You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 630 - Best Actor Shen’s Counterattack (10)

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Chapter 630: Best Actor Shen’s Counterattack (10)

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“I think Ambition has got a lot of potential, so I intend to turn it into a big production. Now, your share in Ambition is less than 30 percent.”

Initially, Lu Nanze’s share for the production had almost been 60 percent. For that reason, he had been able to do as he wished and place actors in the cast.

But now…

And indeed, Shen Liangchuan said right away, “The current female lead’s acting skills are poor and she has a foul temper. I’ve already suggested to the director to have her replaced.”

Lu Nanze’s pupils shrank even more.

He stared directly at Shen Liangchuan as though he had a new-found respect for this strong opponent, but he was also on the alert.

Shen Liangchuan couldn’t know about what had gone on between Qiao Lian and him.

In the beginning, Shen Liangchuan had plans to look for him in Hengdian and discuss a possible collaboration.

But he had appeared in Hengdian without giving prior notice, and Shen Liangchuan had not prepared.

In the face of his attacks, he chose the strategy of advancing by retreating.

First, he gave up 50 million to leave the filming crew.

Then, suspecting that he might be intercepted at the airport, he took Qiao Lian and left Hengdian by car.

The man had thought that even if the couple returned to Beijing, Shen Liangchuan was only a famous actor. Hence after he got everything ready, he rushed over to Beijing himself.

It looked like he had Shen Liangchuan cornered.

But ultimately, this had all been a part of Shen Liangchuan’s plans.

Everything about selling his family properties and his company going broke… it had all been a fake drama.

Frowning, he looked at the crowd around him with confusion and, for the first time, took the full measure of this man, Shen Liangchuan.

As a leader growing up of the group in Suzhou, he himself had led his own group of wealthy second-generation heirs.

But the friends surrounding him had always placed self-interest above anything else.

Hence, he had never once considered the possibility that even if Shen Liangchuan were to be in dire straits, his friends would stand by him and help him.

Even if, like in the case of Li Chenyu, they had nothing to gain by helping him.

Wasn’t everybody a businessman?

How could this be possible?

In his heart, he had always been cold and selfish. He had never trusted anyone and would only be convinced when a deal came with benefits.

However, this philosophy didn’t seem to apply to Shen Liangchuan at all.

For the first time, Lu Nanze took this man seriously.

He was a worthy opponent.

Even if he had left the Shen Family, and even if he was a mere actor, his childhood friends would stand by him without a moment of hesitation. It showed that this man had his own charisma.

Lu Nanze admitted defeat. But even as the loser, even if his expression had turned ugly, and even if he had been embarra.s.sed by Shen Liangchuan, it took two full minutes for him to regain his composure.

Narrowing his eyes, he said, “Mr. Shen, our paths shall cross again.”

Then he turned to look at Qiao Lian and gave her a smile that expressed his unyielding determination to get what he wanted.

It was a look that made her shudder inside.

But the next moment, a tall and broad frame stepped in between her and Lu Nanze to s.h.i.+eld her from the man’s ill intentions.

He gave another smirk and raised an eyebrow before he turned to leave.

Following him closely, his a.s.sistant asked, “What do we do now?”

Lu Nanze squinted and paused. He gave an icy laughter before instructing, “Book me a ticket back to Suzhou.”

The a.s.sistant was dumbstruck. “Are we going back right now?”

Lu Nanze lowered his gaze, saying, “The gentleman knows not to place himself in a dangerous position. Just as he knows this, I do too.”

He gave an icy smile.

Qiao Lian, I shall wait for you in Suzhou.

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 630 - Best Actor Shen’s Counterattack (10)

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