You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 955 - The Abrupt Rise of Best Actor Shen (14)

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Chapter 955: The Abrupt Rise of Best Actor Shen (14)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

[Best Actor Shen, who comes from a notable family, now returns as CEO of the Shen Family Corporation]

[Best Actor Shen suspected to have succeeded in the Shen Family Group.]

News about Shen Liangchuan made it to the trending topics all the time.

Hence, the news that Shen Liangchuan had become the Shen Family Corporation’s CEO was all over the Internet at once.

Right from the start of his acting career, Shen Liangchuan had had a n.o.ble air around him and that was his trademark. This had also caused many to wonder about his family background and many had already guessed that he must have been from a wealthy family.

Later on, his ident.i.ty had been exposed.

In this instant, with such an explosive headline and the media giving it so much coverage, in addition to pictures of Shen Liangchuan taking up the CEO position, it became the number 1 trending topic the moment news broke.

Meanwhile, far away in Suzhou, where Qiao Lian had been for half a month now, she followed the news with the cell phone in her hand.

From the pictures, she could tell that Shen Liangchuan’s face looked less thin and in better spirits.

Of course, most people would look plumper in pictures.

But Qiao Lian felt that Shen Liangchuan seemed to finally be in a better state of mind.

He was more alive.

In the last fortnight, although she had found footing in Suzhou and even gained some popularity running her livestream channel, she had been following Shen Liangchuan’s news closely.

No news to her was bad news.

Now, the moment he appeared, it was with a heavy headline.

Seeing how Shen Liangchuan was full of mettle, she could finally stop worrying.

As long as he had recovered, everything was fine.

She stared hard at the cell phone while thinking this.

Initially, she had thought that she was feeling restless and nerve-wrecked because she hadn’t heard any news about him.

But now, after reading news about him, she had discovered that…

She missed him.

More than any words could describe.

In the last fortnight, there hadn’t been a moment that she hadn’t thought of him.

Of late, she had been staring at her cell phone screen obsessively, with sadness in her eyes.

They had had an online romance for two years.

And after he became a celebrity, she had been among his numerous fans.

Now that she was his wife, ironically, she had to find out about him through the internet.

At this thought, she logged out and closed Weibo.

She took a deep breath and tried to suppress the bitter feelings she had. Then she discovered that among her WeChat groups, one of the groups suddenly was flooded with messages.

That was Shen Liangchuan’s fans group.

Someone among the fans was exclaiming now: [Ahhhhh! Best Actor Shen is coming to Suzhou tomorrow!]

Qiao Lian’s pupils shrank at reading the message.

Shen Liangchuan was coming?

Was he coming to Suzhou… to look for her?

Did he know she was here?

As these questions ran through her mind, someone explained:

[Best Actor Shen will be in Suzhou to sign an agreement for one of the Shen Family Group’s projects. But… Best Actor Shen’s manager has just informed us that he is going to do a fanmeeting! It is thanks to the fans in Suzhou. Ahhhhhh! I’m getting all excited!]

[Hurry up! Who is in Suzhou? Come and register!]

[I’m in Shanghai. I can go over, it’s very near!]

[Why didn’t you say so earlier?! Tomorrow I’ll be in Hainan and, even if I wanted to fly over, it’s too late!]

[Suzhou, Suzhou, Suzhou! I want to go!]

Then the group owner wrote:

[Chuanliu Buxi: Because of a quota, only 20 people are allowed to this event. We intend to filter the partic.i.p.ants and go by order of members.h.i.+p seniority. Does anyone object to this method?]

No one objected to this suggestion.

Just as Qiao Lian was about to put her cell phone aside, Chuanliu Buxi sent her a private message: [Are you coming?]

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 955 - The Abrupt Rise of Best Actor Shen (14)

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