You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 487 - Who Is More Important? (7)

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Chapter 487: Who Is More Important? (7)

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Upon hearing this, Shen Liangchuan looked up at his mother.

Suddenly, he was at a loss for words.

When he had first brought her home, he had been afraid that his mother would not treat her well.

But now it seemed like she was treating Song Yuanxi too well.

If he were to tell his mother that Yuanxi was going abroad tomorrow, would the elderly lady be able to accept it?

He looked away as he thought about this.

Xia Yehua spoke again. "Very well then, I'll do as you children say."

Then she went up to her bedroom to retire for the day.

Qiao Lian waited until she heard Xia Yehua enter the bedroom before she opened the front door and entered the apartment.

She was about to make her way upstairs after changing her shoes at the entrance hall, when she felt Shen Liangchuan's arms encircle her waist in an embrace.

She felt his breath hot against her neck.

Her body stiffened.

A wave of aversion suddenly washed over her.

It was his first love's death anniversary today.

She could only think of how he and Song Yuanxi had gone to offer prayers to his first love. She could still sense the coldness in him.

And she, on the other hand, had only been able to share her joy of having resigned from her job with a tombstone. There was a sorrow she found herself unable to express in the irony that hung like a great divider between the two of them.

Today had just been a small matter.

But if one day there should be an important occasion that fell on the same day as his first love's death anniversary, what would happen then? When that time came, who would be more important to him?

She almost felt ridiculous at having to vie with a dead person.

She drew in a deep breath and reached out to remove his arms, that were wrapped around her waist. Turning around, she forced a weak smile and said, "I'm feeling a little tired today."

She lowered her gaze and brushed past him as she headed for the stairs.

She hurriedly went up the stairs and into their bedroom, then changed into her pajamas and nestled herself under the blanket without bothering to take a shower.

The wind had been chilly at the cemetery and now she felt a headache coming on.

At this point, she heard the bedroom door being opened.

Shen Liangchuan walked in and as she heard his footsteps approaching the bed, every muscle of her body tensed up.

After a short while, she heard his footsteps stop at the door.

Her eyes were wide-open and she stared straight ahead.

Then his low voice could be heard clearly across the room saying, "Song Yuanxi will be going abroad tomorrow."

Qiao Lian almost jumped, startled by these words. Her eyes widened.

What was he saying?

Qiao Lian immediately sat up, looking at him as though she could not believe her own ears.

Song Yuanxi had done so many harmful deeds, yet all along he had just turned a blind eye.

She had thought that it was because of his first love, that he was exceptionally permissive with her.

Just like today…

He had heard directly from Su Meimei how Song Yuanxi had been behind the incident involving Fan Lu. But the next minute, he had gone to the hospital to see her.

Qiao Lian would have been lying if she said she didn't mind it. After all, she was no saint!

Not only did she mind it, she minded it a lot.

But now he was telling her that Song Yuanxi was going abroad?

How could Song Yuanxi be going abroad? Her leg was broken and she was in the midst of filming; moreover, she was h.e.l.l bent on breaking them up. The only reason that Qiao Lian could think of for the sudden departure was that Shen Liangchuan had forced her.

Was he doing this for her?

She suddenly felt a wave of warmth envelop her, driving away the iciness in her heart.

She could feel the cold numbness in her limbs going away.

Shen Liangchuan saw her expression and took a step towards her. He reached out and ruffled her hair affectionately. "She will never have the chance to harm you again."

At once, Qiao Lian's eyes grew watery with hot tears. Right at this moment, Shen Liangchuan's cell phone rang.

He picked up the line and immediately heard Song Cheng saying with great urgency, "Brother Shen, come to the hospital quickly. Ms. Song is threatening to jump off the building!"

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 487 - Who Is More Important? (7)

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