You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 704 - Do You Hate Me This Much? (4)

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Chapter 704: Do You Hate Me This Much? (4)

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The moment Shen Liangchuan said this, the staff was taken aback and paused.

She frowned as she looked at him.

He sat there unruffled and unaffected. Calmly, he said, “I’m taking over and starting this development project for the sake of resolving the affairs that the Qiao family business left behind. I believe many people around the country are keeping an eye on this matter. Everything that I’m doing is legal and aboveboard. May I ask the reasons for holding up my qualification checks? If the section manager is not around, then I will have to ask for the help of my reporter friends to track him down.”

Indeed, right now many people were paying attention to the fact that he was restarting the development project of this building.

The jerry-built building project was extremely well-located.

However, for so many years, no one had taken it over.

Now that someone was finally moving things on, not only the reporters, but even the Suzhou government was paying attention.

Having heard his words, the staff worker immediately understood the implications. She immediately stood up and said, “Let me give my boss a call, I’ll ask him where he is.”

Shen Liangchuan nodded.

Before he arrived, he knew that he would be on Lu Nanze’s territory and everything would be much tougher.

Hence, he had come prepared.

At that moment, he didn’t believe that this section manager would be willing to ruin his official career path for Lu Nanze’s sake.

What he didn’t expect, though, was that right at that moment, someone had beaten him to the section manager’s office.

Sun Linan was wearing a charcoal suit, standing in front of the section manager. After the eSports club incident previously, he had grown up and matured. He said to the section head, “Uncle, you promised me once that you’d help me. You have to keep to your word.”

Section Manager Sun was Sun Linan’s uncle. Upon hearing this, he looked troubled and said, “Linan, it’s not that I don’t wish to help you. This is Young Master Lu’s order.”

Sun Linan cast his gaze down and said, “Uncle, please help me with this matter. I will bear the responsibilities for the consequences. If Second Brother loses his temper, then let him come look for me.”

Section Head Sun paused and said, “But—”

“Uncle, let’s just do this.”

Sun Linan was now the head of the Sun family. Therefore, what he said did matter to Section Manager Sun.

Besides, this matter was between the youngsters and, as a section manager, he really didn’t wish to get involved.

He sighed and said, “Then I hope you know what you’re doing. We are in Suzhou and if we offend Young Master Lu, who knows what will happen to the Sun family. Even though you grew up together with him, you should know what he’s like.”

Sun Linan nodded and said, “Yes, I know.”

But eight years ago, he had done nothing to help.

Now that she was in trouble eight years later, how could he watch this happen and do nothing to help?

Section Manager Sun sighed and nodded, “Ok, fine. I’ll pa.s.s their application now.”

As soon as Section Manager Sun said this, the phone rang. Hearing from the staff worker that Best Actor Shen and Song Cheng were there again, he didn’t wait for the staff worker to speak further and interrupted her, “Fine, pla.s.s their application.”

Due to this freak coincidence, Shen Liangchuan thought that his threat had worked.

Returning to the hotel with the qualification checks’ doc.u.ments, he saw that the main entrance of the hotel was surrounded by a crowd.

He frowned at once. The crowd was the same that had been in Beijing demanding compensation. They had even brought a group of reporters. His heart sank.

What was it now?

What about Xiao Qiao?

Quickening his steps, he strode up to them.

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 704 - Do You Hate Me This Much? (4)

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