You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 702 - Do You Hate Me This Much? (2)

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Chapter 702: Do You Hate Me This Much? (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At that moment, they fought for their youth.

He was willing to give up all his wealth for love.

But one day, if he should find himself left with nothing, would he regret all the things he was doing today?

Taking over that jerry-built building project was going to be a loss, no matter how one looked at it. But he had gone ahead without so much as batting an eye.

Qiao Lian knew it was all for her.

She had said nothing about this in the past two days.

But she had been thinking about it a lot.

She was no saint. She couldn’t bring herself to leave him for his own good, so that he wouldn’t have to bear all this burden.

The only thing she could do was to be by his side and support him.

But today, seeing that the plane was about to land and that he was about to embark on this journey in Suzhou, she could no longer hold back and finally asked the question that had been playing in her mind.

Was he going to regret it?

As though reading her mind and emotions, he turned to her with his gaze lowered and said after a moment’s pause, “I had nothing eight years ago. At worst, I will return to where I was. What is there to regret? Besides, we may not make a loss.”

Qiao Lian was taken aback by his reply.

Shen Liangchuan turned and, looking straight ahead, he said, “Xiao Qiao, I can’t say too much now, but I can tell you this time I’m gambling. If we win, then it’s all good. But if we lose, like you said, we will be left with nothing.”

Having said this, he held her hand tightly. “But at worst, we lose everything and struggle together.”

Her eyes burned upon hearing this, but she nodded.

And as though making a promise, she said, “Shen Liangchuan, don’t worry. Even if we lose, we can start all over again.”

He smiled and nodded.

His eyes, however, betrayed his relaxed att.i.tude.

That’s right, this was a gamble.

And his chances of winning were only fifty percent.

All would be well if he won.

But if he lost, things wouldn’t be as simple as just losing Qiao Lian.

He would lose his wealth and power and, without these, there was no way he could stand against Lu Nanze. And at that point, Qiao Lian would be taken away from him.

At the thought of this, his expression clouded over.

He couldn’t lose.

The plane drew an arc in the sky and landed in Suzhou airport.

Coming back to Suzhou, Qiao Lian felt as though it had been a lifetime ago.

Last time, they had been a pitiful sight, as they had had to quickly escape from Hengdian.

But now, shortly after, they were returning and not afraid to do so in broad daylight.

That’s right, it was above board now.

Last time, Mrs. Shen had not announced her ident.i.ty and Lu Nanze could take her captive by force.

But this time, wherever they went, there would likely be reporters trailing them. This, in a way, was a form of protection.


Qiao Lian turned back to look at the few bodyguards in black suits walking behind Shen Liangchuan and grimaced.

One look at these few men and it was obvious that they were decommissioned soldiers from the special forces. Taking into account that Shen Liangchuan had hired such aggressive bodyguards, it wasn’t hard to guess whom he was guarding them against.

Grimacing again, she smiled helplessly.

Together with the rest of the group, they walked out of the airport.

Just as they exited, they saw Song Cheng waiting outside to receive them. Then a few people walked up to them, saying, “Brother Shen, you’re finally here!”

Shen Liangchuan nodded at them and asked, “How are things coming along?”

“We’ve sealed the deal with the people on the construction site. We won’t be using locals. We’ll import foreign workers. Everything else is ready.”

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 702 - Do You Hate Me This Much? (2)

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