You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 629 - Best Actor Shen’s Counterattack (9)

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Chapter 629: Best Actor Shen’s Counterattack (9)

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The tables had somewhat turned.

Qiao Lian stared at the three men, stupefied. All at once, the anger she felt disappeared.

She turned to look at Shen Liangchuan and then s.h.i.+fted her gaze to Lu Nanze.

This was beyond what her brain could take.

What- was going on?

Wasn’t Shen Liangchuan going broke? And hadn’t Lu Nanze teamed up with Li Chenyu and ruined the investment deal?

Although she couldn’t figure out what was happening, her eyes lit up at once as she turned to look at Shen Liangchuan.

From the start, Shen Liangchuan had not panicked.

She had believed all along that he was just a popular actor and surely would not be able to stand up to Lu Nanze. But who would have guessed… one step at a time, he must have laid this out when they returned from Hengdian.

Her Zi Chuan was way too das.h.i.+ng!

She looked at Lu Nanze again.

There was a slight s.h.i.+ft in his expression before it returned to normal.

He was terribly resilient and would not be affected by these things. He merely lightly frowned and looked at Li Chenyu, saying, “I didn’t think that Mr. Li couldn’t be trusted with his word.”

Shen Liangchuan kept silent while Li Chenyu frowned in response. “Of course I’ll keep my word. I said that I wouldn’t finance Brother Shen’s company and I’ll keep my promise!”

“Sigh! Really, I’ve missed a great opportunity to make money all because of you!”

His blaming tone made it look like he was losing a few billion dollars by not collaborating with Shen Liangchuan.

Lu Nanze narrowed his eyes again and laughed after a short pause. “These 50 million are not going to help you turn your company around, but it’s money I can spare. Take it for your daily living expenses.”

At this point, they heard a voice say, “Brother Shen! You’re finally here! I brought the sponsoring agreement. Let me know when you have a moment to sign it.”

The voice belonged to a young man in his mid-twenties, who looked straight at Shen Liangchuan as he strode over. Then, he flashed an appealing smile.

“CEO Zheng.” Shen Liangchuan shot the young man a quick look.

CEO Zheng immediately said, “Don’t be formal with me! You’ll shorten my life. Hehe. But finally, you think of me!”

Shen Liangchuan nodded at him. “Thanks for this, buddy.”

“You don’t have to get all polite with me! Whatever you need, all you have to do is say it and I’ll have it delivered right away.”

His unrestrained and spirited words were most pleasing to hear.

Qiao Lian watched as the men spoke.

Shen Liangchuan had a relaxed expression on his face now. His eyes lacked the usual iciness that was characteristic of him, making him seem more human.

As he talked to them, he would often extend his hand to give the other person a pat on the shoulder.

There was a certain lack of restrain in the ease with which they communicated, but it was quite obvious that they had a good relations.h.i.+p.

This side of Shen Liangchuan was the Zi Chuan that she remembered so well.

He was the sort of person who made strong friends.h.i.+ps everywhere he went. People were loyal to him and followed his lead unconditionally.

Just like years ago with their compet.i.tive team, everyone saw him as a leader and they would believe in whatever he said.

As she looked at him, she broke into a smile.

After speaking with the two men, Shen Liangchuan glanced at Lu Nanze and said, “Mr. Lu, I’m afraid I have to disappoint you. Our company is quite far from being broke.”

“In addition, our first project is to invest in the production of Ambition .”

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 629 - Best Actor Shen’s Counterattack (9)

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