You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 500 - Song Yuanxi, Is That Enough? (10)

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Chapter 500: Song Yuanxi, Is That Enough? (10)

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Qiao Lian had look of great determination on her face as this thought formed in her mind.

She headed backstage so that she could give the team some words of encouragement before the match started.

However, just as she arrived at the backstage area, something happened…

The members of CQ Team were sitting in a corner of the lounge, discussing their strategy.

Before Qiao Lian could walk over to them, the lounge door was flung open suddenly.

CQ team members looked up and saw a young man in his twenties standing at the doorway.

Qiao Lian recognized this person as the captain of King Team.

His eyes combed the lounge as he stood with his arms crossed. "Why did your coach Forget Chuan did not even make an appearance in the previous matches? I wonder if she even intends to come to this evening's important match."

Immediately, one of the players from King Team added, "I bet she's so ugly she doesn't dare make an appearance."

"That's right. Exactly. To think that she was competing against our coach Purple Fairy for the eSports Number One Female Castor Award. Tell me, what has she got that would get her the top place? A person so ugly that she doesn't dare appear publicly. It's no wonder she never shows her face in live broadcasts."

Their remarks were nasty and most unkind.

Zombie Leader and the other team members scowled.

They felt their brains going numb just by looking at these people.

Su Penghao wondered if this bunch of people were blind.

Although he wasn't fond of Qiao Lian, he could not deny that she was much prettier than Purple Fairy.

If someone like Qiao Lian was ugly, then there would be no pretty girls in the world!

The G.o.dfather had a worse temper and stood up straight away, saying, "What are you saying? Don't you start making personal attacks towards our coach!"

The captain of King Team immediately smiled. "I'm not making any personal attacks. I'm just stating a fact."

Everyone started to laugh aloud.

Su Penghao stood up at once but, before he could speak, a gentle voice suddenly inquired, "What are you all doing here?"

Everyone turned in the direction of the voice and saw that Purple Fairy was walking towards them.

She looked at the team captain and berated him, "What a poisonous tongue you have. Besides, what do looks matter? We are here for a gaming compet.i.tion, not a beauty contest."

While she sounded like she was chiding the captain, in reality…

Was she insulting Forget Chuan's looks?

The captain immediately smiled and said, "Coach, you're right. But I think at least Forget Chuan has got enough self-awareness to hide herself in events like this. She probably has to hide among the crowd to watch. If she appears, she may very well completely embarra.s.s CQ Team! If it were me, I'd find it embarra.s.sing to show such an ugly coach too!"

Purple Fairy played along and added, "Oh, do shut up. You shouldn't speak if you have nothing nice to say."

Then, she looked apologetically at Su Penghao, "Zombie Leader, I have to apologize. He is like this and speaks without thinking. Actually something like physical appearance is not within a person's control. We're here to play a match, who cares about looks? Oh, is Forget Chuan not here yet?"

Purple Fairy had been a sore loser when Forget Chuan had come in first place for the Number One eSports Female Caster poll.

And ever since the play-offs for this match had started, Forget Chuan had not made an appearance. Purple Fairy was now curious to know exactly how ugly was Forget Chuan!

Su Penghao's mood was slightly better now that Purple Fairy was here.

He was about to speak when a familiar voice calmly interrupted, "I'm right here."

Everyone turned their heads simultaneously in the voice's direction and saw Qiao Lian walking up to Purple Fairy steadily. Then, she extended her hand and said, "I've not officially introduced myself. I'm Forget Chuan."

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 500 - Song Yuanxi, Is That Enough? (10)

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