married very soon and we don’t have enough money for the bride’s dowry! So how dare you even quit your job?”

Ancestor White Bones bit her lip and kept quiet.

It was impossible to talk to such a mother.

However, Qiao Lian heard the critical element in their conversation and immediately said, “Who said that we don’t get paid for gaming?”

The middle-aged woman paused for a moment and sneered, “Who are you trying to fool? A bunch of people getting together to play games will get paid?”

Qiao Lian took a step forward and held Ancestor White Bones by her arm. Then she looked at the middle-aged woman. “So if she has a salary from gaming, you’ll let her play?”

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 526 - The Grand Final (6)

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