You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 9 - Are You Dissatisfied With Me?

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Chapter 9: Are You Dissatisfied With Me?

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“I mean it literally.”

After Qiao Lian said this, she removed her coat deftly and threw it roughly on the floor, “Go ahead and inspect!”

Thereafter, she took off her smock and threw it down as well, “Go ahead and inspect!”

After removing these two pieces of clothing, she was only left with a tank top on her upper body. If this piece of clothing was removed as well, she would only be left in her bra.

At this moment, she was in a pair of skinny jeans that flaunted her exquisite body lines and delicate collarbone. With the addition of her cool and beautiful face, Yang Lingsi couldn’t help but stare at her.

Qiao Lian was livid. The shame she felt was causing her body to tremble slightly.

With her two hands holding onto the tank top, Qiao Lian looked at Shen Liangchuan angrily and asked, “Have you seen enough?”


It is far from enough!

This bit of shame is nothing compared to what happened eight years ago.

Outrage, hatred, pity and other complex emotions flashed across Shen Liangchuan’s dark pupils as he sat on the chair. In the end, the combination of all these emotions resulted in a dark aura surrounding him.

He should be hating her and watching her suffer. Yet, when he saw the shame and resentment in her eyes, he did not feel any joy from his successful revenge. Instead, he was filled with frustration.

His hands reached out as he loosened his tie. Just when he saw that Qiao Lian was going to remove her top, he suddenly exclaimed, “Scram!”

Qiao Lian stopped her actions after he spoke. She clenched her teeth and stayed on the spot, staring at Shen Liangchuan.

Yang Lingsi let out a ma.s.sive sigh of relief. The acrimonious atmosphere in the room had given her the illusion that she was only an extra. It felt as if Best Actor Shen and the reporter were filming an individual scene together and she was unneeded.

That illusion caused her to be filled with anxiety. She quickly remarked, “It’s your lucky day today, we will not pursue it further. Get lost!”

However, after she spoke to Qiao Lian, Best Actor Shen turned to her and barked, “I said, scram!”

Yang Lingsi was utterly shocked. Before she was able to say anything, Shen Liangchuan sent her an icy cold glare which frightened her mouth shut.

She glared at Qiao Lian viciously, stomped her feet, turned and left.

The room instantly became silent.

Shen Liangchuan looked at Qiao Lian.

She stubbornly stood there with her posture straight. Her wavy black hair was splat on her body, her skin was fair. The color contrast between her black hair and white skin was impactful to the eye.

As the wind blew in from the window, she s.h.i.+vered in cold.

A part of Shen Liangchuan’s heart softened. But when he felt the change within him, he instantly felt that he was unable to oppress his irritation any longer.

He frustratedly looked away and stood up.

With his well-built and robust stature, he was one head taller than Qiao Lian. It gave her a strong feeling of constriction, making her feel as if she was shrouded in his shadow.

Qiao Lian tensed up and suddenly asked, “Mr. Shen, are you dissatisfied with me?”

Since yesterday night, Qiao Lian felt that he had unknown malice towards her.

She had originally intended to disregard it. However, after he had intentionally shamed her, she couldn’t help but ask him.

Yet after her question, he swiftly gave off a sense of incisiveness. His eyes were grave as his lips slowly formed a shallow and dangerous smile, “Dissatisfied?”

Their relations.h.i.+p wasn’t just as simple as dissatisfaction.

He took steps towards the door with the intention to leave, but he suddenly turned back, walked to the window and dragged the curtains to close them at once.

The whole room darkened and Qiao Lian suddenly opened her eyes widely. She was met with the sight of him walking closer and closer to her. She felt a sudden coldness on her back and her lips trembled as she asked, “W-What are you doing?”

“If I don’t try it, how do I know whether I am satisfied?” Shen Liangchuan said evilly.

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 9 - Are You Dissatisfied With Me?

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