You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 420 - Xiao Qiao Shows Her Stuff (20)

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Chapter 420: Xiao Qiao Shows Her Stuff (20)

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Xia Yehua smiled when she saw Qiao Lian. "Why didn't you take a nap? I saw Liangchuan going out. Where did he go?"

Qiao Lian did not mention anything about the birth control drug. "I think he has something to attend to. Mom, let's play a game."

Xia Yehua's eyes lit up at once. "Sure."

Each holding their own iPad, they chatted as they played.

Xia Yehua said, "I like playing with you. The others don't keep me company."

Puzzled, Qiao Lian asked, "Doesn't Yuanxi play these games with you?

Xia Yehua shook her head. "The child doesn't like these games. She has never played with me."

Qiao Lian acknowledged this with an "Oh."

After two matches, Xia Yehua put down her iPad, saying, "I'm really getting old. Two rounds and I'm tired."

Qiao Lian looked down and smiled. "Then you should rest a bit."

Xia Yehua nodded.

Qiao Lian glanced at her and asked, "Mom, how is w.a.n.g Lan doing now?"

Xia Yehua frowned and sighed. "Aye, w.a.n.g Lan worked for us for 50 years and she's old. I trusted her all this while. Who'd have imagined that eventually she'd take a bribe from that tr*mp Mei Feng?!"

Qiao Lian paused for a moment and continued, "Mom, are you very certain that Mei Feng was behind this? Did w.a.n.g Lan admit it before she left?"

Xia Yehua frowned and replied, "She did not admit it, but apart from Mei Feng, who else would do such a strenuous and unrewarding thing?"

In other words, right up till now, the matter regarding the picture wasn't clear so far.

The topic seemed to open up the Xia Yehua's talkative side. She grabbed Qiao Lian's hand, saying, "I shouldn't be telling you things about the Shen Family, since it's likely that we'll have nothing to do with them ever again. But now… pff… At the time, Mei Feng came into the picture and I divorced that man, taking Liangchuan with me. All these years and she has had no sons, so now that she's this old, she's destined to be childless. So she's always tried to win over Zihao."

Qiao Lian looked at her questioningly. "But why didn't you take Zihao with you when you left?"

Xia Yehua frowed. "Zihao had been studying overseas at the time and wasn't home. Initially, I had no intention of speaking about Mei Feng. For the sake of the two boys, I didn't want to consider a divorce. If it weren't for- pff… In any case, Liangchuan and I left in a hurry. By the time I got in touch with Zihao on the phone, he had already changed his phone number and I had no means to contact him. Eventually, he came back and I went to look for him, but by that time he was convinced that I had abandoned him."

Xia Yehua hung her head. "Where Zihao is concerned, I feel a lot of guilt and regrets. So many things happened back then that I had neglected him. So I don't blame him for being upset. I only hope that the two brothers… would stop behaving like sworn enemies every time they meet. If you get a chance, do talk to Liangchuan. Zihao is young and he did not understand what happened back then."

Qiao Lian quickly comforted her mother-in-law. "Mom, don't you worry. The family bond is stronger than anything else and nothing can separate family."

Xia Yehua cast a vacant glare at the coffee table in the living room. With a dismal expression, she said, "Let's hope so."

Qiao Lian held up the iPad. "Mom, another round?"

Xia Yehua was immediately energized. "Let's do it."

She finally managed to distract Xia Yehua from those unhappy thoughts.

Lacking the energy to keep it up, Xia Yehua decided to go upstairs and rest after a short game.

Qiao Lian now stood alone in the living room, pondering the things that Xia Yehua had told her today.

Auntie Li paused and looked up. "You know…"

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 420 - Xiao Qiao Shows Her Stuff (20)

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