You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 983 (2)

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Chapter 983: Unt.i.tled (2)

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At once, Qiao Lian cringed with embarra.s.sment.

She stared at Shen Liangchuan and said after gathering enough courage, “What about it?”

“Ummm, so is it that eight years ago you wanted to hook up with Zi Chuan or that eight years later you wished to hook up with Shen Liangchuan?”

Qiao Lian was speechless.

She quickly retorted, “I was only a teenager eight years ago! I wouldn’t have been so filthy!”

“Oh, so you’re saying you wish to hook up with me now?”

Oh! Great, I’ve been tricked again!

She coughed once and said, “But I’ve managed to hook up with you, haven’t I? Countless times!”

And now she even had the result of hooking up with an idol in her belly.

Shen Liangchuan laughed and replied, “Since you’ve hooked up with me so many times over, then… should it be my turn to hook up with you?”

Her head snapped up. “What?”

At once, the man standing in front of her took a step towards her.

Then he bent his magnificent frame over her and closed in on her.

One of his large hands held her waist as the other grabbed the back of her head. Then they drew her in as he pressed his lips against hers, sealing them in a kiss.

His familiar scent filled her senses.

Her mind went blank.

She could no longer breathe easily.

It was as though the air in her chest had been completely sucked out by him.

The kiss carried both their frantic yearning and their deep love for each other.

This kiss was so heart-wrenching that she had nothing left in her to push him away or to reject him.

The casual atmosphere that they had built earlier shattered at once with this kiss. Suddenly, Qiao Lian remembered the psychologist’s words.

He could only recover if she left him.

As long as she was by his side, there would always be an unresolved tension within him.

Hence, they were fated to not be together, wasn’t that so?

The moment this thought came to her, she felt a searing pain in her heart and it caused her to tear up involuntarily.

Huge teardrops rolled down the contours of her face and fell on his. He paused.

He halted and opened his eyes. And all that greeted his sight was her tear-drenched face.

Upon seeing this, he immediately panicked. Reaching out to wipe her tears away, he asked, “What’s the matter, Xiao Qiao?”

“Xiao Qiao, don’t cry.”

But these words of comfort only made her cry even harder.

Until at last, Shen Liangchuan drew her into his embrace with one swift motion and said, “Xiao Qiao, I miss you so much.”

I miss you so much too.

Qiao Lian clenched her fists, fighting hard to suppress these words.

With great effort, she tried to regulate her breathing. After a while, she finally managed to calm down her own emotions.

Following this, she looked at Shen Liangchuan and asked, “Have you signed the divorce papers?”

Shen Liangchuan paused and then shook his head.

Qiao Lian cast her gaze down and said, “Actually, sometimes love means not being together, but letting go. Since it’s so difficult for us to be together, it’s better to part ways.”

Shen Liangchuan frowned and started, “Xiao Qiao—”

“Say no more,” Qiao Lian interrupted him. “Although Soul Fighter’s matter was not something I did on purpose, I feel guilty nevertheless. Shen Liangchuan, I—”

Before she could finish what she was saying, there was a knocking on the door, interrupting their conversation.

Shen Liangchuan looked towards the doorway.

Qiao Lian wanted to sneak out with this opportunity, but just at the same time, she frowned as she felt a wave of nausea wash over her. She immediately dashed to the restroom.

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 983 (2)

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