You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 883 - It Wasn’t Her (2)

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Chapter 883: It Wasn’t Her (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Xia Nuannuan exhaled with relief.

Shen Xiu frowned and snorted angrily. “This child is really disobedient!”

Mei Feng shot Xia Nuannuan a look, her eyes filled with dislike for the girl.

As Shen Zihao and Xia Yehua grew loser, she felt increasingly insecure. Even her words almost held no weight on the boy.

This could not continue.

She had to start taking measures.

At this thought, she looked at Xia Nuannuan viciously as she followed Shen Xiu upstairs.

Shen Xiu changed out of his work clothes. Following this, he took out a wad of banknotes from his pocket and thrust it into Mei Feng’s hands. “Here’s 50 thousand. Keep it for your own expenses.”

50 thousand was a rather thick wad of banknotes.

It was inconvenient for Shen Xiu to be carrying it around. After all, he paid for most things with his credit card and not cash.

The money was a gift from someone.

Basically, whenever Shen Xiu received cash, he would give it to Mei Feng for safekeeping.

She nodded at his remark.

Then he went to take a shower.

As Mei Feng’s gaze fell on the wad of banknotes…

The corners of her mouth turned upwards into a menacing smile.

After his shower, Shen Xiu had dinner with Mei Feng and Xia Nuannuan.

Then he headed up to the study to finish some work.

As Xia Nuannuan was about to return upstairs to her bedroom, Mei Feng called her. “Come with me. I’ve got something to tell you.”

Xia Nuannuan nodded and followed the woman into her bedroom.

The bedroom was actually a suite. It had all the necessary items in it.

Xia Nuannuan stood there cautiously as Mei Feng suddenly frowned and said, “Wait here, let me go to the restroom first.”

Xia Nuannuan nodded again.

Mei Feng disappeared into the restroom.

Xia Nuannuan surveyed the room.

Her eyes wandered around and finally, her sight fell on the bedside table, where she noticed a wad of cash casually placed on it.

She took in a deep breath and thought, “Welcome to the lifestyle of the wealthy.”

It looked like a lot of money. Probably it was worth a few month’s wages. And they had no qualms about having it lie around like this.

Mei Feng took a long time in the restroom before she came out. Then, she dismissed Xia Nuannuan after making a few casual remarks.

After Xia Nuannuan left the room, she turned to look at the bedside table. The wad of banknotes was still sitting there, untouched. She paused for a moment and then smirked icily.

Shen Liangchuan’s leg injury wasn’t too serious, and Xia Yehua’s health was fine too.

Shen Zihao had been at the hospital for a short while, but he was told to go home.

After all, he had to work the next day.

After he got home, Xia Nuannuan instructed the housekeepers in the kitchen to warm up his dinner.

After the dishes were laid out on the table, she took a seat opposite Shen Zihao.

Shen Zihao was surprised. ” Haven’t you eaten? Didn’t I tell you to eat your meals on time now that you’re pregnant?”

Xia Nuannuan smiled and said, “I’ve eaten.”

“Then what are you doing now?”

Xia Nuannuan replied, “Accompanying you, of course! You’ll be lonely, eating by yourself.”

Shen Zihao paused for a moment when he heard these words.

Lonely eating on his own?

Hence, even after eating, she would sit with him to accompany him?

He had never in his life had anyone say anything like this to him. This was the first time…

That thought warmed his heart, but her actions also made her seem like a young girl to him.

Furthermore, there was a hint of adoration in the way she was looking at him. He couldn’t help but laugh.

As he was eating, they suddenly heard a commotion upstairs.

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 883 - It Wasn’t Her (2)

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