You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 891 - It Wasn’t Her (10)

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Chapter 891: It Wasn’t Her (10)

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After Xia Nuannuan said these words, she opened the room door and walked out.

Shen Zihao stood there, looking steadily at her back.

She looked frail and delicate, like she couldn’t lift a thing.

But right now, her upright posture was strong and obstinate.

Shen Zihao failed to understand.

Initially, he had believed Xia Nuannuan.

But when they found the money in her suitcase, he recalled the incident with the two thousand.

She had slept with him, taken two thousand and then later told him that he didn’t need to feel responsible for what had happened.

It had been a transaction.

Wasn’t that how she worked?

Now, Dad Xia and Mom Xia were in dire straits, and it was true that he had not given her any money. He understood that she had taken Mei Feng’s money so that she could help her parents. Because of this, he had even helped her cover it.

Shouldn’t he be the angry party?

She had embarra.s.sed him, so what right did she have to leave?!

Shen Zihao started to boil with anger at this thought.

Especially when the housekeepers downstairs started to look at her with disdain, when they saw her leaving with her suitcase in tow. Suddenly, he felt gloomy and troubled.

He went downstairs, picked up his jacket and went out after her.

However, when he rushed out of the house, he saw no sign of Xia Nuannuan.

He went to the garage, got into his car and drove away.

He spotted her and followed that figure from a distance.

He saw her get into a taxi and trailed her all the way to her little rented apartment. It was then that he stopped worrying.

At the same time, he was angry at himself.

How could he be so tolerant with her?

If it had been someone else who had stolen that money, he would have given that person a tight slap.

Shen Zihao drove aimlessly along the streets of Beijing.

He was moody and didn’t feel like going home.

Unconsciously, he found that he had driven to the Shen villa.

He stopped his car and was going to walk to the house, when he suddenly remembered that Shen Liangchuan and Xia Yehua were at the hospital.

He started his car again and drove to the private hospital, pulling up at the front entrance.

He stopped the car at the hospital entrance, but suddenly he didn’t feel like going upstairs.

He walked around the building for a bit. He saw that, not too far off, there was a bar.

He still remembered that this was where he had gotten drunk. In the end, Xia Nuannuan had taken him home… That was also the day that he had slept with Xia Nuannuan for the first time.

He stopped his car by the street and entered the bar.

He walked up to the counter and ordered a strong drink.

After one sip, he choked on the drink and started coughing.

The bartender looked at him and, on a closer look, his eyes lit up. “Oh, Sir, it’s you!”

Shen Zihao halted and asked, “You know me?”

“Of course I know you. The last time you came, you drank yourself into a stupor. In the end, your girlfriend came to take you home! She even took out your wallet and paid your two thousand yuan bill with it.”

Shen Zihao nodded upon hearing the account.

He hung his head and was about to take another sip of his drink. Suddenly, he looked up with a start and stared straight at the bartender, “What- what did you just say?!”

That two thousand had been used to foot his bill?!

If Xia Nuannuan had not taken the two thousand, and he was actually wrong about her att.i.tude towards money…

Then, indeed, she may really not have taken the 50 thousand.

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 891 - It Wasn’t Her (10)

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