You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 828 - The Wedding (10)

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Chapter 828: The Wedding (10)

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Mei Feng was obviously declining it, but Shen Xiu said aloud, “For all these years, you’ve worked hard to care for Zihao. Although you are not his birth mother, you’ve treated him far better. Besides, you are now my wife. If you are not coming with me, who else has the right to be next to me?”

Although these words were meant for Mei Feng, they were also for the hearing of everyone present.

Senior Master could rebuke Mei Feng in everyone’s presence, but surely wouldn’t do the same to Shen Xiu.

Because Shen Xiu was a grown man and was the head of his own family.

Mei Feng’s eyes reddened immediately when she heard these words.

Hence, Shen Xiu led Mei Feng up to the stage.

Sitting at Table 3, Xia Yehua felt the stares of all the people burning on her. The inquiring looks caused her face to flush with embarra.s.sment.

Qiao Lian was livid.

Shen Xiu was simply too despicable.

So be it, if he wanted Mei Feng to be on stage with him.

Xia Yehua had never thought of sharing, much less stealing, the limelight from Mei Feng.

Besides, why did he need to slander her at the same time that he praised Mei Feng?

Qiao Lian clenched her fists tightly, but Xia Yehua reached out to hold her hand. She looked at the woman and saw Xia Yehua give her a helpless smile.

The latter said, “As long as Zihao is happy and lives a blessed life, I’m okay.”

The words of a real mother.

Qiao Lian nodded.

The newly-weds addressed each others’ parents.

Shen Zihao knelt before Xia Nuannuan’s parents. After he bowed once and addressed them as Dad and Mom, they gave him a red package.

Xia Nuannuan then knelt before Shen Xiu and Mei Feng. She addressed Shen Xiu as “Dad.”

Then she looked towards Mei Feng.

When she hesitated, Zihao intervened and called her, “Aunty Mei.”

Following his lead, she said, “Aunty Mei.”

At once, Mei Feng pulled a taut face.

Still, she managed to cover it up quickly, as she put on a wide smile and gave the couple a red package each.

She even lifted her eyes up to give Xia Yehua a look.

It was a look that said everything.

It was as though she was showing off. “Look, so what if your son and daughter-in-law do not call me Mom? They are still kneeling before me and I’m the person on stage, next to Shen Xiu!”

After this, the recognition of new in-laws ceremony ended.

It was time for the bride and groom to propose a toast.

Qiao Lian and Xia Yehua were sitting down at Table 3 when they saw Xia Nuannuan, who had just walked off the stage, grabbing Shen Zihao. They had a short exchange and Shen Zihao gave a glance in their direction.

There was a hint of reluctance on his face, but after another word with Xia Nuannuan, he nodded impatiently.

After this, the both of them picked up a gla.s.s of wine each and headed towards Table 3 rather than Table 1.

The banquet hall was huge and, even though there were many people, the banquet tables were well-s.p.a.ced.

Xia Nuannuan and Shen Zihao walked up to Xia Yehua.

Then they both took a step back and dropped on their knees before her.

Xia Nuannuan exclaimed, “Mom.”

Xia Yehua immediately stood up and quickly bent over to help her up. “Please, get up…”

Xia Nuannuan gave the woman a big smile and said, “Mom, I’m not letting you get away without giving us a red package.”

Xia Yehua immediately understood.

The two of them were acknowledging her in public.

She clenched her fists and her eyes immediately teared up.

Looking at this touching scene, Qiao Lian sighed to herself.

It was so important to have a thoughtful daughter-in-law.

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 828 - The Wedding (10)

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