You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 743 - Xiao Qiao, We Will Be Fine (2)

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Chapter 743: Xiao Qiao, We Will Be Fine (2)

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Her words were logical and carried weight. Mei Feng immediately looked up.

She looked at Qiao Lian with a frown and then put on a hurt look.

After drawing a few deep breaths, she said, “I did go to the rehab home. It seems like I’ve actually met Ms. Song.”

Shen Zihao’s pupils shrank upon hearing this.

However, Mei Feng continued saying, “But that was for official business. Our Shen family enterprise gives donations every year as an act of charity. I have to represent the company to go to different places to visit and comfort the people. Mostly orphanages, nursing homes and this year, it was a rehab home. I did go to the rehab home and have even been there a few times. But every time I go, I meet many people. How would I remember who I’ve met?!”

After saying this, she bit her lip looking hurt again and tears started flowing.

At this point, Shen Xiu finally spoke, “Giving to the rehab home a donation this year was my idea. For the past few days, I’ve indeed been asking your Aunty Mei to visit them and put up a presence.”

Mei Feng harshly bit her lip, crying pitifully. She looked at Xia Yehua and said, “Sister Xia, I know you’re trying to win Zihao back. But if you simply treat him well, he will know it. Why do you have to do this to me? Who doesn’t know that Song Yuanxi is the adopted daughter of your family? Although her ident.i.ty is a mystery, she has been close to you from a young age.”

All the things she said only pointed to the accusation that Xia Yehua was setting her up intentionally.

Shen Zihao’s s.h.i.+fted to and fro between Xia Yehua and Mei Feng and at that moment, he had no idea whom to believe.

At this point, Shen Xiu made a loud humph and looked at Xia Yehua, saying, “To think that after eight years, you’re still so vindictive and your moves are so calculated. Xia Yehua, I’ve really underestimated you!”

He turned his head around and swept his gaze past Qiao Lian, till it fell on Xia Nuannuan.

Frowning deeply, he rebuked her, “You are the future daughter-in-law of the Shen family! You’d better be very clear about this before you do or say anything.”

He was furious at her for speaking up against Mei Feng.

He then snorted and looked at Dad Xia, saying, “We’ll have to talk about the wedding another day. There’s no way we can discuss anything else today after all that has happened.”

On this note, with an arm swing, he walked out.

Mei Feng was bawling her eyes out, but at the same time followed Shen Xiu closely behind, wailing, “Zihao’s Dad, don’t go, the wedding is in two weeks. Let’s stay and discuss this. Let’s not spoil the wedding just because of this matter! I’m okay, I’m not feeling bad, please don’t be angry…”

“You are too accommodating! Now that it’s come to this, what more is there to discuss? I was wondering why she had insisted on coming to this dinner… now I know—she had an axe to grind!”

Their voices faded as they walked away.

In the private room, Xia Yehua had turned pale.

She looked at Shen Zihao and made an attempt to speak, but she realized that whatever she said would be in vain.

At this point, there was no proof from either party.

It was all reliant on his own instinct.

However, in Shen Zihao’s eyes, she had been the substandard mother who had abandoned her child from the start. Hence, why should he believe her?

Indeed, she saw disappointment in Shen Zihao’s eyes.

She thought that Shen Zihao would berate her, like he had always done. But before he could even do so, Xia Nuannuan had grabbed his arm to silence him.

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 743 - Xiao Qiao, We Will Be Fine (2)

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