You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 694 - The Scammers’ Daughter! (3)

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Chapter 694: The Scammers’ Daughter! (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the hospital, outside the operating room.

Xia Yehua had a deep frown as she paced up and down the corridor frantically.

Qiao Lian sat on a bench with her head hung. Her gaze was fixed, staring blankly at the thin air in front of her.

Very soon, the doctor came out.

As though she had suddenly found her purpose, she sprang up and ran up to him.

The doctor informed them, “It’s nothing serious, it’s just that he lost some blood. He’ll be fine with some rest. We’ve dressed the wound on his head.”

Hearing that it wasn’t anything too serious and that it was just a superficial injury, Qiao Lian could finally exhale.

Yet he was still unconscious, so they moved him to the VIP ward.

Lying on the bed with his eyes shut, color had drained from his face.

Xia Yehua sat on the sofa on the side and was patting her chest, obviously feeling unwell.

Qiao Lian hurried over to her side and held her, asking, “Mum, are you okay?”

The woman exhaled fully and said, “It’s nothing. I’m just a little anxious.”

Qiao Lian quickly helped her lie down and said, “I’ll go buy some breakfast.”

Xia Yehua nodded.

Qiao Lian walked out of the VIP ward and went to the breakfast store. As she did so, she suddenly caught sight of a group of people rus.h.i.+ng towards her.

They were holding video recorders and cameras and, when they saw Qiao Lian, it was like a pack of wolves that had spotted sheep. Their eyes glistened hungrily!

“Mrs. Shen, can you tell us how Best Actor Shen is doing?”

“Mrs. Shen, that case about the building that collapsed eight years ago, did your family really have something to do with it?”

“Mrs. Shen, you’re living quite a comfortable life. Is that because your parents put some money away years ago?”

“Mrs. Shen, does Best Actor Shen know your ident.i.ty? Are you hiding it from him? Or is he your accomplice?”

“May we ask if Best Actor Shen is so wealthy because of the money that your family ran away with years ago?”

The harsh questions rained down on her.

She was at a complete loss now.

She frowned and could only say, “Whatever happened to my family had nothing to do with Shen Liangchuan!”

“So who was involved then? Does Best Actor Shen know your ident.i.ty? Does he know about your parents’ insane and cruel deeds?”

Qiao Lian’s eyes started to burn and she pleaded, “My parents have died. Please do not speak unkindly.”

“They have died, but what about their victims? Mrs. Shen, have you considered them? In all these years, haven’t you gone back? Haven’t you thought of compensating them?”

She choked, “I did not…”

“So why didn’t you go back to provide them an explanation?”

Qiao Lian bit her lip. “I did not have money…”

“No money? Now you and Best Actor Shen are a couple. How could you not have money? Do you think we’ll believe it? Or is it because Best Actor Shen will not give you the money? Or is it because Best Actor Shen doesn’t have money either?”

The reporters’ questions were getting harsher and Qiao Lian could barely handle it.

Clenching her fists, she looked at the crowd in front of her and said, “We’re talking about my family matters. Why do you have to bring Shen Liangchuan into it?”

“Mrs. Shen, so are you angry because you are ashamed?”

Qiao Lian was completely speechless now.

Before she could continue, she heard a voice say, “This is a hospital and it needs to be kept quiet. Why are these reporters allowed in here?”

Everyone turned to look in the direction of the voice and saw it was Shen Zihao. He was striding towards them, accompanied by a few security officers.

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 694 - The Scammers’ Daughter! (3)

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